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  1. Sancho or Lautaro Martinez + Camavinga? Finding this tough. All 3 look to have very promising futures. The duo are mine and feel like it's maybe a bit too much, but Sancho's numbers this season are astonishing. I feel like he has already nailed himself a 92 in the end of season review. I've heard very good things about Martinez but haven't even seen him in a live game yet so opinions from those who have would be appreciated.
  2. I remember Maicon being a 96 I think when he was 28 and Inter were at their peak under Mourinho. I joined in 2010.
  3. What potential does Luis Alberto of Lazio have? I've only seen highlights of him but I gather he's had a very good season. I saw he recently rose to 91 (which would already get him in my starting XI) but is he future 92/3 material? I also have the chance to pick up Zaniolo. Him or Alberto?
  4. Thanks everyone for your help on these. When I posted I had just give the duo for Gnabry. I'm having second thoughts it was worth it now! I really rate Aubameyang (Arsenal fan too) but I thought he faces a battle to hold a high rating at a struggling Arsenal unless he moves and Gnabry if he continues as he is could be 93/94 in the next 12-18 months. I still have Maddison and I'll keep him then - would've been a tough call if you'd all said Torres because he starts for me. The youth selling problem has me in two minds because I thought that the 4 guys could rise faster but I know a
  5. Triple scenario, all with a view on longer term: 1. Aubameyang + Olmo or Gnabry (Olmo wouldn't start) 2. Maddison or Ferran Torres? 3. Sell any/all of Unuvar, Fabio Silva, Gabriel Veron, Vranckx, De Ketelaere (once he rises), Madueke, Kouassi, Tomas Tavares to get any/all of Kumbulla, Tapsoba, Salisu, Castrovilli. This would be at a lower league English Championship side.
  6. Aster Vranckx was added today. I noticed he's already featured for KV Mechelen this season. Does anybody know more about him?
  7. Re: The REAL World Championship Marseille are last team. Are you happy with them? If so then great and send your profile details so i can send you the job offer later.
  8. Re: The REAL World Championship Cheers. Will create GW soon.
  9. Re: The REAL World Championship Atletico is yours, thanks for details. OK, 1 TEAM LEFT!!!! MARSEILLE UP FOR GRABS
  10. Re: The REAL World Championship I am as eager as you Hyina, but we must be fair It is best for everyone if we start this evening when we said we would. Try to get 2 more people to join Madrid and Marseille while you're waiting.
  11. Re: The REAL World Championship Ok, so just Marseille and Atletico now.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Tricky, but I think unless he is really starring for you then I would be inclined to accept. I would not be hugely surprised if both Thiago and Gotze reached Ribery's rating one day.
  13. Re: The REAL World Championship I am assuming It opens as soon as I have created it. By the way, which club is left. I thought it was Benfica, but Atletico isn't taken is it?
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