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  1. Re: Thomas Vermaelen

    Do you think Vermaelen will get a decent rise after Gunner bought him and laid good hope on him? Wenger rarely gets wrong when it comes to young players' date=' doesn't he? I know some posts already put him on the riser list, but just wondering if he's capable of rising more than 1 or 2.[/quote']

    No, he won't rise just b/c he moved to Arsenal. The Eredivisie is currently a very very poor league and Ajax has come off a disappointing season, so it's really quite a gamble for Wenger to take brining in this type of player. Wenger really needed to spend 15-20 million on a 30 year old central defender. I especially don't understand this move as Senderos is currently still on Arsenal's books.

  2. Re: Sulley Ali Muntari rating?

    He does play through the left, but to be fair, he is doing for Mourinho at Inter, what Essien did for Mourinho at Chelsea. He is a box to box modern day central midfielder. Like Essien, he could be anything from an AM to a DM depending on how he's told to play.

  3. Re: Villa & Mata..!

    Mata has definitely been playing even higher than a 91. He has without doubt been outshining David Silva. It'll be interesting to see what happens as Ashley Young's rating didn't increase. Also, with the ever pending doom that Valencia faces as a club, I wonder where he might end up as he is surely one of their top assets now with Villa and Silva. Could Liverpool be in his future???

  4. Re: Yossi Benayoun - 89 ?

    his started 15 times and been a sub 11 times and scored 4 goals

    were as park has 19 starts with 2 sub scoring 1 goal

    and fletcher has started 20 times with 1 sub scoring 3 goals

    so his played more than fletcher and park and scored more goals therefore meaning he should be higher than them or be the same as them which means he should be a 90/91

    Your stats are wrong. As I have told others, check yourself before you wreck yourself, and go learn to count, or how to find a reputable stat site. Most likely, you should do both.

    Fletcher has 34 appearances in all competitions.

    Park has 32 appearances in all competitions.

    Benayoun has 34 appearances in all competitions, however he has been a sub for almost half of the games. It's really late here and I'm too tired to go get stats for minutes played, but both Fletcher and Park have played alot more than Benayoun.

    Also, why did you throw stats at me after I made the comment about how Benayoun was put into the team to maintain a level a creativity, since Gerrard wasn't playing. How did those statistics have anything to do with my comment and/or how could they be used to dispel my statement???

  5. Re: Yossi Benayoun - 89 ?

    he started against chelsea last night :)

    Gerrard was injured though, which would explain why Benitez put in Benayoun in order to keep a level of creativity in the team. However, Park starts when the entire team is fit.

  6. Re: Best LB

    That's not it

    Bayern's not weak. Their in the Champion's League quarter finals and they crashed Sporting last time. Can you remember? ;)

    So Bayern is strong and many can compete with them in the Bundesliga. This juz means there are many strong teams in the Bundesliga. Got it? :confused:

    Look, few teams from the Bundesliga or the Portuguese League ever make an impact in Euopean competition anymore. The fact that they are competitive amongst themselves only shows that they are all at the same level. Also, just b/c they play at the same level doesn't necessarily mean they play at a high level. This is demonstrated clearly by their lack of presence throughout European competition, and their inability to prove themselves against top teams in Europe.

    To tie this back to the thread, Evra plays against much stronger competition on a weekly basis. What's more, not only does Evra have a better track record against domestic competition, but he has also proven himself against the very best in Europe as well. Unless Lahm can do the same, even if it means he has to move to another team to do so, only Evra can claim to be the world's best current LB.

  7. Re: Best LB

    Congrats' date=' you just proved to be another fanboy of the EPL and ManU. Far better league... you have exactly 4 top clubs (if you can even call Arsenal one any more), the rest is rubbish, while the Bundesliga has far more clubs who can compete with Bayern (Werder Bremen, Hamburg, Hertha Berlin, Wolfsburg, Schalke, Stuttgart, and various others). You failed to just provide one argument on why Evra is better than Lahm, I'd say tackling and positioning of both players is outstanding, but Evra failed to show consistency, which I've never seen of Lahm.

    And I strongly advise you to actually watch a game to make any statements about it, if you had seen it you would know that Lahm actually didn't play, as he picked up an injury shortly before the game and was replaced by the absoutely worst wide back I know, Lell...[/quote']

    The fact that all these teams can compete with Bayern just shows how weak Bayern and the rest of the league is. Maybe they are competitive amongst themselves, but they can not compete against top teams across Europe. This has been clear over the past several years across Europe as German teams have simply failed to make an impact. Also, as you do not know how much and what football I watch, please do not tell me to watch certain games, leagues, or players. For all you know, I watch more Bundesliga than anyone else on this forum.

