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  1. Re: Euro 2008 Sweepstake I will make the draw a bit later this evening and post who has who on here.
  2. Re: Euro 2008 Sweepstake Sorry Ben, just missed out mate.
  3. Re: Euro 2008 Sweepstake I have spoken with SM about this and they have confirmed that there is to be no cash allowed in any kind of forum game so that is a non-starter...... HOWEVER..... I have discussed this with Craig who has generously said that he will sponsor this sweepstake and put up a free GM as a prize to the winner courtesy of UKSFC. The first 15 applicants from this post will be entered. Good luck.
  4. Re: Euro 2008 Sweepstake Ok scrap the cash element of it until I speak with Ste. Maybe we should have a rule where you have to put a GC team forward and the winner takes all? Who has the bottle to give up beloved GC teams?
  5. Re: Euro 2008 Sweepstake How would you have a sweepstake without money? If it's only £1 then the prize is not very big!
  6. Ok this is purely speculative to see if there is any interest but who would like to enter a sweepstake for the Euro's? It would be £5 per head payable to me via Paypal with the winner getting £60 and the runner-up getting £20. I am in and would require 15 more people to enter with me, I would then make a random draw of all the teams. Register here.....
  7. Re: OK, how good is Azpilicueta I have seen him play a fair few times. I believe him to be the 'real deal' as you put it. I expect he will definitely move on this summer and will likely end up at a big spanish club before his career is out. He is quick, attacking and fairly solid at the back although that he is definitely better going forward. I would keep him for now tbh.
  8. Re: Fantasy Euro 2008 I've joined this one as well as Ross'/Matt's! Probably only needs to be one but it'll be good beating you all in both!
  9. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Yeah I have heard this too, it was announced on skysports so should be confirmed.
  10. Re: EURO2008 - Fantasy Football I am in.......how do you change formation? I cannot find an option for that!
  11. Re: Zenit St Petersburg Ratings Great rise for Shirokov sees him get 89 this morning! If he continues to play the way he has this season, especially the UEFA Cup final where I thought he was outstanding he could easily go 90+ next change!85----->89 though and no individual forum thread for him plus very few mentions, that surprises me a lot!
  12. Re: Must Buy: Viktor Fayzulin Has risen to 87 this morning (in some setups ). Great buy and well worth keeping as future rises are surely inevitable.
  13. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Hugo Lloris actually looks set to join AC Milan now instead of Lyon in a bit of an on off saga! Eto'o is all set to join him at the Rosseneri for 35 million euros. Milan have sold off Gilardino for 15 million euros to Fiorentina and Ricardo Olivera for 10 million euros to Zaragoza in order to raise the cash for the deal. That all means that Spurs look set to miss out on Eto'o but expect another big signing from Spain this week as I understand that Spurs have agreed a deal to sign Diego Capel from Sevilla. The deal is all but done with personal terms being agreed and Spurs meeting the minimum fee release clause of 15 million euros.....it will be announced later this week after the decision about who will pay the tax on the deal is decided. I have also heard that Hleb has agreed a deal with Barcelona but a fee is yet to be agreed with Arsenal so no definite transfer as yet. Palermo have been busy this summer already though with selling Zaccardo and Barzagli to Wolfsburg they have now signing Fabio Liverani from Fiorentina! http://www.transfermarketweb.com/?action=read&idsel=17359
  14. Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports Auston takes over from Friel at FC Porto and announces that Lucho and Quaresma are for sale!
  15. Re: Your Manager CV Leigh Auston's SoccerManager Curriculum Vitae. Name: Leigh Auston D.O.B: 15/06/1980 City: Spalding Length of time on SM: Just over 2 years Status: Forum Moderator/Run SM Predict, Group Mod, Community Admin GC Clubs managed (No. of seasons at club, inc. current season) GC1 - Villarreal (3rd season) - Currently 4th, 10 games 20 pts GC2 - Ajax (3rd season) - Currently 1st, 8 games 21 pts GC3 - Arsenal (1st season) - Currently 1st, 32 games 64 pts GC4 - Tottenham (2nd season) - Currently 3rd, 14 games 27 pts GC5 - Fiorentina (2nd season) - Currently 1st, 10 games 25 pts GC6 - Benfica (2nd season) - Currently 5th, 2 games 4 pts GC7 - Chelsea (3rd season) - Currently 1st, 16 games 34 pts GC8 - Real Madrid (1st season) - Currently 2nd, 34 games 68 pts GC9 - Hamburg (2nd season) - Currently 1st, 22 games 54 pts GC10 - Atletico Madrid (2nd season) - Currently 7th, 4 games 7 pts GC11 - FC Porto (1st season) - Currently 10th, 27 games, 40 pts GC13 - Arsenal (1st season) - Currently 4th, 18 games 30 pts GC14 - AC Milan (1st season) - Currently 7th, 18 games 29 pts GC15 - Stevenage Borough (1st season) - Currently 3rd, 8 games 16 pts GC17 - Chelsea (1st season) - Brand new, no games played Current Standard Clubs Managed EC375 - Manchester United (3rd season) - Currently 12th, 2 games 2 pts EC832 - Queens Park Rangers (1st season) - Currently 1st, 36 games 96 pts SC2 - Barcelona (1st season) - Currently 2nd, 22 games 45 pts EC1 - Norwich City (3rd season) - Currently 18th, 6 games 5 pts Custom - Barcelona (4th season) - Currently 2nd, 9 games 19 pts Westgate - Liverpool (2nd season) - Currently 1st, 21 games 48 pts SC7 - Villarreal (1st season) - Currently 1st, 22 games 49 pts Playing style Generally attacking and play a formation that suits the type of players I have at my disposal. Transfer policy Generally have young squads, not known for signing many players over the age of 30. Big squads mostly and fairly decent at spotting rising players for squad depth. Not apposed to selling superstars either for the right deal. Honours Only manager in SM history to win a quadrouple which was achieved in my first full season with Ajax in GC2. That consisted of the league, cup, shield and SMFA Cup. Also won back to back trebles in EC215 with Arsenal, also won the league in my first season there. Won the double in GC7 of league and cup. Won the double in WC506 with Arsenal and gave the team away. Another double was achieved in EC375 with Man Utd in my 1st season and won the league in my 2nd. I have managed to go a whole season unbeaten in my first season with QPR (EC832) gaining over 100 points in the process and also managed to win the cup in that despite being a division 3 team. Have played in a total of 18 cup finals on SM winning all 18 of them! Here are my GC honours.... GC2 - Dutch League Title, Dutch Cup, Dutch Shield, SMFA Cup GC3 - English League Division 2 Title GC4 - English League Division 2 Title GC7 - English League Division 1 Title, English Cup GC8 - Spanish Shield, Spanish League Division 1 Title GC9 - German League Division 1 Title, German Cup GC10 - Spanish League Division 1 title
  16. leigh1

