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  1. Re: Player Release Refused!!! I haven't attempted to release players that have high ratings? (why would i???) Just crappy ones that no one would buy and stuff, but I can't release them.
  2. Why is it that anytime I try to release a player it is refused?
  3. Re: Goran Pandev Looking at his stats just from wikipedia it's surprising that he is even that high. He still young though, and it looks like he's developing well. It'll be interesting if he signs for an english club.
  4. Re: Diego Forlan I just checked my sources and you're right that it was the 12 in the EPL. Still, it's irrelevant b/c he still needed 33 appearances in the EPL for just 12 goals. And if we count both FA and league cups it's still only 16 goals. Forlan in 3 competitions still scored many more.
  5. I think that Forlan deserves to be reinstated to 93. First off, Forlan is a proven goal scorer and although he had a bad spell at Manchester United he has since proven himself again. Now, when we compare him to someone like Berbatov, who is a 93, about his age, and has been considered absolutely brilliant in front of goal this year, you'll notice that Forlan should be equal to Berbatov in ranking. First, Berbatov has scored a surprisingly low 12 goals in 33 appearances in all competitions, which as I'm sure you'll see is less than 50%. Meanwhile, Forlan has scored 21 goals this year and 20 if you do not count penalties. By the same token, Villa has scored 21 goals with 2 penalties and more games, so in reality he has scored more than Villa. Also, Ronaldinho has 23 goals, of which 6 were penalties, so he only scored 17. And the 3 other players who have scored more goals than him: Milito, Kanoute, and RVN, have only scored 20, 21, and 26 (in that order) goals, without penalties this season. Being a Man. Utd. fan, it's hard to move past his failure, but by coming back the way he has, has shown his tru character and determination. 93 for Forlan!!!
  6. Gomez has always been an amazing talent, but these season even through some injuries he's been simply a revelation, and in my opinion really led Stuttgart to the title. Watching him today come off the bench for Germany and immediately score two goals and later almost complete the hattrick in the last chance of the game just reconfirms my belief. Undoubtedly he's due for an increase of at least one point, if not two.
  7. Re: Anyone nearly made it professional? I'm in America so things for me are quite different than in England. I'm 17 and when I was about 12-15 I was on our Olympic Development team. That's basically when the best youth premier clubs are scouted and the kids hat are chosen go through trials lasting forever, I would know lol, until they pick out the final bunch of kids. I know for a fact that we had Everton scouts and another smaller english clubs' at some practices and what not.
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