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  1. Re: Chile Primera Division risers Is the hype around Nicolás Millán incorrect then?
  2. Re: How is Javier Hernandez still only 90?! Hernandez has been injured too much, plus he's not actually starting atm as Welbeck is playing, though that could be more due to his (lack of) match fitness. He'll rise when he starts playing.
  3. Re: English Ratings Review 6 months? Did you not see Sturridge at Bolton? Sturridge has the 4th highest goals in the 2011 calendar year, only behind RvP, Rooney and Ba. However, I think Sturridge is fine at 89 for now, he'll rise soon enough. As I said earlier, if you watch United on a regular basis you'll see that Evra has been VERY poor, ever since the World Cup imploded for the French. Evra is lucky to be as high as 93, and he might not start every game if United had no injuries at LB. Been rubbish after 6-7 games.
  4. Re: English Ratings Review Evra has been rubbish for ages. I was saying he'd drop and everyone on the forum was saying no' date=' but they clearly don't watch United. Why would Aguero rise? He's really high already, they're not going to put him up again based on half a season. Dzeko didn't rise because he's a benchwarmer. Rooney was only good for about the first 5-10 games. Modric has been pulling the strings at Spurs for years, and look how well they've been doing. Still, surprised he went up I suppose. Nani has been United's best player. Surprised Ramires, Hart & Lescott didn't rise, but I don't have any of them so I don't care! Only personal disappointments were no RB for Smalling and no Def for Jones.
  5. Re: any ideas why i lost 2-0 I win p.much all my league games, only lost 1 in 17, yet I lose all my games in Europe. Not a clue why. It can be weird like that I guess
  6. Re: 91+ potential left backs He might lose his LB tho, never plays there.
  7. Re: Ramsey or Cleverley? He's played at Wigan too, you know. He's been easily the most impressive, it's not stupid to say he's been the best at all.
  8. Re: alexis sanchez If it wasn't for his injury then for sure, but I think that might hold him back this time. But yeah, starting in El Clasico over Pedro and Villa, says a lot about how highly they must rate him.
  9. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 I watch Man United every week (season ticket! ), so I'll give my opinion if that's ok Doesn't look like they've been done so I'll help you out! Gonna explain why under each of them too Red - Drop Orange - May Drop Light Green - May Rise Dark Green - Will Rise David de Gea 89 -> 89/90 - Many good performances, but also many slip ups. I'd say a rise is 70:30. Tomasz Kuszczak 87 -> 86 - Slipped to 4th choice, even behind Ben Amos Anders Lindegaard 86 -> 86/87 - A fair few starts in the PL & CL, played well in all, may warrant a rise. I wouldn't hold my breath though. Ben Amos 78 -> 78/79 - Started all Carling cup games but whether he'll rise or not is debatable. I'd guess no, but there is a possibility, however slight. Nemanja Vidic 96 -> 96 Rio Ferdinand 94 -> 93 - Poor season by his standards, almost guaranteed to drop Patrice Evra 94 -> 94/93 - Lots of people saying Evra will stay, I disagree. He's been one of United's worst performers for a very long time now, often at fault for goals. However, he doesn't get much bad press for it, so debatable whether SM will drop him. Rafael 89 -> 89 Jonny Evans 88 -> 88 Phil Jones 87 -> 89 + Def/DM - Most starts for United, been an excellent performer. Played RB a lot too, but he can't be RB/CB/DM, so he'll either get Def or stay CD/DM Chris Smalling 87 -> 88 + CB/RB - Injury will certainly mean no 89, but in the next changes he could be getting that. As with Jones, often plays RB now. Fabio 86 -> 86 Fryers 75 -> 76 - Played in most of the Carling Cup games, should get a little rise. Luis Nani 92 -> 93 - Imo, almost certain to rise. United's best performer by far and has really matured these past few season. I'd be surprised if he doesn't rise. Ryan Giggs 92 -> 91 - Still decent but rarely plays, almost guarantees he'll drop. Michael Carrick 92 -> 92/91 - Despite often being called ****, he often performs well, very good at ball retention. Debatable whether he'll drop, SM should wait 'til the next review. Darren Fletcher 92 -> 92/91 - Same as Carrick really. Plays well