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  1. Re: Bacary Sagna & Gael Clichy Maicon, right now, is by far the best right back in the world. Alves nor Sergio Ramos (who should realize he's much better as a CB) come close currently. Sagna had a magnificent game today against Villa, but this is an erratic Arsenal side, which better hope to win the UCL b/c that's their only hope of silverware this season. Clichy is a good player, but is overrated nevertheless. However, France, amazingly, has the three best left backs in the world in Abidal, Evra and Clichy. Now Clichy is a good player, but he is still very young, despite being an older player for Arsenal, and he makes a myriad of mistakes, and is as unpredictable as the entire Arsenal squad. I have no doubts that in five years time (probably less) he will be the stand out best left back in the world, but currently he has to play second fiddle to Abidal and Evra. However maturity should come quickly as he is an elder in the Arsenal squad.

    Carles PUYOL

    Re: Carles PUYOL You're talking about Puyol going up to 97 b/c Barca have only conceded 10 goals, meanwhile, Chelsea and Man Utd. have conceded only 7 and 10 goals respectively, so why shouldn't Terry and Rio go up too??? Puyol isn't worthy of 97, just like Rio and Terry aren't.
  3. I can sign both for just about the same price, but I need to know which to buy. Inter Milan's defense has been typically Mourinho like, while Demichelis has been playing well for the Schwanstenschtook. What do you guys suggest?
  4. Re: RAFAEL, Pereira Da Silva Rafael's first game or two were a little shaky defensively, but he's improved so much in so few games, I was quite literally flabbergasted to see him play so well defensively yesterday, in addition to his impeccable offensive display, which caused Sunderland all sorts of problems. I was especially amazed by his aerial ability, he won every single header, although he's such a little guy, and has a much smaller frame than his competitors. After his last few performances it seems that he will become first choice for most games, especially those where United want to pin the other team back. If he can even get 1/2-2/3 of all United's games until the rating changes, he should be poised for 85+, very possibly 87 or so, although we will surely see a drop in Neville and maybe one in Brown. Supposedly Fabio is even better. He is a goal scoring machine, he can use both feet without hesitation, unlike Rafael who is quite obviously right footed, although he did score the goal against Arsenal with his left, and Fabio is supposed to be even better than Rafael in the air.
  5. Re: Pedro Mendes Mendes is just fine at 88, Ferguson is just overrated, that's all.
  6. Re: Ukrainian Ratings OMG!!!! I just looked up Oleksandr ALIEV, and his picture popped up, and I almost **** myself. I swear to god, I've never seen anyone that looks that similar to me. I'm Russian, so it's not that big of a coincidence I guess, but holy mother of god that's weird. That is an identical copy of me, as long as I flare my nostrils. I can't get over it, I hope he gets good, and I might as well buy him in all my setups.
  7. Re: Iniesta Yes he's an awesome player, and surely no one would complain if he hit 96, but truth be told, Barcelona did only come third last year. However, if they continue playing like they are now for the rest of the season, then there's no doubt that Iniesta and Xavi would need rating increases.
  8. I can get Cazorla for Seedorf + 4 million. Should I go for this deal as I have Diego, Van Der Vaart, Ronaldo, and Schwein that can all play there. Also, do you think Cazorla could hit 92, or is 91 still more likely. I haven't been watching La Liga much, but whenever I do see him play he's always the catalyst in the Villarreal team.
  9. Re: lionel messi Look, Messi is an awesome player, but unlike Ronaldo he has yet not won anything, nor has he really had a full season of unbelievable play. Ronaldo had to hit 40+ goals, in addition to winning the Premier and Champions Leagues, for people to really say that he deserved his 98, and still people say that Messi deserves it more than him. Messi needs a full season of continuous play, and to play spectacularly, to go up to 98. Otherwise, it would really cheapen the ratings by giving Messi a 98 right now. Messi, no doubt, has the ability to hit 98, but he has to accomplish something first.
