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  1. Re: Forum Championship Luck of the draw gave me AC Milan It's an interesting idea. We all get a fair shot at buying the players we want and we're not limited to 3 transfers from 1 club or to 1 deal at a time; if there's someone I want, I can go for him, and so can everyone else. It's also nice that there's lots of free agents as they're all cheaper. I do predict a lot of big spenders might fork out ridiculous amounts for Ronaldo, Messi etc and only build a team of 11 or so good players, the rest then being made up of 10k people? I guess it's important to buy smart; we can't have all the best players. Out of interest, do we all start with the same amount of funds?
  2. Re: Several young Man. Utd players Cole and Fryers could go out on loan, yes. Probably only if United go out of the Carling Cup though.
  3. Re: Several young Man. Utd players Unlikely they'll play in another other competitions other than the Carling Cup, hard to say really. Fryers looked good, but I just can't see him playing.
  4. Re: Several young Man. Utd players Looks like Pogba might require more game time before he gets added, though you never really know with SM.
  5. Re: Soccermanager.com problem.. lol, now my game worlds are disabled
  6. Re: Soccermanager.com problem.. I'm just hoping the other managers in my league hadn't done their teams, because I had
  7. Re: Luis Suarez He did very well for Uraguay and he's doing fairly well at Liverpool, but I guess it also depends how well Liverpool as a club do? They aren't in Europe atm so... I dunno, I'd expect him to stay at 91 personally, for now anyway. He's still a great buy though.
  8. Re: luis Anderson MUFC If Anderson keeps playing, I don't see why he couldn't go up. He's in the sort of form he was when he was playing well 2/3 years ago, and he was rated 91 back then.
  9. Re: Pastore Toulalan was 93 until recently. Lopez and Lloris are two 92s I can think of.
  10. Re: mata, sanchez, mascherano and kompany Sanchez - At a big, new club; will almost certainly rise at Barca. Kompany - City are building up a great side and he's their captain. Mata - As with Sanchez, moved to Chelsea and may rise. Luiz - If he starts (and plays better than last season), he could rise. Mascherano - Doubt he'll ever change.
  11. Re: New User Interface [beta] The new layout just lengthens the process of doing almost everything. There's on more click or two on almost every item. I liked the simplicity of the old layout. I originally voted "don't care" as I could use either, now I would vote no.
  12. Re: New User Interface [beta] Yeah, I took my time rending images in the past and they've been replaced by things like that. Annoying. I rendered an image for Thorgan Hazard and a pixelated image got uploaded first, lame. I'm really not a fan of the new UI, it's just more hassle. Takes longer to go to the forum, to my shortlist, to do my tactics etc etc. Just makes the whole thing take longer. Can't they offer to keep it for members registered before it changed or something?
  13. Re: Gael Bigirimana - Likened to Essien! He's on the database now!
  14. Re: New Features & Improvements No, you could click "Shortlist" before, rather than clicking "Transfers" and then "Shortlist". It's not broke or anything now, just takes a little longer which is meh.
  15. Re: New Features & Improvements It's mostly good, a few things though: The Club tabs needs a shortlist tab. I used to click on shortlist probably more than anything else in the Club part, so losing that is annoying. Of course, I can still get there, but I assume many people clicked it a lot like myself. The Overview page hmmm... It has lots of useful stuff, but I don't know if it's necessary to stick it all on the main page. I mean, we're going to go to the actual pages for each part anyway. Schedule, news feed, messages and real life info are all you really need there. It looks a bit clustered with so much stuff there. Interesting about the players preferred foot. Does playing an AM on the right with a weak right foot make him play worse? (Has it always been like that?!)
  16. Re: Respuesta: Russian Ratings 2011/2012 Hmmm that's a shame. There are other people I can buy who are 90 instead so I'll probably just leaf those two for now
  17. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden? Came on in the 78th minute in the defeat against Istres according to Lens' website; getting there slowly
  18. Re: Russian Ratings 2011/2012 Any chance of Schennikov or Dzagoev getting a rise? They're both free in my world and could both get in my starting XI if they each rise one, plus I can get them on lower wages if I know beforehand! Can't say I know too much about Russia, but I've heard good things about these two, though I know Schennikov is injured atm.
  19. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 You certain neither of these will rise? Schennikov is unfortunately injured but he has been consistently playing since the last review. Not enough to hit 89? I heard Dzagoev is the darling of Russian football, the new Arshavin, but no rise to 90 then? CSKA are doing well this year too, gotta factor that in. I don't really know huge amounts about Russian football though unfortunately. Both of these guys are free but heavily shortlisted in my world, just wondering if they'll rise as they could start for me if so. Lower wages if I get them now too.
  20. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden? How many minutes is it that someone has to play before they're added? This Michy Batshuayi fella has only played 53 minutes and he's been added, so am I right in thinking we'll see Hazard this week, if not next? Keeping a regular eye on the new players now
  21. xDave

    An odd ban

    Hey, my friend wanted to take over another club in a game world we're in, so he left his club and tried to take control of them, but SMFA had banned him from the league. Any idea who we can speak to to try get this fixed? If he stays banned from no reason, that also means I have to leave too to play with him, which makes things twice as worse. He sent an email to the contact us email, but I've emailed that before when I paid for gold and didn't get it and they ignored me, so I don't have much faith in that. Is there a mod or someone on the forum that'll speak to me/him? I messaged the Twitter too. I've seen the stance on bans here but when you've banned someone incorrectly, surely its a bit.... moronic to just let that stand, sends all the wrong messages.
  22. Sorry but I couldn't find a section with much relevance to this. Earlier I tried to purchase the 1 month gold manager offer. I used PayMo and was charged the £2.50 I had to pay but I haven't been updated to a gold manager. I emailed SM's customer support but it said it make take up to 10 days to reply. Now see, my last game in Europe is today i.e. the last game I will really be able to utilise the gold manager status; it was the whole reason I bought it. Now it looks like I won't be able to use it in time. I don't really want to have to wait up to 10 days for a reply, does anyone have a suggestion as to what I can do to find a more immediate solution? Thanks
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