  8. Re: Best LB

    It's ludicrous to claim Lahm as a better player than Evra. Defensively, Lahm is not only far worse than Evra, but he also plays in a far worse league. What's more, while Bayern has had a season of fits and starts, in addition to have missed playing in the Champions League last season, Evra has played against the best in the EPL, and Champions League, facing competition from players such as Messi and Maicon, and by in large, he has succeeded and proven himself. They (ManU) won the UCL last season, and thoroughly dominated Inter last round. Meanwhile, Lahm faced the same opposition in Messi a couple of days ago, and he let Messi run rampant.

  9. Re: Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing

    Considering that it would be a pretty daunting task to be a left-back facing Man Utd with Ronaldo playing right-mid' date=' I think he did pretty well.[/quote']

    Actually, he had Park to play against until Giggs came on, and then Ronaldo switched to the right and Giggs went to the left; Fergie tried to stretch the game a bit b/c Porto had strangled the life out of the center and managed to muddy up anything even approaching their box.

  10. Re: Is SERIE A underrated?

    do you even watch la liga?? the strength in depth is very good and is on a par with the PL

    It's absolute nonsense. All the leagues look fine when they are competing amongst their own. It's only when they have to compete against top sides in other leagues that they are found out. I'm amazed at how a Liverpool fan, whose side absolutely tore Real Madrid apart, could make such a statement. The aggregate scorelines in the Champions League do not paint the entire picture, just as many say that for the top players in the world stats are not the most important element that SM takes into account for their rating's, but the players' actual performances. As such, the EPL teams absolutely wiped away the competition in terms of their performances, with the exception of Arsenal, who played a fairly even tie against Roma.

  11. Re: Is SERIE A underrated?

    Serie A has turned into garbage, in terms of quality, compared to the other top leagues. Even La Liga is lagging far behind the EPL. I already expressed my opinions more than once that the ratings should be adjusted accordingly.

  12. Re: Denis GLUSHAKOV (72 -> 84 *got 85* -> 87?)

    He's turning out to be a key man for Loko. I think he could see 87 in the next changes (depending on when they are)' date=' and if he gets some time for the Russian National side (something pundicts in Russia are predicting), he could go as high as 88 by the end of the season.[/quote']

    The Russian changes won't be for a while, and if he continues to play as well as he has then if should go up much higher than 87-88. The Russian league is the 6th best league in Europe, and if he continues to play, that would make it a good season and a half of playing game in game out. There's absolutely no reason why he shouldn't hit 90, if he as an individual, and Lokomotiv as a team, play well.

    A bit off topic, but I'm really excited that now Setanta has picked up the rights to the RPL in the USA, so now I can get just about every single RPL game I want from Russian TV that I get at home, Setanta USA, and streaming :D:D:D

  13. Re: English top 4-the definitive predictions!

    Quite good predictions. My suggestions would be that Fabio Aurelio hasn't done enough to rise. Wes Brown played more than any United player last season, in a team that went on to win the EPL and Champions League in order to reach 90; Aurelio hasn't come close to scaling those heights. Also, I think that Evra deserves a +1, as he's surely the best left back in the world. Other than that, I'd have to applaud you as this is probably the closest to what the ratings will end up being.

  14. Re: MONTERO, Fredy

    Being an American, and someone who watched Seattle's first game, as they beat my New York team, which is **** like always, I can tell you that Montero was great. Supposedly he was as good during the second game. Nevertheless, he won't increase from his rating of 86, unless he keeps scoring at this rate as MLS is a weak league compared to those around the world. If anyone is interested, the game this week between Toronto and Seattle will be something to behold. Toronoto FC is known for filling up their 20,000 capacity stadium every week and has had the best support in MLS since entering the league. However, many are now claiming that Seattle has even better support and higher attendances. What's more, being that both cities are in the north, the rivalry will be fierce. It really should be an excellent game, and I recommend anyone who is even slightly interested to check it out.

  15. Re: Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

    Plus' date=' you mentioned a few names that haven't really made it in the Premiership, one of them being Dean Ashton. I strongly disagree with this as he is a very underrated player in my opinion. It's only been injuries which have held him back. If he had stayed injury-free all this time, I am a firm believer that he would be in the England squad regularly and flirting with the top of the goalscoring charts in the EPL.[/quote']

    I couldn't agree more, Dean Ashton can be absolutely brilliant when he's fit. If he could just get over the injuries and lose a couple of pounds, he would easily be one of the best strikers in the EPL. I could easily see him played as a more mobile and goal threatening Heskey in the England squad.

  16. Re: Fernando Gago

    Just because he increases doesn't mean his better' date=' if his playing good that warrants a increase doesn't it ? His rating doesn't have to depend on the 2 you have said, who also may increase. B)[/quote']

    Yes they might increase, Carrick for sure, Mikel probably not, but Gago is not of the same standard as either of them. He is only starting to play of a 91 rating now, and Real Madrid nor him have been able to put on any kind of performance in the champions League, which is the only way to rate a player and team against the other top leagues, teams, and players in Europe. Ultimately, Gago = 91.

