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  1. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Phil Jones has got to at least be hitting 89. Most starts for United this season and easily, imo, been our best player. Excellent defender and potent attacking threat. Cleverley should also be considered in the same sort of light, though I suspect his injuries will keep his rating down. Pulled all the strings for United early season, then we lose him and it all goes downhill. Coincidence? I think not. Of course, SM probably won't give them what I want But seriously, them and Rooney have been the key players for United so far this season, and it'd be great if that could be reflected in the ratings. Phil Jones especially, that kid has insane talent.
  2. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) will Hamsik & Lavezzi stay or rise?
  3. Re: Marcelo Lots of people have said he might rise, if not now then in the next changes. But hopefully now!
  4. Re: Shall i swap Walcott for Pastore Is this a serious question? Of course you should!
  5. Re: your best u21 team Courtois Rafael - Sakho - Smalling - Bale Jones Wilshere - Dzagoev Iturbe - Kleber - El Shaarawi Most of the younger players were already taken in my league!
  6. Re: My team He did enough last season in my opinion too' date=' but SM didn't rise him then for whatever reason, so I doubt they will now he's been injured all season. I guess the plan was to see if he continued his form and rise him now, but that didn't work out. T'is annoying as I didn't buy another CM as I knew 100% Wilshere would get a rise, then he didn't and the CM I wanted was gone! Adam Johnson, one of the most overrated players in the league.
  7. Re: Risers across Europe How much do you think the German and Dutch ones will rise? I sold them all after their last rating changes but they're still free, so I could get another little increase on them. Also, Vellios is free, what's he likely to go to?
  8. Re: Van Persie Van Persie was almost top scorer last season and he didn't get his first goal until over half the season had already gone. This season he has 10 in 10... I don't buy the "Arsenal are doing bad" stuff. Gerrard and Torres have been rated highly for a very long time, when was the last time Liverpool won anything? Arsenal are consistently in the top four, that's better than Pool already. He easily deserves 94 but SM probably won't give it to him for whatever reason.
  9. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 I agree he did well in his defensive duties and excelled once United were down to 10 men, but I just really think that match did more to highlight United's dodgy defence - Evra looks like he's passed it & has since the WC, Ferdinand & De Gea are fairly hit and miss right now, Fletcher & Anderson are going back to their old ways. Obviously City did well to crush them, but the warning signs were there when United played Chelsea. How Chelsea didn't score 10 in that game I don't know, and it was 11 vs 11. Even vs Basel and Otelul Galati there were more than enough chances for the opposition to score. United's strong attacking force has masked over what are some serious issues in defence this season, but City's defence is one of the few capable of coping with that so United got exposed. I don't watch Man City enough to give an accurate opinion on Silva or their other players. Rooney is far too inconsistent for that title. Chelsea's best performer is probably Mata. Honestly I don't know who I'd say, there aren't too many outstanding solo performers (Ronaldos, Messis) in the premiership right now, just lots of good teams. I suppose that could justify Silva as the best but, like I said, I don't watch him enough to say. But I do know that that one match, due to the circumstances, doesn't make him a world beater. His season long performances might give him such a title, but not one game like everyone seems to think, no no.
  10. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 I watched the whole game and it's exactly as I said. In the first half he was completely anonymous, you wouldn't have known he was there. Then, when United had 10 men, he begins to pick them apart. Obviously he's good, but ripping 10 men apart, who had clearly given up by the end, is not justification for calling him the best player in the league. I'm not hating on Silva, he's obviously very good, but that game has got far too many people raving.
  11. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Any chance of 93s for Muller and Neuer? I also have Boateng but I think it's safe to assume he'll hit 90? Starting for Bayern and Germany so... I have Hummels and Subotic, but I guess they won't change.
  12. Re: Gareth Bale for Suarez? Tottenham have been doing better than Liverpool for the past few seasons... I can only assume Suarez gets his 91 because of his involvement with Uraguay, but Bale also plays and plays well for Wales, so I dunno why he's only 90. Lots of people say he's overrated, which he would be at 92/93, but he's one of Tottenham's and Wales' key players all at the age of 21, I don't think 91 is out of the question. I wouldn't swap Suarez for Bale though.
  13. Re: The race to reach 90 - Who will win it? Got sent off today Scored too though and looks like a great player, I bought him a while back!
  14. Re: Phil Jones & Chris Smalling Oh, that's interesting to know. I guess it wouldn't be too far-fetched to ask for him to get Def then. Guess we'll find out in a few months anyway!
  15. I think they're both going to rise for certain, but I'm more interested in their positions. Smalling has played RB for United and England, is it likely he'll get CB/RB? As for Jones, he's also played RB for United and I think for England, and today he played CM for United! Players can only have 2 positions I believe, but Jones can and does play RB, CB and DM on a regular basis. Is it possible he'll get Def/DM despite never playing LB? You can talk about what they'll rise to as well if you want. I'd guess both 87 to 89 personally, been involved a lot for club and played for country.
  16. Re: Forum Championship 250m worked fine for me. Some people just weren't sensible with their cash! I still have money left and have a great squad.
  17. Re: Forum Championship The fact that you can have out unlimited bids of an unlimited value does some damage to the idea I'd say. At first I bid on only people I wanted, but then I saw other managers had bid on literally everyone. This meant that if I lost any of my bids, there'd be no other players left to buy so basically I just had to bid on anyone and everyone straight away. It could use some sort of maximum amount of bids/max value of bids/timed release of players of different ratings system in my opinion
  18. Re: Forum Championship AC MILAN: Rui Patricio Maicon - Douglas - Chiellini - Schmelzer Valencia - Busquets - Khedira Ronaldinho - Di Natale - Lisandro Subs: BENTDNER!!!!!!!! Dzagoev, Henderson, Martin, Shawcross, Honda, Defour Plus some decent youth, think I did well tbh! Especially when you see this: Total Value: £273.6M Total Cash Paid: £234.7M
  19. Re: Forum Championship Well you have to bid on everyone really or you won't get anyone. Looks like I won no bids in the second lot that just got accepted Just have to hope some of the winners run out of cash I guess, then will it go to the second highest bidder?
  20. Re: Forum Championship I won freaking Busquets of all people, can't stand him! Also won Lisandro Lopez and might get Oxlade, AND THAT'S IT. 35m spent on them I get the feeling I might win some others when people run out of cash. Yeah, that does sound much better but I don't think it'd be possible as some managers barely log in, imagine how long it'd take to get players! I still think it'd be better if there was a maximum amount of bids you could have out at one time.
  21. Re: Forum Championship I have 150+ bids in (AC Milan) but I didn't pay that much for any of the players. Get the impression I'm not going to end up with anyone!
  22. Re: Forum Championship I was originally going to build an English team but then tonnes of people bid on my players! So now I just bid on everyone. It's quite hectic, maybe there should be a maximum number of bids you can have out at one time? I have 97 at the moment!
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