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  1. Re: Big Stadium Little Club you will never suceed in completely filling your stadium. I'm the manager of ac milan(Stadium Giuseppe Meazza (85000) ) and even when i play agains real madrid or barcelona it's never completely full. You may have a big stadium but if you have a bad team it will never be completely sold out.
  2. Re: Need Tactics Help! nobody can help you whit this little info. post your squad on this page
  3. i'm the manager of ac milan but becaus of the strong compeition in my league i cant get good results. this is my team: DIDA, Nélson G 34 91 96 V.Good £3.0M £4.0M - 7.00 7(0) 0 5 yrs £45,000 0 0 0 0 - BAILLY, Logan G 22 86 100 Good £5.1M £4.3M 03 Mar 0.00 0(0) 0 2 yrs £20,500 0 0 0 0 - JANKULOVSKI, Marek LB/LM 30 92 100 Average £6.1M £7.8M - 0.00 0(0) 0 5 yrs £45,500 0 0 0 0 - FAVALLI, Giuseppe LB 35 88 100 Good £1.7M £1.3M - 0.00 0(0) 0 5 yrs £21,250 0 0 0 0 LnL GRIMI, Leandro LB 22 85 100 Okay £4.5M £3.3M - 0.00 0(0) 0 5 yrs £20,750 0 0 0 0 Inj ODDO, Massimo RB/R
  4. Re: How To Stop Me Losing? i would use a 3-4-3 formation to exploit your strong midfield. goals=valdes defence=zambrotta, puyol and thuram midfield=xavi, iniesta, riquelme and deco(i suggest you buy some lm and rm. attack:ronaldinho, henry and eto'o
  5. Re: joshs elite setup! i only have 8 players under 21 and is 21 years old still allowed or not?
  6. Re: joshs elite setup! next players are unavailble: allesandro nesta ricardo kaka andrea pirlo genarro gatusso clarence seedorf players availble for good bids: filippo inzaghi nélson dida and many more check my squad page or pm me for more info.
  7. Re: wrong position for kaka? but on sf his only position is a AM.
  8. in this game kaka is a attacking midfielder but according to the official ac milan site he's a forward. this link proves it.http://www.acmilan.com/LM_Team_Roster.aspx i think this should defenitly be changed.
  9. Re: unfair kicking i said everything i could remember. i referred to players who could back me up
  10. Re: unfair kicking tx i made a ticket
  11. Re: unfair kicking how do you send tickets cuz i have never done it.
  12. Too bad the belgian national team sucks so hard. We have more then enough quality It sucks so hard that teams who r not even as good as us go through to the wc and these are our best players. like i said good quality but they suck so hard. goalkeepers G - STIJNEN, Stijn Club Brugge 26 87 - £5.1M £6.6M G - BAILLY, Logan Racing Genk 21 86 - £5.3M £6.9M defenders CB - VAN BUYTEN, Daniel Bayern Munchen 29 92 - £6.7M £10.4M CB - KOMPANY, Vincent Hamburger SV 21 90 - £8.1M £15.9M CB/LB - VERMAELEN, Thomas Ajax 22 88 - £6.4M £8.1M CB/DM - CLEMENT, Philippe Club Brugge 33 88 -
  13. Re: Join My New Setup! i want milan if possible?
  14. it think soccermanager should make unfair kicking unpossible or atleast give some kind of an infraction to setup owners who do that. i was the manager of ac milan, but i got kicked for "dodgy transfers" but as far is i know i didn"t do any but i still got kicked. i just think the owner of my setup thought i was to much of a competition for him so he wanted me out. anyone of you ahd experiences like this and do you think soccermanager should do something about it?
  15. Re: anyone no any new young talent ? here r some players: logan bailly, rated 86, 21 years, racing genk luca antonelli, rated 80, 19 years, ac milan federico fazio, rated 83, 20 years, sevilla fc make sure you check out sevilla,they have lots of (young) talents
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