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    Re: carrick Use the search tool, as the topic has been discussed and beaten to death. However, a rise to 93, not 94 is likely on the cards. Alot of people think he's only good for a 92, but in my opinion that's ludicrous. He is absolutely better than anyone rated the same as him and higher.
  2. Re: Carrick and Giggs Looking at alot of threads recently, I really get the feeling that it's impossible to start a constructive thread going. I'm beginning to feel really bad for alot of the members that put alot of hard work into their research and threads, and just end up getting disparaged. Ultimately, can we just talk about Carrick and Giggs in this thread.
  3. I know the Carrick subject has been beaten to death, but nevertheless, Carrick has been United's engine at the center of midfield for the past two seasons. Last year United won the double with Carrick playing in every single important game that he was available for. The only reason Carrick didn't rise to 92 was that he got a slight injury just a couple of weeks before the rating changes. Of all the top teams United have played they have had the weakest rated midfield, despite controlling every single, in terms of possession. Carrick needs a rise to 93. It's absolutely ludicrous to think otherwise. Just last week, Carrick absolutely dominated a midfield of Cambiasso, Muntari, and Stankovic in Italy. The EPL is massively underrated, and is by far the strongest league in the world. As such, player ratings must reflect this. Carrick is much better and has been so for 2 seasons than many of the best midfielders in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Russia w/ higher ratings (ie Yaya Toure, Flamini, Pirlo, the way he's been playing recently, Van bommel, De Rossi, Stankovic, Guti, Keita, Perrotta, Tymoschuk, Toulalan, Vieira, Ze Roberto, Pizarro etc.). While Carrick usually goes around his business quietly, and does not often take the plaudits, his passing is immense. His long ball is very possibly the best in the world, and his through balls have been absolutely splitting defenses to the EPL, Champions League, World Club Cup titles etc... Furthermore, Giggs has reinvented himself in a new position for himself this season. First off, he needs a positional change. He needs to be changed to AM/LM or CM/LM. Giggs doesn't play every game, but has been playing a solid one game a week, especially since the turn of the season. Giggs has played in every big game, when United needed to get a result, and has duly delivered for Sir Alex. Giggs might very well retire by the end of next season, but it is only fair that his rating reflects how he is currently playing. Giggs has adapted extraordinarily well to his new position, and is far superior to other like: Camoranesi, Nedved, Seedorf, Van der Vaart, Deco, Nasri, Pires, David Silva, Hleb etc. Giggs was instrumental to last season's winning squad, and is even more important this season. He can still run better than many others, he can tackle (unlike Scholesy), and his distribution is superb. He is picking players out from the center of the pitch as he has done for fifteen years from the wing. What's more, Giggs is even being tipped over a player like Vidic, a shoe-in for a 96, and the player most responsible for the new record for longest time without conceding a goal, for player of the season in the EPL, which is clearly the most dominant league in the world as shown by English teams' performances in the UCL over the past what is now going on three years. It is imperative that Giggs also be risen to 93, to merit his accomplishments of the past, and his amazing form of the present.
  4. Re: Osvaldo Nicolas Fabian Gaitan There's a bit of a discrepancy as Wikipedia says that Boca has only played 2 games in the Clausura, while my source (ESPN) which is pretty decent with stats tells me that he has started two games in the Clausura, and been subbed in one time, which would mean that Boca has played three games. Also, he has started both games so far in the Copa Libertadores. Goal scoring wise, he scored one goal in the Copa Libertadores. To recap: 2009 Argentine Clausura: 2 Starts 1 Sub 0 Goals 2009 Copa Libertadores: 2 Starts 0 Sub 1 Goal
  5. Re: The Arsenal Squad Rated how they should be Everyone knows it's that they're all just Arsenologists.
  6. Re: Osvaldo Nicolas Fabian Gaitan He started the game ESPN told me so.
  7. Re: Spanish Player Ratings It's nice to see, once again, that a Liverpool fan isn't biased Riera won't increase, Reina may not increase as well. The Barca changes are inflated as well.
  8. Re: Santi Cazorla, will he rise ? Almost identical stats to Schweinsteiger. In fact, Bastian's stats are a tad better if I remember clearly, but he also plays in a worse league. No rise for Schwein = no rise for Cazorla. It's as simple as that really.
  9. Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction You have way too many players changing at the top. The format is good, if only I could say the same for the ratings.
  10. Re: rene adler or igor akinveev It's amazing that Akinfeev hasn't moved to a bigger club, like Arsenal, which I think would suit him really well. He had a great Euro, and I watch him constantly in the Russian Premier League, and he is great. The only thing holding him back from reaching the next level in a better league is that he punches the ball a bit too much. teams in better leagues will begin to exploit that fault.
  11. Re: Yoann GOURCUFF I don't know if Bordeaux will be able to afford the price to buy Gourcuff outright. I think that Bordeaux might buy him with an agreement in place that he will immediately be sold to another team for a higher price. They might even agree to sell him back to Milan for a higher price, although I don't think that Gourcuff wants to go back to Milan. I'm also a United supporter and I would be very happy if we could get Gourcuff or Hamsik as a straight replacement for Scholes, whose career compared to Neville and Giggs is coming to the quickest end.
