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  1. Sancho or Lautaro Martinez + Camavinga? Finding this tough. All 3 look to have very promising futures. The duo are mine and feel like it's maybe a bit too much, but Sancho's numbers this season are astonishing. I feel like he has already nailed himself a 92 in the end of season review. I've heard very good things about Martinez but haven't even seen him in a live game yet so opinions from those who have would be appreciated.
  2. I remember Maicon being a 96 I think when he was 28 and Inter were at their peak under Mourinho. I joined in 2010.
  3. What potential does Luis Alberto of Lazio have? I've only seen highlights of him but I gather he's had a very good season. I saw he recently rose to 91 (which would already get him in my starting XI) but is he future 92/3 material? I also have the chance to pick up Zaniolo. Him or Alberto?
  4. Thanks everyone for your help on these. When I posted I had just give the duo for Gnabry. I'm having second thoughts it was worth it now! I really rate Aubameyang (Arsenal fan too) but I thought he faces a battle to hold a high rating at a struggling Arsenal unless he moves and Gnabry if he continues as he is could be 93/94 in the next 12-18 months. I still have Maddison and I'll keep him then - would've been a tough call if you'd all said Torres because he starts for me. The youth selling problem has me in two minds because I thought that the 4 guys could rise faster but I know a lot of the U80s I listed are highly tipped/hyped and on the verge of/making first team breakthroughs. I did a bit of research but am not an expert on La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A. For those more in the know, do these predictions seem reasonable for the next 6-12 months? (virus pending): Kumbulla 85/86 Tapsoba 86/87 Salisu 86/87 Castrovilli 88/89 Whereas I felt like the others would be more like: Unuvar 75-82 F. Silva 80-83 G. Veron 80-82 Vranckx 80-83 De Ketelaere 83-85 Madueke 78-82 Kouassi 80-83 Tavares 82-83
  5. Triple scenario, all with a view on longer term: 1. Aubameyang + Olmo or Gnabry (Olmo wouldn't start) 2. Maddison or Ferran Torres? 3. Sell any/all of Unuvar, Fabio Silva, Gabriel Veron, Vranckx, De Ketelaere (once he rises), Madueke, Kouassi, Tomas Tavares to get any/all of Kumbulla, Tapsoba, Salisu, Castrovilli. This would be at a lower league English Championship side.
  6. Aster Vranckx was added today. I noticed he's already featured for KV Mechelen this season. Does anybody know more about him?
  7. Re: The REAL World Championship Marseille are last team. Are you happy with them? If so then great and send your profile details so i can send you the job offer later.
  8. Re: The REAL World Championship Cheers. Will create GW soon.
  9. Re: The REAL World Championship Atletico is yours, thanks for details. OK, 1 TEAM LEFT!!!! MARSEILLE UP FOR GRABS
  10. Re: The REAL World Championship I am as eager as you Hyina, but we must be fair It is best for everyone if we start this evening when we said we would. Try to get 2 more people to join Madrid and Marseille while you're waiting.
  11. Re: The REAL World Championship Ok, so just Marseille and Atletico now.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Tricky, but I think unless he is really starring for you then I would be inclined to accept. I would not be hugely surprised if both Thiago and Gotze reached Ribery's rating one day.
  13. Re: The REAL World Championship I am assuming It opens as soon as I have created it. By the way, which club is left. I thought it was Benfica, but Atletico isn't taken is it?
  14. Re: The REAL World Championship Today is the big day! Thankyou for your patience, please to those who haven't had time yet, send in your details so I can offer jobs later. Thanks
  15. Re: The REAL World Championship Ok, well I'm off now to bed. See you tommorow evening for grand opening.
  16. Re: The REAL World Championship Yes, definitely. It will be better prepared by then too. late evening I will open it.
  17. Re: The REAL World Championship Yeah I guess you are right. I think it suits everyone more to do it in evening. I will record details in preparation.
  18. Re: The REAL World Championship Well, not gonna be that harsh, bt i might annoy Prok a bit because i think i would rather have Dortmund after long consideration. One of my fave teams and i don't have Gotze in any of my setups .
  19. Re: The REAL World Championship You know what, screw it, i'm gonna get creating it now. If you want me to invite then plz resend ur details in thread or via PM on forum to me.
  20. Re: The REAL World Championship One more team to go. Benfica!!!!!!!!!! I need to get in touch with Pro as well. Very soon though.
  21. Re: The REAL World Championship Ok sure , just one team remain
  22. Re: The REAL World Championship Ok, i have to go to bed now. I will set up the GW tommorow, hopefully all teams will have managers but i will open regardless.
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