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  1. Re: Young Players Mine: Ismael Aissati Sebastain Castro Tom Scobbie Edgar Mejia Curci(Italy U21 Player) Sascha Studer Javi Martinez John Polak Marek Junsar Rossi Jarvis Ryan Jarvis Tristan Plummer Kerlon Moura Souza(just added)
  2. Re: Best Winger Of course C. Ronaldo, the best winger in England !
  3. Who do you think these U21 players is the best (Including their skills, their price, their future......) 1. Ismael Aissati 2. Sebastain Castro 3. Tom Scobbie 4. Edgar Mejia 5. Sascha Studer 6. Javi Martinez 7. Marek Junsar 8. Rossi Jarvis 9. Ryan Jarvis
  4. Re: 15 YEAR OLD GOALIE I better sign him. Looks like he has a great, bright future. By the way, how much is he?
  5. Re: German Goalkeeper Who is it? He seems to be a great goalie when he is 25. I better add him to the shortlist when I know the name.
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