  12. Re: Yoann GOURCUFF If you look at my post from several months ago, you will see how pessimistic I was. However, Gourcuff has accomplished just what I believed he needed to get a rise. For the first time in god knows how long, it seems that someone other than Lyon could win Ligue 1. What's more, now that I've seen him play, not only his stats but his performances have been equally impressive. I really hope that both Hamsik and Gourcuff end up in the EPL as they could be great.
  13. Re: Ferreira PEPE This guy is one of the reasons Madrid's defense has been leakier than an old man's bladder. there are numerous players that hold lower ratings that have been playing far above him. It's actually surprising how horrible he has been as I used to really rate him. Chiellini, Pique, Samuel, Jonny Evans, Skrtel, Agger (I'm sure there are others but those are just from the big teams) have all played better than Pepe when called upon, yet they hold lower ratings, and in some cases, much lower. Just another point, you realize Madrid has conceded 27 goals in 21 games, just over half the season. That's remarkably bad for a world class side. Why should a defender who is very much responsible for Madrid's inability to compete for La Liga this season have a rise to 94??? It's absurd.
  14. Re: Robben to 94 ? He is a great player, but simply has not played enough games. Only now, for the first time this season, is he playing week in, week out. For the first half of the season, he was playing one week and then was out for the next two. If he can stay healthy through the start of next season then he can get up to 94, but it's far too soon right now.
  15. Re: Predilection ratings I know you're new to the game, but you are really out of your element here. You should take a while to see how the game really works, then you could possibly make a much more educated prediction at rating changes for some players. That being said, few top players' ratings change every round of changes, and they rarely change by more than one point at a time.
  16. Re: Gareth BARRY He has been more of a peripheral figure this season as Young and Gabby have stolen the headlines, in fact, he has failed to scale the heights of last season. However, he is very much an important figure in the Aston Villa engine room of a midfield. I think this season we have seen a bit less of Barry than usual b/c they have largely played a 4-5-1 rather than the previous 4-4-2. As a result, more responsibility falls to Sidwell and Petrov who have both been excellent. BTW, I think Barry should still move up by one simply b/c they are in 4th place, one point behind 3rd, and playing in the Uefa Cup.
  17. Re: Lahm's Rating The way Lahm plays right now he will have no chance in rising. Many people want him to rise just b/c he's a young player with a high rating. However, he has no realistic chance of rising. He is most similar to Clichy going forward, but is is terrible defensively. Only when he is able to sort his **** out at the back should he be in for a rise. After all, a defender's first responsibility is to keep the ball out of the net, and no defender should be joining into the attack if they leave the defense as exposed as he does. In my opinion, Oddo has been better than Lahm this season. He has a much better idea of when to defend and when to attack. Lahm is only a youngster though, and it's wonderful that Bayern got a player of Oddo's quality on loan. He can really help players like Lahm and Lell develop.
  18. Last time I made a thread like this it was some time last season when Cambiasso was rated a 93, and I was voicing my opinion and concern at how no one was talking about his low rating while showing great form over a great stretch of time. I speculated that Cambiasso must be rated at least 94, and I even pointed out that I thought his form warranted a rating of 95, although I didn't think SM would give him a +2 increase. Now, I believe Evra is in a similar situation to the one Cambiasso was in a year ago. Evra has shown not just consistency, but brilliance each time he has stepped on the field for the past two years for Utd. What's more, last season Evra faced world class competition both domestically and across Europe via the Premier and Champions Leagues. In Man Utd.'s run up to the Champions League Final victory, Evra showed brilliant attacking displays against sides such as Lyon, Roma, and Chelsea where he simply wreaked havoc with Ronaldo. Meanwhile, he was also personally responsible for shutting down Messi over two legs in the semi-final. Not only this, but Evra is beginning to usurp Abidal, who has been poor, in the NT. This season, Evra has started up where he left off last season, adding another dimension to United's attacking displays, which have been usually poor, at best, thus far in the season. Unfortunately, I believe that the Round of 16 in the Champions League will come before the next rating changes, however, Evra the best left back, on his form over the last two seasons, will be pitted against Maicon, the best right back in the world. This appears to be a final challenge for Evra to truly prove that he is the best fullback. So, I believe that Evra, for the form he has shown over the last two years, which is the amount of time that SM considers in a player's rating should be a 95, however, it is almost inconceivable that SM will change a player's rating by two points. Also, when Cambiasso achieved a +2 rise, he was a 93 for a while. Unlike Cambiasso, Evra has only been a 93 for one rating change, however almost everyone, except some die hard Liverpudlians will agree that he should have received the rise one rating change earlier. What's more, the fact that Ashley Cole was given a rise to 93 after he showed the form for three or four games at the start of the season, that Evra has been displaying for two full years now really devalues Evra. Even the fact that Sergio Ramos is a 95, however promising he is, playing for a shambolic Real defense makes it remarkable that Evra is only a 93. Not onyl this, but Evra is also miles ahead of Lahm, whose progress as a player has really stagnated. Lahm is at fault of the Clichy complexion, good at going forward, but leaves massive gaps behind him as he doesn't track back quickly enough. Lastly, Evra has been a quality player for the two years that SM takes into account when looking at a player's rating. Over the course of the last couple of seasons, even including his time at Monaco, where he reached the Champions League Final, he has faced and achieved success when pitted against the best players in the world. He's finally replacing Abidal as France's starting LB, which has been in shambles since the World Cup. Evra is an absolute shoe-in for a 94, and even a 95, considering the players that now hold these ratings.
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