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  1. Re: Channel 4 Fantasy football Invite. g _ lockwood@yahoo.co.uk
  2. Re: horse racing RAZ i fancy 2 today mate and they are: Light Shift - 3:20 Goodwood Balthazar's Gift - 3:55 Goodwood
  3. glockwood

    horse racing

    if you are intrested in horse racing then send me an EMAIL g_lockwood@yahoo.co.uk
  4. what are your selections for today in the scoop 6? mine are as follows: leg1 - philatelist leg2 - viking spirit leg3 - escayola leg4 - raccoon leg5 - paradise isle leg6 - fantasy believer
  5. i bid 2 players and 500k cash for shota arveladze which equalled his value and he was given to another club for free??? surely this is blatent cheating?
  6. glockwood


    anyone agree that vurnon anita of ajax is around 5 or 6 pts under what he should be?
  7. Re: alan mcgregor he is a class keeper and well worth another point at least.
  8. Re: Big Brother 2007 how can anyone predict the winner at this stage when the men havent even entered the house. the fact is big brother winners are usually men or wannabee men and not women.
  9. is he not worthy of a point or two higher in rating? he has been awesome for rangers in the season just passed and is an international aswell as been linked to big clubs in the premiership which i doubt will happen as he loves rangers.
  10. Re: Yoan Gouffran-Caen nice tip a few years back mate lol, no only kidding he is a great talent and will be snapped up very soon by a super club for sure and inevitabley get an uprating.
  11. Re: Kevin McIntyre-Macclesfield Rating Riser he is fine with that rating due to the club he plays for.
  12. glockwood

    horses today

    Re: horses today no mate it lost but looked good on past form.
  13. Re: rangers - wc831 thanks for the help mate
  14. Re: Rate My Team Thread good side mate
  15. glockwood

    horses today

    i really like the look of a horse called KALOU which runs in the 8.40 at Hexham tonight. The horse is currently 5/1 with hills and has been running in much hotter races than todays affair including when in 2 grades higher and 21lb higher at ayr 2 runs ago. well worth an each way punt at the value on offer although i'm leaving it for sp.
  16. hi to all i'm the new manager of rangers in wc831. if you want any of my players feel free to IM me and we can sort something out, i dont know how to accept bids can anyone help me please?
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