  17. Re: Agbonlahor or Ben Arfa?

    Agbonlahor has done better in a much stronger league. Both of the players' forms have tapered off, but Gabby plays for a better team in a better league. Villa is on the up, while Marseille will eventually sell off their best players, so they will never reach the heights of an EPL team.

  18. Re: Zlatan to 97????

    dude' date=' feel free to share your thoughts on why Serie A is much much much much worst than the EPL, but base it on facts.. basing it on that Italian teams have had 'terrible' performances in the last 2 CL campaigns is wrong and unfortunately IMO displays where you get your information from which is NOT first hand by watching the games. And to say that the only 2 notible youngsters in the league are the ones that you named is also very very wrong.

    No disagreements from me that the Serie A needs definate change some of which are in it's power and some that unfortunately are not.

    But the fact still remains that Zlatan is a frightening fantastic player and using the arguement that EPL is better than Serie A (based on infactual arguements) to talk him down as a player has a tinge of EPL fanboyism.[/quote']

    Italian teams have performed horribly in the Champions League the past two seasons, glad that someone knows what the hell they're talking about. What's more, the past two seasons, only English teams have knocked other English teams out. Also, I'm glad that you must have had some sort of camera watching what I do on CL days and on the weekends to see what matches I watch. Last round in the CL I watched the United game (who didn't), Madrid's match, the Juventus game, and I only caught extra time on the Arsenal game. I have them all on TIVO though, so I guess if I really wanted to see that last game in its entirety I could.

    Also, Serie A massively lacks youngsters, especially any quality ones. However, I forgot to mention Santon, in my last post, who has played exceptionally well.

  19. Re: Zlatan to 97????

    LOL this forum should try to maintain some integrity

    take away all the dribble before' date=' whats the chances he even watched a CL clash between the Serie A and EPL teams[/quote']

    Look, Serie A is facing endemic problems, if you want to believe it or not. Aging stadiums and bad commercialization have led to attendances which are lower on average than those in the English Championship. What's more, the Serie A is led by money hungry directors who have undermined the quality of the league and have caused the league to lose its worldwide appeal. Not only this, but the aging players that rule the league do not help. 10 years ago, the league had stars like Zidane, Nedved, Stankovic, Zanetti, Maldini, Davids, Del Piero, Deschamps etc... Now, all these players have either retired or are planning on retiring soon. The only player that can still compete is Del Piero, but he clearly can't go on for much longer. As we see the league become a retirement facility, there seems to be a massive lack of young upcoming players. Pato and Giovinco are notable exceptions, but even Giovinco is already 22 years old. You only have to look at players like Aguero, Benzema, Messi, Ronaldo who have all achieved more at a younger age.

    I realize you are a Juventus supporter, but even the most biased supporter won't be able to make a case that the Italian league is currently competitive compared to the EPL and La Liga. Italy needs to restructure Serie A before the situation worsens. With the terrible performances in the past two UCL campaigns, only one team remaining in the UEFA cup, and a poor performance in the Euros, Italy's UEFA coefficient will drop down even lower than it has already. In fact, if Bayern pick up a favorable draw in the next round and advance to the semis, the Bundesliga could have a chance of overtaking Serie A for UCL/UEFA Cup places.

  20. Re: Zlatan to 97????

    disagree Italy is probably 3rd biggest league in Europe behind England and Spain and Kaka got 98 in Italy But I agree about not showing it on the big stage he hardly ever performs for Sweden and looked average against Man U only ever seems to look 'Brilliant' against the weaker Italian teams.

    I honesty think that SM has to look at the discrepancy between the EPL and the next two leagues in Spain and Italy. The gap has become ever more so prevalent over the past few years. The EPL's dominance has shown not just in European competition, but just for the fact that mediocre players have left the league to Italy and Spain and have become stars for top teams in their respective leagues. The best example of such players would be Muntari and Lassana Diarra who were good players in the EPL, but have really shown in Serie A and La Liga. What's more, despite the fact that they seem to have become stars in Milan and Madrid, they were absolutely out of their depth against top English opposition in the Champions League.

  21. Re: Zlatan to 97????

    what i say a player with his abilities of shooting' date=' passing, he is capable of make impressive goal just like gerrard and messi[/quote']

    Yeah he's capable, but he's never shown it on the big stage. He should never go above 96, especially while playing in a weak Italian league.

  22. Re: Leo Messi?

    Just to add, whoever says that Messi is a more complete player than Ronaldo is off their rocker. Messi has no right foot whatsoever, nor can he head the ball. I realize that he is a small guy, but so is Tim Cahill, and Cahill has scored plenty of goals from set pieces.

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