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  1. Re: chelsea squad I say Essien deserves an increase. I think he was Chelsea's best player last season....even better than Drogs. I am an Arsenal fan but obviously all the Chelsea fans agree with me as he was voted Fans player of the year!! I say Essien should definitely be a 96 possibly even a 97!!
  3. Re: young goalies Has to be Akinfeev - he is the future best keeper in the world!! I cannot believe Arsenal have not yet signed him as Lehmann's replacement. The guy is an awesome keeper!!
  4. Re: who is the premierships best foriegn import at this moment? Has to be Thierry Henry for definite!!
  5. leigh1

    Franky Lampard

    Re: lampard overated May I remind you that Gerrard missed as well!!!! I think Frank Lampard deserves the rating he has (96) as he is the starting midfielder for Chelsea who are one of europes top teams and he is being courted by Barcelona (another top european team). I don't have the exact stats but he scored over 20 goals this season from midfield - more than any other midfielder in europe I think, maybe Ronnie scored more?? Anyway people have said both him and Ronnie have had poor seasons and even though their general form may be a bit patchy they both keep scoring lots of goals and deserve their ratings!! For the record Hammy I would say scoring against Barca in the Nou Camp in a vital Champions League game is quite a big game to 'turn up' for!!
  6. Re: Arsenal Gossip Good Evening fellow Gooners!! How much truth is there in the rumour that Henry will be going to Barca for £15 mil or £17 mil??? If this is true what do you all think about it?? Although I am not against selling Henry, how can a player who was worth £50 mil at the end of last year possibly be sold for £15 mil now??? Also I don't see the point in selling him for so little money, he has 3 years left on his contract and keeping him there for that time is worth more to us than £15 mil. If however, there was a larger bid or Eto'o was included in the deal I would sell. I think he is still worth at least £30 mil and that would be enough to buy an experienced replacement (not a 17 yr old superkid for £200k) and maybe some other reinforcements for the squad!!
  7. Re: anderson and nani Hammy there are already threads about this and their rating changes will happen when the English ratings happen as they are now Man Utd players!
  8. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. Thanks for you view Alan. You must talk sense because that is exactly what I have done about 15 mins ago. You must be a mind reader mate, lol!!
  9. Re: transfer advice plzzzzzzzzzzz!!! No probs, hope it helped?
  10. Re: transfer advice plzzzzzzzzzzz!!! I don't know if it'll allow you to?? I did read somewhere else though that somebody had left a cup tied or injured player on the bench by accident and forgot there was a substitution setup for them to come on for the last 15 mins of the match which they did and got an 8 rating!! So maybe you can just play them. Its up to you!
  11. Re: transfer advice plzzzzzzzzzzz!!! Couldn't say why they are cup tied but there has been a lot of bugs on SM recently, may be something to do with that. Looks like you are short of right back cover.....I would go for Miguel if you can afford him or Eboue as I think he's in for an increase as he was one of the few Arsenal players to have a good season!!
  12. Re: transfer advice plzzzzzzzzzzz!!! Theres plenty of cover in the squad for them already though mate. Where do you feel the team needs to strengthen?
  13. Re: transfer advice plzzzzzzzzzzz!!! Looks to me like you have a pretty decent squad there already!! Which players are cup tied?
  14. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. Yes I have read that thread Bryan and I understand and appreciate the reasons given in it. But this situation is different, the reasons given in the thread you gave the link for are that they do not have time or they are receiving loads of bids for the player and can't be bothered to keep rejecting them! In this case tho, he has just rejected a bid there tonight...does it take more time to press reject all??? Also as I said below these are the only 2 bids received for the player as the setup is so new. I am not fussed if the bid is rejected, it just frustrates the life out of me when bids are left sat there deliberately. I know it is his right to do so but a little bit of common decency goes along way. In other words what comes around goes around and when he has an injury crisis and is desperate for players I won't be selling! This is meant to be a friendly game between genuine football fans, Is it really that hard to reply to a transfer bid??
  15. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. Just a quick question.... What should I do in this situation?? 1 of my pet hates is people that ignore transfer bids. I am running my own setup which is 4 turns old. In turn 1 I bid for Quaresma, in turn 2 Sevilla bid for Quaresma. These are the only 2 bids there has been for him!! Tonight after the game the Porto manager logs on and rejects the Sevilla bid but ignores mine. I have PM'd him asking him why he is ignoring the bid and he has ignored that too!! I want to run a fair and good setup to attract good managers to my setup but he is really, really annoying me now. Should I boot him out?? All opinions welcome.
  16. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... Bayern Munich stunned the previously unbeaten Villareal but destroying them 4-1. An outstanding result that moves Bayern to the top of the division where they intend to stay for the remainder of the season!!
  17. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! And Sevilla go Marching on...... Another victory for Sevilla which now leaves them looking down on the rest of Division 2. They have had a perfect start to the season 3 wins out of 3 and if this form continues they will be in Division 1 in no time. When asked to comment about the future of Dani Alves manager Leigh Auston stated that Dani Alves is available for transfer at his own request and he is very surprised he had not received any bids for the talented right sided player!
  18. Re: England top talent? Yep that'll be the one.Apparently Everton and Villa are looking at him.
  19. Re: England top talent? Michael Kightly
  20. Re: my barca att force Tevez can also play as an AM so you could play 4-1-3-2 Messi------Tevez----Ronaldinho -----Eto'o------Torres Like that??
  21. leigh1

    inters new kit

    Re: inters new kit Surprised the England kit designers didn't come up with this!!! lol Its ok tho, I like it.
  22. Re: Custom set up owners letting S/M down. I would say this seems like the fairest and most rational thing that SM could do to prevent this from happening, however, I do not see it being put in place and therefore managers just have to take their chances in custom setups!! If they get booted out, theres plenty more to go to and you just know not to deal with that manager again in the future. You never know, they may end up wanting a player from you in another setup and would have blown their chances by booting you from their setup!!
  23. Re: World Championship - Sean Carlin I'll take Valencia if its still available sean?
  24. Re: Custom set up owners letting S/M down. I wouldn't agree with that Clayts. I have my own setup (The Bunders League) and I run it properly. I am fairly new to the forum though. If your suugestion was the case I wouldn't have been able to start that setup yet. I think its just a case of taking your chances and hoping you get a decent setup. I have been booted from a few setups I was in for nothing in particular, probably because their mate wanted my team or they wanted 1 of my players!!! It's something you just have to take on the chin!
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