  10. Re: About Same Ratings Not only that, but calling those rating predictions horrible would be an understatement.
  11. Re: Sergi BUSQUETS He's replaced Yaya in the lineup. We were thinking Yaya could move up to 93 during the last changes, but if this continues he'll eventually drop. Busquets has fit into the team seamlessly. He doesn't impact games as much as Xavi, Iniesta etc... but then again, he is there to break up play and they do have much more experience than him. The way he has been playing though, and with the players around him, he's somewhere around a 92. Maybe if he keeps his place for the season, and continues into next season we'll see him around a 92 at this point next year. Having said that, I think Yaya is still a better player and Busquets is getting more of a run out because he is from Catalonia, and Barcelona loves their own boys, as they rightfully should.
  12. Re: next 94 rated defender? I think the next group of top defenders will include Chiellini, Pepe, and Skrtel. Too bad I hate all of those teams, especially those Scousers. Nevertheless, Skrtel, who I bashed throughout last season, and rightfully so for that matter, has really found his place in Liverpool's defense, especially as Carragher is possibly beginning to show his age a bit. I think that Skrtel could move up one or two places during the next rating changes, in several months. Chiellini, despite Juventus' horrible performances should move up to a 92. I earlier expected him to move up by 2, but Juve has been just leaking too many goals, especially in a league that's considerably worse than its English and Spanish counterparts. Pepe will have a strong shout out for 93 this time around, but I feel like he will have to improve to get a 94. Is he really as good as Carvalho, or even one point worse than Ferdinand, Vidic, and/or Terry???
  13. Re: Ricardo Quaresma Quaresma wishes he could be as good as Joe Cole.
  14. Re: carrick overlooked He is, but this is the first time I think a player deserves to rise despite him being injured. First off, he should have risen to 92 last time, but was injured also I believe, and it's unfathomable how Utd. that accomplished so much these past two seasons could have such a weak midfield. If Carrick wasn't injured, he would easily be knocking on a 93. Carrick plays for a better team and against stronger competition than Barry, and Carrick surely has been giving more on the pitch than Alonso has for the past two years. 92 is the least SM could do for him, injured or not. Look Scholes could easily have taken back his 94 for the awsome displays he showed all of last season, and the beginning of this season, but since he got injured I'm not going to argue that he should be given a rise, especially b/c he's so old. Carrick is a different situation however, and has been incredibly underrated for some time now.
  15. Re: Manuel Silvio!! Um...yeah... He's kinda already on the database. I think that's been pretty clear
  16. Re: Theo Walcott I'd assume b/c SM realized that the rating changes were going really slowly recently and that they were behind schedule. The probably decided to get their **** together and make sure they do a good job by taking a week off. It'll start up again next week.
  17. Re: Fabio and Rafael da Silva - Man Utd's Brazilian Twins When they were being scouted, Fabio was considered the better talent, but Rafael has impressed more at United. Nevertheless, Ferguson did admit that Fabio was injured, which was the reason he didn't start in the Carling Cup game.
  18. Re: Adriano Leite After he went on loan to Sao Paulo and got his **** together, he actually played very well for them, and from what I've seen so far he seems to be playing better again. It really bothers me that Mourinho is back to his old 4-3-3, which places Adriano on the bench. Actually, I like Adriano up front with Ibra, and having Quaresma or Mancini to play wide, rather than just Ibra in the middle with Mancini and Quaresma on the wings. I'm pretty sure Adriano will stay b/c he had a really good spell at Sao Paulo, and now he seems to be back on track. What's more, he's keeping out Julio Cruz who's at 92. It really seems ot be more than enough.
  19. Re: Christoph Metzelder If Pepe goes up 1, then Metzelder should drop by 1. If Pepe stays the same, then Metzelder should stay too. Cannavaro MUST drop already. It's quite ridiculous. He should really drop by 2. he's old, not playing much, and not playing anywhere close to a 96 level when he does.
  20. I've got some extra cash and I want to buy a young good defender. I want to know what you guys think. Clearly Mertesacker isn't rising b/c German ratings are over, but Chiellini will see at least a +1, or maybe a +2 next ratings, and Pepe could also see a +1 in a couple of weeks. What do you guys say???
  21. Re: Giorgio CHIELLINI Well, it's pretty obvious he'll hit 92. My question is, is if you fancy he'll hit 93. I don't see why he should be rated lower than Mertesacker. He's been showing some top stuff for a while now.
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