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  1. Re: Xbox 360 fans thread Anybody know an official release date for Halo 3?? I heard it got delayed again:mad: Can't wait to get this for my Xbox!!
  2. Re: Henry or Ronaldo Thanks for that - On this evidence even though I am a massive Arsenal fan, I would have to go for Ronaldo I think! 240 goals in 325 appearances is unbelievable!!!!
  3. Re: Robbie Simpson - Lower leagues. I used to play cricket with this lad for Knebworth Park cricket club. Only found out this season that he was playing non-league football. From what I know he has scored lots of goals. Could be a good prospect I suppose.
  4. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! Sevilla are hot on the heals of FC Porto also recording their second win of the season to make it 2 wins in 2 games. Manager Leigh Auston was delighted with the teams effort in their 2-1 win over Cruz Azul. He was happy the team had made a good start and carried their good form into the game today after winning 1-0 at the Mestalla on Sunday night. Hopefully the run can continue this weekend and for a long time to come. Bring on Division 1!!!!!
  5. Re: Need Tactics Help I would play 3-5-2 and make use of all your midfielders, play direct passing and use target man (drogba). See how you get on with that.
  6. Who out of Ronaldo and Thierry Henry will go down in history as the better striker. Both are world class stars and although Ronaldo is coming to the end of his career, he was amazing in his younger days. Thierry Henry is still one of the top players in world football and hopefully will be for a few years yet!! I don't have any stats to back up and argument so any help would be appreciated. Just really want to see what the general opinion is out there of who the better player has been thoughout their career??
  7. Re: An announcement ! from mr adam_avfc / Mr.Adamaski / jonno etc etc Adam if your giving away any half decent Real Madrid teams, please please please can I have them??
  8. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! Dani Alves is still available after talks with Atletico Madrid have broken down.
  9. Re: Need Help With The "Bye" A bye means you automatically get through to the next round without having to play anyone!
  10. Re: Best offer...EVER?!? The best offer I ever got was for my Arsenal team in WC506. Real Madrid offered me £85 million plus Robinho and Ruud Van Nistelrooy for Thierry Henry. I was happy to accept and in a later deal exchanged RVN for Leo Messi.
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    Fifa or Pro

    Re: Fifa or Pro Ok thanks Neller, appreciate your help
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    Re: Fifa or Pro Any sites with an amulator for the Amiga
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    Re: Fifa or Pro
  14. Re: Next season. What will happen?
  15. Re: Next season. What will happen? I am a Gooner Fraser and although I could see Spurs finishing above Arsenal if they do not sign some new players, I will be shocked if they get anywhere near Chelsea!!
  16. Re: Next season. What will happen? well i reckon that spurs could finish higher than any other london club with a little bit of luck next season clayts Ha ha ha, Thats hilarious Fraser!!
  17. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... New Bayern manager Leigh Auston was delighted with his teams win over WEst Ham in the cup, he said "hopefully this is the start of a long cup run". He also commented that Bayern are also looking to strengthen the team in all areas and have some bids in the pipeline.
  18. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! Didn't get an offer from you mate only a bid from Spurs and from Atletico
  19. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! Dani Alves is available for transfer for any decent bids, looking for mainly cash only bids but would consider cash +player bids if the player would get into my first team.
  20. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. People not accepting bids is highly frustrating. In one of my setups (WC506) I have had a bid for Drogba waiting for about 6 turns. It is a good offer (approx 25mil and 2 players i think) but if the manager does not want to sell just reject it, it only takes a second!! Does anyone know if there will be any changes by SM to prevent this from happening. Also read the thread and agree with the player unavailable suggestion to prevent pathetic bids like £4 mil plus Cicinho bid I got for Correira Adriano recently!!
  21. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! Fernando Torres finally arrives at Sevilla in a part exchange deal for Fredi Kanoute and Ze Roberto is also shown off to the press as Sevilla's other new signing. Manager Auston is delighted to have acquired these 2 talented footballers and hopes they show as much ambition as he does, the fans do and the club do in making a push for promotion!!
  22. Re: Who's the hardest player ever to play in Britain ? Don't forget Fash the Bash - what a side if you wanted to give the other team a right good kicking!!
  23. Re: David Beckham Although Beckhams current form is superb and I have a great amount of respect for the guy as he always sticks it to his critics I do not think his rating should rise. If anything I think it should decrease, the guy is going to play in America far to early in his career and this will be hugely detrimental to his ability as a top class footballer. He will no longer be under the pressure he is now and will not be playing against anyone anywhere near as good as him let alone better than him. I understand why he has made the decision but think it is a mistake. He has at least another 2 years at the top level left as he is proving now. I will be shocked if he is picked for England once he moves to America and just think his career will decline as from this time next month.
  24. Re: Shaun Valentine's Elite League Official Thread I will sell you Ljungberg Roscoe. Interested?
  25. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! A 20th minute Fredi Kanoute strike gave Sevilla a superb 1-0 win at the Mestalla against a very strong Valencia team. Manager Leigh Auston commented "This is a superb win, I am delighted. It was very pleasing to see Fredi Kanoute grabbing a goal with all this speculation about his future. Lets hope we can build on this success and have a strong season, the club are desperate to be playing top division football." Auston would not comment on reports linking Dani Alves with a move away from the club nor on any bids for Fernando Torres.
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