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  1. Re: Shaun Valentine's Elite League Official Thread Sorry lads.......wrong thread. lol
  2. Re: Shaun Valentine's Elite League Official Thread A 20th minute Fredi Kanoute strike gave Sevilla a superb 1-0 win at the Mestalla against a very strong Valencia team. Manager Leigh Auston commented "This is a superb win, I am delighted. It was very pleasing to see Fredi Kanoute grabbing a goal with all this speculation about his future. Lets hope we can build on this success and have a strong season, the club are desperate to be playing top division football." Auston would not comment on reports linking Dani Alves with a move away from the club nor on any bids for Fernando Torres.
  3. Re: nemanja vidic ADVICE NEEDED Depends if you need the money. £25 million probably gets you a better defender than Vidic from elsewhere.
  4. Re: Best football memories Mine has to be being at Highbury to watch Arsenal win 2-1 against Leicester to become the first team to go unbeaten for over 100 years. The atmosphere was amazing that day and we also collected the Premiership trophy that day. Superb.
  5. Re: Being Able to Extend Loan Deals! I like this idea, could be a good addition to SM.
  6. Re: What should I do? I wouldn't accept that bid. Ronaldo is no doubt due for an increase in rating dur to his form this season. I would go after Quaresma, vicente, Correira Adriano or Ribery and keep Ronaldo mate.
  7. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! And Torres is mine, much like he will be moving to Arsenal shortly (hopefully)! Come on Sevilla lets get off to the perfect start!
  8. Re: Shaun Valentine's Elite League Official Thread Shaun can you accept or refuse my application for Arsenal please so I can prepare my mighty Gooners. Thanks
  9. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! i'll take arsenal villaman
  10. Re: being abile to ask chairman for more money Use the loan system and sign youngsters from the free agent list. How do you think managers do it in real life???? I guarentee you the current boss of grimsby would kill for £5 mil to spend on players!!
  11. Re: transfer help Sell Rooney, Messi will be better rating soon. Keep Fabregas worth loads more than that and the players your being offered are not good enough
  12. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! How much do you want for Akinfeev Rhys?
  13. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! Rhys will you sell Akinfeev mate?
  14. Re: Kaka To Real Madrid I don't think Milan would sell Kaka even if Chelsea bid £100 million! Milan regard Kaka as their talisman and would do anything they could to keep him there. Plus they have just had success so he doesn't need to leave.
  15. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, no deal then
  16. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! thuram, van bronckhorst and 10 mil and you have yourself Dani Alves villaman. What you think about that?
  17. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! I really need a centre back instead of Saviola cos I have 3 90+ Strikers already.
  18. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! I will swap Dani Alves for Quaresma, let me know if this is a deal that suits you.
  19. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! Villaman when we can buy players again will you sell me Van Bronckhorst?
  20. Re: SMFA blocking transfer deals Thanks Alan, I have read some of the other threads but they are not really specific to this problem. I see you sent me a private message but I was unable to read it, can e-mail me? Leighauston@aol.com Thanks
  21. I received a private message from another member asking me if I was prepared to sell Henry or Toure as I am Arsenal. I replied that I was prepared to for the right price. He then asked if he could have Henry for Rooney and I replied to him That he could have Henry for 10mil plus Rooney. He then made the bid which I accepted and the SMFA blocked the deal immediately. Why is this??? I have had other deals blocked as well such as a bid from Roma for Zanetti (inter wc350) of £30 plus akinfeev that was blocked. Also had a bid for Morientes (Valencia wc818) blocked. In all the above cases these were genuine bids from people that I do not know so why have they been blocked? Please enlighten me. Leigh Auston
  22. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! I applied for Sevilla instead, dont wanna be the only person in div 3
  23. Re: NEW SETUP....QUICK!!!!!!!!!! Hi can I manage Atletico Madrid?
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