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  1. Re: Phil jones, Walker or other rb Jones isn't actually a RB, eventually he'll stop playing there I'd imagine. Carvajal would be a much better option
  2. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! I wonder if a big league will ever be reviewed again
  3. Re: Rio ferdinand I dunno much about Mascherano, so I'll just say about Ferdinand. Right now he won't drop, had a really good season. But next season, United will have Ferdinand, Vidic, Evans, Smalling and Jones all competing for 2 CB places, and we don't know which pairing Moyes will favour. That means Ferdinand might not start, but who knows yet.
  4. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! I think everyone can see the rating schedule was more efficient, at least for the bigger leagues. Dunno why they couldn't have kept it, and just had a misc section for leagues that almost never get reviewed.
  5. Re: higuain rise What on earth are SM doing? Does being benched/**** qualify you as one of the best players in the world now then?
  6. ... another awful layout change by the SM team! Loving the massive "upgrades" button. Here's a suggestion: Stop "fixing" what isn't broken. Such a horrible contrast of colours on my page now.
  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Am I wrong in thinking Badstuber should've risen? No change for him since December 2011, and he'd played every game for Bayern and Germany up until his recent injury at the start of December (and a 2 week one before that). Has he been bad or something? How is he getting in the team of the Champions League finalists and Euro quarter-finalists if so...?
  8. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! What's annoying me the most is they seem to be really lazy with this new system. Before we'd see several teams done per day; now we see a few players changed from a handful of teams... No idea how long they've been doing German players for now. Two-three weeks surely?
  9. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Perhaps they've gone on their Christmas holidays and not bothered to tell us. Even if they do review for these next few days now, they'll surely give themselves time off for Christmas and New Year, so we won't see Germany, England or Spain done in 2012. Annoying, they could've easily finished it all in time...
  10. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ I guess they couldn't be bothered doing any changes today then?
  11. Re: Gomez + Witsel for Benzema I'd definitely do it. SM seem to hate Gomez so I wouldn't bank on him rising, and Benzema is a better player in a better team anyway. It's only bad if you need Witsel, as he's not that amazing. He could get higher in a better league maybe, but nothing special.
  12. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues)
  13. Re: Any danger of Dropping a rating? I get the feeling it's just a glitch or somehting, SM usually announce it on Twitter when they put a new league under review.
  14. Re: Balotelli - Risk. His manager saying he'll probably sell him isn't a reason for him not to rise? Balotelli is more concerned about satisfying his ego than playing football. He'll probably continue doing 'hilarious' things off the field and then perform his actual hilarious antics on the field, with a series of dangerous tackles and red cards. I don't believe he'll grow up personally.
  15. Re: Obscure rises - less well known rises for competitive leagues Eli BABALJ (75) and Bernie IBINI-ISEI (73) if you want some young Australians for the changes. I'm not too sure how the ratings work in Oz, but they've both done well so I'd guess you'd see a +3 each maybe, Bernie might get a bit more as he's lower atm. Correct me if I'm wrong
  16. Re: Lovren vs Evans He has been Man United's best defender, and winning the title could certainly give him a chance of rising. He's no where near 91 though. Vidic will be back next season, so it's not even certain Evans will start.
  17. Re: Tevez Scholes dropped after not playing. Tevez didn't play for even longer and didn't drop.
  18. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Surprised Bale rose considering his and Spurs' form... Can't really work that one out, but Bale's in my team so I'm not going to complain Doesn't surprise me neither Jones or Smalling rose, both haven't been playing and when they have they haven't done very well. Can't believe Tevez didn't drop. A 5 month holiday isn't worthy of even a -1? I honestly thought he'd drop at least 2. Mertesacker's drop isn't surprising, very clumsy player. No idea how he was ever 93 in the past. Ba hasn't been playing as well as he was, but I dunno, still expected him to go up. Just look at how well Newcastle are doing, and just because Ba isn't scoring doesn't mean he's not contributing.
  19. Re: Messi v Ronaldo. I think Ronaldo can still get 99. Messi edges it because his club are so good. But this year might be Real's year. Exaggerating is diving; that's what diving is. It's called "simulation" and it's exaggerating contact in order to fool the referee. You can obviously dive without contact too. Real Madrid are still in the CL semis...
  20. Re: paul scholes: will he get a rise if utd win the league??? I don't get why he was dropped so much really. Man United have been so much better since he's been back, I wouldn't be surprised if he rises now really.
  21. Re: scoutting and full attributes/features of a player Isn't that our job? I look for players myself, find them on the net and stuff. Be a bit boring if I just said to the ai, "Hey, I can't be bothered anymore, you go look at players". I find half of the fun is finding new and upcoming talents myself, and I assume a lot of people agree considering there's a huge section on the forum dedicated to that!
  22. Re: jovetic I suspect he'll be on his way out of Fiorentina in the summer personally. Especially if they get relegated.
  23. Re: Vermaelen or subotic That's debatable, and SM also have a very high opinion of the German league.
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