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  1. Re: anyone no any new young talent ? Players between 70-85 ain't young mate, thats ancient and they will all be retired now!! lol:D:D:D Only kidding, Check out the player talent section mate, there are loads of threads on there about lots of up and coming players. A couple of obvious ones are Gareth Bale and Theo Walcott but you could look at players like Marin and Forestieri if you have no money!
  2. Re: Ljungberg is 91 - Lennon is 89???!???? Herby can I please ask you to read my post on this thread about Ljungberg before you start saying us Gooners can't be objective!!
  3. Re: gareth bale I think that Bale could go up to an 88 or 89 if he is a regular for Spurs early in the season. He is after all a full international for Wales and plays regularly for them. I have heard talk he is going to be played on the left side of midfield......any truth to the rumour??
  4. Re: Bale http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=10012 Link to the thread discussing Gareth Bales rating Neller
  5. Re: Bale Neller what is this all about?? Are you pretending to be a newbie??
  6. Re: Duplicate threads ! a way to combat them maybe ? I'll help where I can Adam but I don't even know how to report a thread!! Also, I do know there has been a problem with the search tool recently on the forum as I have been unable to use it myself at times. Maybe this could have contributed to the excessive amounts of duplicate threads? I agree though, it is not difficult to search, just lazy IMO!
  7. Re: Player requests getting out of hand
  8. Re: New Gold setup being made when i get gold What do you mean SM account name? How about when you create the league make it a passwod only league then PM me and the other managers the password so they can take their teams!
  9. Re: HELP My Sevilla Keep Kerzhakov IMO as he is quality. I have him in several teams and he always does well. In one setup of mine he has 4 MOM in 6 matches. I don't believe Forlan will kepp his rating for too long either!
  10. Re: New Gold setup being made when i get gold I'll take Real Madrid
  11. leigh1

    Loan Deals

    When you loan a player to another team and he is recalled is he automatically cup tied? I have 2 keepers, Akinfeev and Ochoa, Akinfeev is currently cup tied as I only bought him recently but Ochoa has played all my cup games so far. I have now loaned Ochoa out but plan to cancel the loan before each cup game. (The manager does know about this) Will he be cup tied also??
  12. Re: The Captain's Daily Caption Ronaldo, Barthez and Thuram were falling over themselves trying to get to the penny on the floor!!
  13. Re: need recommendations Well this lad really knows his football.....Naldo to a 95, you are in a dreamland mate!! Also read the thread......he is looking for young players who will increase!! Distin is no sprong chicken mate!!! I would go for Royston Drenthe for a LM as he has been quality in the U21 tournament and will definitely rise. As for a defender I would go for Garay, Thiago Helena or Vanden Borre!
  14. Re: The Captain's Daily Caption Calderwood says - "yeah, see what you mean.....you do have a tight groin, I'd get that seen to mate!!"
  15. Re: Ljungberg is 91 - Lennon is 89???!???? Lennon had an ok season....a bit in and out of form IMO! He should stay at 89! Ljungberg has been poor for 2 seasons and I think deserves to be deceased to an 88 or even 87. He has lost a yard of pace (age) and is no longer the goal threat he used to be! (2 league goals in 2 seasons is not good enough!)
  16. Re: Players and their conditions?? Macell Jansen! 21 yrs old 90 rated, just signed for Bayern Munich in real life!
  17. Re: Holland vs Potugal U21's Got my bid in for him!:)
  18. Re: thierry henry This thread is about Le God.....oops I mean Thierry Henry! If you want to chat about Park Ji Sung's rating I believe there is another thread running on it!!
  19. Re: Juventus, transfer rumours! I he3ard about the Trezeguet to Arsenal thing for £6 million, thats a bargain and should help keep Henry at Arsenal!! Barzagli and Milito will be good signings for Juve!
  20. Re: This evenings fixtures... The fixtures have finished now but the season is now updating.....very odd, not seen that happen before!!
  21. Re: Holland vs Potugal U21's p.s. does anyone know what rating drenthe is at the minute while the site is processing fixtures...? i feel a bid coming on .... Me too mate!! I am trying to build a young squad at the moment and he fits the type player i'm looking for. I think he is an 86 if I remember rightly??
  22. Re: Shooting range I'd have to say Juninho, Scholes or Lamps!! All 3 are pure quality and score goals from ridiculous distances on a weekly basis!!
  23. Re: Holland vs Potugal U21's Thats good then, I have been keeping close tabs on this kids career since I signed him on FM2005 and he turned out to be quality. I have missed both Belgium games so far cos of work but will hopefully catch the game against Holland. Do you think Holland will go on a win this tournament now Fraser? IMO they have looked the best side so far! They have some great individuals in Drenthe and Babel but also look like a real solid team!!
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