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  1. Re: K.Walker OR J.Alba? Do you want a left back? Because Walker is really a RB, not sure why he has LB. Walker's a really good player from what I've seen, but he has a lot of competition in the national team and his club aren't that amazing. Whereas, Alba looks sure of a place in the national team and might be moving to the best club in the world.
  2. Re: Help with Neymar Deal Why on earth would you sell Neymar? 40m isn't much either.
  3. Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12. I don't think he'll rise this time, but certainly next time. Everyone seems to think he'll rise now though.
  4. Re: Which 2 Should be in my Man Utd Team? Personally, I think Anderson's time at United might almost be up. Constantly injured, might be time to cut their losses. Shame, he's showed signs of being very good at times. So yeah, get rid of him. Sahin has been injured a lot but I don't know much else about him.
  5. Re: yaya toure to 94? I think Toure is the most important player (after Kompany) at City personally, so I'd be surprised if he doesn't get it soon. But I think he only just went up? So he won't change again so soon I suspect.
  6. Re: Who's the best GK? Reina, Valdes, Cech Yup, I'd agree with that. Though Barca were playing their 2nd choice keeper (Pinto I think) at one point, not sure if Valdes was injured or just dropped.
  7. Re: Who's the best GK? Reina, Valdes, Cech Hart is better than all of them. Out of those 3, Valdes is the worst. Cech used to be the best but not really these days.
  8. Re: Gareth Bale He only just went up, I doubt he'll go up again now. Probably at the end of the season. And his position only just changed from LM/LB to Wing/LB, they won't change it again now.
  9. Re: Silva/Kompany/Mata/Ozil/Sanchez/Benzema Silva won't rise. 1 goal since November and 1 assist in his last 8 games, the "best player in the league" is not impressing and it's clearly evident in City's league form. I doubt Mata will rise, great player but he only just went up, and Chelsea are doing awful. Probs rise next time. Sanchez will 100% rise. Kompany will stay, been injured/suspended most of the time since the last changes. Idk about Benzema and Ozil.
  10. Re: hummels From what I've read, most people seem to think he'll stay in these changes then hit 93 in the next ones if Borussia win the league, or maybe even if they don't win the league.
  11. Re: Top 5 Leagues - Must Buys. Sala 76 > +3 [+4] Ostrzolek 78 > +5 [+5] Diagne 78 > +5 [+5] Schmid 77 > +4 [+6] I bought these guys and they all got better ratings than predicted, so good job The [ ] is the rating they actually got
  12. How safe is Rossi? Personally I'm getting the feeling he's not too safe, and may drop either now or in the next ratings. I know he's been injured for a very long time, but Villareal are also doing very poor. Very poor, in a relegation fight atm. I know injured players are usually spared drops, but is the fact his team are doing awful enough to cause Rossi to drop?
  13. Re: Top 5 Leagues - Must Buys. Ehhh, I'm not so sure about Fryers getting a +3 personally. Pogba is much more likely to get a rise if you want a Manchester United youngster. Nastastic has been mentioned by someone else, great player starting every game in Italy. Only 18 & currently 80.
  14. Re: who will be the next 5 players to hit 93? I'd agree with the above cept Mata for Bale
  15. Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12. If England are reviewed last and he stays fit then maybe, but I find it unlikely.
  16. He's doing really well after coming back from a very long injury, 12 goals in 17 games in the league. Could he be looking at a rise to 91 in the next few changes? Or will he have to leave Fiorentina to get that?
  17. Re: Jean Marie Dongou Heard a hell of a lot about him. Could be on db soon at this rate!
  18. Re: Is 95 the right rating for Rooney ? Ratings should never be based on national teams. The best footballer that ever lived could've been born in Wales. Not his fault his team are useless.
  19. Re: Is 95 the right rating for Rooney ? Rooney was just rated the 5th best player in the world, so he must be considered to be pretty good! Definitely United's key player and United are the league champions and Champions League runners up so I don't see why he can't be rated 96. I'd say 95 is fine too though.
  20. Re: Hummels + pedro = fabregas??? Not a single player below 90... Sounds like a very competitive world
  21. Re: Giuseppe Rossi I'm interested in Rossi's situation... Yes, he has been injured, but that hasn't always stopped players dropping in the past. Not only that, but his club is in meltdown, which could cause an Inter-esque drop of all of the big players. I do get the feeling Rossi will stay in the next changes, and maybe even stay in the ones after, but if he doesn't get out of Villareal then he's only going to go down.
  22. Re: Muniain(89,19 age) or Dzeko ? After a good run, Dzeko seems to be out of favour and out of form again at City. With their riches, I'm sure he's going to be replaced soon enough, especially with Tevez leaving - that means they'll probably be in the market for a striker. Still, Dzeko is currently 92 rated which is pretty good. I'd definitely keep Muniain personally though, but I like to have the young players!
  23. Re: Respuesta: Phil Jones & Chris Smalling SM must've been watching this thread, Smalling got RB today Guess that means Jones ain't gonna get Def though, shame.
  24. Re: Respuesta: Re: Phil Jones & Chris Smalling
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