    I quit/team give away

    Re: I quit/team give away John, I would take Porto in GC11 if you don't mind?
  17. leigh1

    Squad Limit?

    Re: Squad Limit? Your Lazio point is actually totally redundant since Lazio are in GC1 and there are about 5 or 6 clubs with more players than them proving without question that there are plenty of players to go round. Teb is Spartak and has about 170 players Leigh is Villarreal - 100 players Krish has real madrid - 100+ players HKPhooey is Porto - 120+ players Yet Sean's Barca who have only 40 players can loan out 94 rated strikers!
  18. leigh1

    Squad Limit?

    Re: Squad Limit? And that is different to real life how? What clubs are the stars with potential at in real life? Where are the 91+ rated players in real life? I'll save you the time of replying.......they are all at the top clubs! It's all about shopping relative to the club you are at. New talents and potential huge risers become available all the time. It is just using research to find them. There are 20,000 odd players on the database and this increases every day it seems. New players are added all the time and new real life superstars are often added as free agents and available for ANYONE to bid for! Players like Bojan, Balotelli etc are prime examples of that in the past year. The difference between real life and SM is that there are no academies or UNder 18 squads on SM. These are full of 100's of potential talents for the big clubs in reality whereas on SM they cannot be added until they have played a senior game. This is the reason the big clubs by them up and keep them in their youth teams.....planning for the future, its the exact same concept.
  19. Re: Bristol city vs Hull play-off final
  20. Re: Highest Squad Worth Sorry to disappoint you Burning spear but Teb's Spartak Moscow in GC1 crushes that! His squad is worth a huge £793.8 million in total! My highest valued squad is Chelsea in GC7 which is worth £436.9 mil in total.
  21. Ok after last weeks nightmare I have decided to go to a reliable source to pick the final week's fixtures so over to you Dan! Just a note for all forumers, any post that is posted on this thread that is not predicting the scores or relevant to the thread in my opinion will be deleted.
  22. Re: Three free setups No mate they won't do it for anybody now.....apparently...and I quote...'This has been in place for some time now, it's on the FAQ'! Well, it's not cos I looked but SM won't swap them in any circumstances, stupid really imo!
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