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  1. Re: David Villa tussel My opinions are: Money can be saved, but talents are hard to discover!
  2. Re: New Setup I'm interested in joining your setup!
  3. Re: TRANSFER Both of them are having a rating drop! Can't determine ...
  4. Re: SMFA Block Question its not the problem of your offer, it's the problem with their ratings ... SMFA will surely block the deal as scholes is rated 94 and usually won't be sold so cheaply, and people will report the deal
  5. Re: Player Release Refused!!! It happens when you are releasing players with a higher rating than 86 (that's what i think)
  6. Re: Buying / Selling Advice Lol ... With so many good players and having a problem?
  7. Re: Bidding for players against another bidder? Same for me, but only for holidays
  8. Re: Bidding for players against another bidder? Of course yours will be accepted ... Remember that if you P/E, their value won't be counted
  9. Re: transfer cheating how many seasons had passed? Is it the first season? If not, he might have saved money from previous seasons ... If he had not sold anyone, why would it be cheating? And he paid so much for players, meaning he would not be cheating. Why did you consider it as transfer cheating in the first place?
  10. Re: Quick help plz! Sometimes good players don't perform well, and less rated players perform better. :confused: My berbatov played 18 matches and had just scored 3 goals (And I use him as target man and I select target man) But my Vucinic(88), played just 7 matches and had scored 6 goals, and had more assists. P.S. Berbatov's morale is superb!
  11. Re: Youth Tournament for Youth Squads Well, maybe the youth squad can be at the age of 23? More players at that age!
  12. Re: Youth Tournament for Youth Squads Well, I think that there could be a cup, for teams that have a youth squad of more than 11, and they can participate, but players like Rooney and Messi are allowed to play (decided by manager, as will make them tired) ... I thought there are youth tournaments in real life? So how come teams don't start off with more than 11 youth players?
  13. Re: Lewis Born - 3.03am - 19/6/2007 Congrats Raz!
  14. Re: Little help please? Don't sell unless more money is given! I would reject as I would like him in my team. If you need the money, negotiate for at least 25 mil + some good players
  15. Re: should micheal essien go up ? 96 for me, he has done well for chelsea, and must have a higher rating than ballack
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