sometimes, other times not. However the mystery virus he had seems to have knocked the stuffing out of him a bit, more likely to drop than Carrick imo. Antonio Valencia 91 -> 91 Ji-Sung Park 91 -> 91/90 May drop, his main attribute is his energy, but it looks like age is catching him up this season. Anderson 90 -> 90 - Early season form dropped off fast. Now injured, won't rise. Ashley Young 90 -> 90/91 - Same as Anderson, good start but dropped off. I'd give him more of a chance to rise though, purely because he's starting at a big club. Tom Cleverley 86 -> 87 - Injured but United were different class when he was playing. Will only get a small rise now but certainly 90+ in the future and a starter, snap him up! Darron Gibson 86 -> 85 - Mr. Shoot first, ask questions later. Relegated to the reserves, almost guaranteed to drop. Paul Pogba 75 -> 76/77 Impressed the most out of the Carling Cup kiddies, will certainly rise, but not much. Ravel Morrison 75 -> 76 - Supposedly the biggest talent, Carling Cup starts may reward a little rise. Wayne Rooney 95 -> 95 - As with so many others, early season form trailed off and definitely won't rise now. Dimitar Berbatov 93 -> 92 - Top scorer of last season can't get a game. Definite drop. Chicharito 90 -> 90 - Too injured to rise. Michael Owen 88 -> 88 Danny Welbeck 87 -> 88 - Looked decent when he's played, will get 88. Mame Biram Diouf 86 -> 85 - Mostly joins Gibson in the reserves, be lucky to stay 86. Federico Macheda 83 -> 83 Think that's everyone. Be interesting to see how United getting dumped out of the Champions League and Carling Cup will affect the ratings. Any questions, leme know!
  10. Re: IS swapping Sakho and Canasles for Busquets a good deal ? French league cap seems to be 92 though (Toulalan was 93 for a while however). Even if PSG do really well in Europe, can their players break pastthat 92 boundary?
  11. Re: Ramsey or Cleverley? Cleverley is a really good player and probably United's best midfielder. Ramsey is, ofc, also good, so it's a tough choice. Ramsey will rise faster given that Cleverley's injured.
  12. Re: Walcott and Bale Bale is far better than Walcott. Player of the season last year. Probably going to go to wing/LM (maybe wing/LB) and a lot of people have tipped him for 91. Walcott, frankly, isn't a very good footballer. He has his moments, but is just overall poor.
  13. Re: EPL Ratings I'm still calling an Evra drop, he's been terrible for a very long time. Certainly not up to a 94 standard. Only thing that can save him is the fact he plays for Man United.
  14. Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)
  15. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Jose Angel? I asked a few pages back but no one replied
  16. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I thought the predictions were fine. Shame Wolfswinkel didn't get 89 but Iturbe and Kleber got what they were predicted. I bought them all from my own knowledge anyway
  17. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Probably been mentioned already but I can't find it, so Jose Angel? I heard he's been one of the star performers in a perhaps under performing Roma side? What's his odds on the national team, I see Jose Enrique and Jordie Alba are in his way, so that might stop him getting the higher ratings as fast? Both those two are taken in my world btw.
  18. Re: The race to reach 90 - Who will win it? I see Joel Campbell hasn't been mentioned, may I lay claim to him? Looked great for Costa Rica this summer at various levels and got the move to Arsenal. Now on loan at Lorient and I think he's got one goal so far, starting a lot tho!
  19. Re: Respuesta: Re: Who should i sign out of these quality youths
  20. Re: EPL Ratings 2011/12 Man United fan, a few thoughts. EVRA, Patrice 94 - 94 Could easily drop imo, has been very poor for a very long time. FRYERS, Ezekiel 75 -> 78/79 - I'd expect more of a 76ish EVANS, Jonny 88 -> 88/89 - Really can't see this happening, too consistently bad. ANDERSON, Luis 90 -> 91 - Again, can't see this happening. Only played well for 5 or so games. GIBSON, Darron 86 - 86 - Drop? Has an "injury", but many don't think that's the case... CLEVERLEY, Tom 86 -> 87/88 - I would hope 88, was one of United's most important players til he got injured.
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