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  1. Re: New Improvements Oh no, that awful graphic designer has turned up again. We must be in double figures for layout changes in the last year or two. Full width sites aren't really used these days, it looks amateur tbh.
  2. Re: What improvements / new features would you like? 1. Like many others have said, statistics make this sort of thing far more interesting. Specifically the players; cup stats should be recorded as well as league stats, and there should definitely be player award histories on their profiles. This should also transfer over to the club history bit; we have highest transfer received, why not highest goal scorer? Highest rated? Most reds? Most assists? Etc. You record all these things, so it shouldn't be too hard to add them on to that bit. 2. Player limits: It's just silly at the moment. People have like 300 players in some worlds, why? It's so unrealistic it's crazy, and I think that's the problem, realism. Exact realism is bad, but in instances like this there should definitely be an attempt to make it better. What club in the world has 300 players? It should be capped, I dunno at what. You could say 50-60ish (as you need a first team generally of 25-30 + a youth team. Some people completely dominate worlds, there's no point joining them as they have all the best players and allthe best youth. 3. Inactive managers need to be dealt with. This causes so much trouble in smaller game worlds. They sign up, get given a team in a league that's starting soon and never sign in again. I understand that you want to try and get people active, but you're not paying enough attention to the people who are active here. Waiting 30 days for a manager to get kicked (+7 for their players to free up) only to have to wait another 30 days when a new manager joins is awful. The time limit for new managers getting kicked if they're inactive should be much, much shorter. Personally, I would put it at 7 days. But, of course, another person who will go inactive can then take the team over, so I'm not sure how you stop that. There are other things I'd like, such as more tactic options and a reserves tab for the squad, but these three I think are the most important (especially 2 and 3). I have a lot more things I'd like tbh! It'd be good to have more regular games in every league, then people would require a good squad not a good XI. Okay, I'll stop!
  3. Re: Neymar 93 Bale 99 .
  4. Re: Are you going to renew your gold account? Yeah, it's much harder now; I can't look at the screen without sunglasses because I'm in fear of being snowblinded.
  5. Re: Coutinho vs Cleverly Woah buddy, that's a lot of typos. And you only seem to "typo" the same errors, really strange! You've typoed again in your reply, so I've corrected it for you. No need to thank me, buddy, you're welcome!
  6. Re: Coutinho vs Cleverly Cleverley is incredibly average. If he was in another Premier League side, United wouldn't look at him once, let alone twice. He's shown lots of potential, but he's never actually built on that. It's not really possible to compare him to Coutinho though; they're completely different types of players. Corrected your English for you, buddy. Don't worry and just keep trying; you'll get there one day!
  7. Re: Riferimento: Put back the last online feature
  8. Re: Are you going to renew your gold account? Yeah, I think I'm done too. Next week we'll have an even uglier layout to contend with whilst Bale will be up to 97.
  9. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread That's some serious Bale hype. I sold him at 90 :'(
  10. Re: Suggestion for improvement: Stop trying to make this a social media site. I've been paying for about two years and SM have never taken any interest in what I've said; never even offered a medium to take an interest on for that matter.
  11. Re: New view of the website SM seem to have updated the new design a little more: http://gyazo.com/bbf6effaf544450e0afb4fce002c6898 Loving the empty white bar, guess they didn't fancy the logo anymore
  12. Re: Put back the last online feature Privacy reasons? Haha... what?
  13. Re: New view of the website Hey look, two more mods that like the design. Trolololol.
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