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  1. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread I am from Mars and my wife is from Venus! Nah, not really, I am from England! Tom Owen is from Vietnam
  2. Re: Transfer/Loan Bids I think I will enjoy the replies too, I just rejected a bid for Makelele stating I see him as a hot prospect for the future!:D:D
  3. Re: GFX - Round 3 - Group 2 - (public vote - which is your fave?) Have had to remove design 4 from the poll again! I do not know who's it is but Ben I suggest that these designs that could be controvertial in anyway are run past a mod before being posted otherwise the competition may have to be run elsewhere.
  4. leigh1

    SM under 18's

    Re: SM under 18's Regardless of whether you younger members like it or not Davinho is as entitled as anyone to post a suggestion. Please by all means vote on the poll and leave your comments but do not in anyway try to make out that his suggestion is pointless! There is far too much of that sort of thing on SM in general and I will be making sure that stops! All suggestions are welcome, this is a forum and people will hjave different opinions so let them express them freely please! I personally don't like the idea but can see what you were getting at Davinho. Also Davinho, please PM me the details of the person calling you a 'paedo' and I will deal with it. SM does not stand for that kind of thing and it will be stamped out of the game sooner rather than later.
  5. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports
  6. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports I look forward to it Andrew.
  7. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports Close mate, 18-0 but have cup final number 19 coming up in spain 2 so could hopefully be 19-0 soon.
  8. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports Might have some competition with that mate! My 1 goal this season is to win the SMFA Cup in GC8.
  9. Re: Player transfer availability options Yeah its a good idea and has been suggested previously but it could not be implemented as people would abuse it. There are too many idiots on the game unfortunately.
  10. Re: New Graphics Forum Ok like Teb this offers little or no interest to me whatsoever, however, having said that Ben's post and the 1 sided poll are a very convincing argument and I agree this maybe deserves a discussion between the mods to having a board of its own within the forum. I will bring it up with the others mods and devs and see if they have any objections.
  11. leigh1

    Thankyou Herby

    This thread is just a quick thank you to my mate Herby who has been a fantastic mod. He has recently stepped down unnoticed and I wanted to pay tribute to him. Good luck with your business mate and fatherhood, hope all goes well and keep in touch.
  12. Re: QPR Open Invitation Of course mate - 102 for me. Full report a bit later.
  13. Re: Remove rep points and post counts? This is in no way acceptable! Firstly, I will remove the rep and secondly will be having serious words with Stevie as his sexual preferences and religious beliefs are not for other members of the forum to be notified of.
  14. Re: Remove rep points and post counts?
  15. I have seen a fair few of you asking for rep and post counts to be removed from users as a possible solution to the arguments breaking out on the forum. I personally like the idea and would like to get the general concensus from the whole forum before taking any action. Please vote on the poll and leave any comments on the thread. Just to fore-warn you, any argument that break out on this thread will be immediately deleted by myself.
  16. Re: both UKFSC EURO 2008 comps...Discuss Sounds good to me Craig.
  17. Re: State of the Forum? Andy asked for comments not for posts containing obcenities and petty arguments.
  18. Re: State of the Forum? I think that the forum is perfectly fine. This has always been a fairly immature forum as the average age of the members is very young. It has it's up and down periods and generally the down periods coincide with the fact that there is no football being played. In general I think that it is fine at the moment and always has been. Yes, there is bickering and petty arguments but that is just life and I don't really see too much harm in it. If people don't want to read it they are under no obligation to. EDIT:- my first post as a mod
  19. leigh1

    stepping down

    Re: stepping down You know my thoughts Alan as I have already told you on MSN but just wanted to thank you publically. You have been an excellent mod imo, sad to see you step down but not surprised knowing your thoughts and workload. Mods are dropping like flies it seems!
  20. Re: Forum account locked :S Welshman is having this problem as well!
  21. Re: Evra vs Clichy As an Arsenal fan that thinks Clichy is a top class player I would say that Evra is the better LB! Clichy is more naive than Evra and this is no doubt due to his lack of experience. Evra is a converted left winger so can be dodgy defensively sometimes although he is usually fairly sound and most of the time he is not defending anyway. Clichy can run all day, probably has the best engine in the premiership alongside Essien but is not quite as good as Evra all round imo! AND I AM AN ARSENAL FAN!!!
  22. Re: Euro 2008 Sweepstake Just to make you all aware that Dai (Welshman 28385) has kindly said that he will pay for a standard setup for the runner-up in the competition. So thanks to you too mate.
  23. Re: Euro 2008 Sweepstake The draw is done..... Green Soul = Poland Neller = Italy Inter4eva = Holland Alan Crazy Bones Neller = Russia Lee Muir = Germany Welshman 28385 = Sweden Arsenal 123 = Austria Shelbourne FC =Spain Mr Niceguy = Turkey Tom MFC = Switzerland Liam LUFC = Greece Leigh = Romania AsianInvasion = France Eclipse = Croatia Terrence Griffin = Portugal Nathan Kirby = Czech Republic Thanks to Lee Muir for help with the draw. Good luck to you all.
  24. Re: Minimum Fee Release Clause
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