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  1. Re: Toni Kroos for Adel Taarabt and 1.1 Million Thanks alot guys, I went for Kroos. Thanks alot for the reccomended young players to :-)
  2. Hey. I have made this offer for Kroos of 1.1 mill plus taarabt. It looks like a great deal but I am just wondering what kind of rise taarabt may get now QPR are going into the Prem. Also will Kroos get another rise any time soon. Would you do this offer? Thanks in advance :-)
  3. Re: Swap Lisandro Lopez for Robiniho? Cheers guys, will do the deal and take the risk. I don't think he will go back to Brazil for a good while. :-)
  4. Hey, I am planning to swap Lopez and a tiny bit of money for Robiniho. Lopest is a year older and 1 rating point less but I am just thinking about future rating changes etc
  5. Robben + Kuyt or Evra + Fabiano? Hey, through players i am selling and pre arranged agreements i have with managers i have an option to buy one of these sets of players. Is Fabiano proberly going down soon? Is Robben rising? Thank you for your help as I'm really stuck as to which set of players to get.
  6. Hey, there is a player i want to buy from a club but the manager there only just joined SM about a week ago. When I try and make a bid for a player it says this "As the Liverpool manager is new and Steven GERRARD is one of the best players at Liverpool then the Chairman will accept no less than £24,197,500." This means the player is quite a bit more expensive to buy and i am not willing to pay this raised price. Does anyone know when this raised price will go back down to the normal price? How long does the period of time last in which this rised prices occurs?
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