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  1. Re: David Trezeguet I think he'll probably keep his ranking b/c he has just come off of a marvelous season. He was the second highest scorer in the Serie A last time around, so his 94 is fully deserved, even if he's out for so long. He'll just need to come back and make sure he bags a couple.
  2. Re: Patrice Evra He was expected to rise during the last changes but never did. Since then, he has only gotten better and Man. Utd. have gone on to win the double. He is much more defensively sound than Clichy and especially Lahm, who is always found out of position, and his crosses are far more consistent than either of theirs, especially Clichy's. Also, despite France's **** poor and embarrassing display at the Euros, Evra was one of their only decent players after Abidal completely made a fool of himself. How Evra could be denied a 93 at this point would really be beyond me.
  3. Re: English Premier League ratings Sorry mate, but you put out at completely **** thread. Mazel Tov!!! And I realize that at this point in the evening, it's 12:00 where I am, I have absolutely nothing to contribute to the thread but that comment, but maybe tomorrow I'll spit something out for you to really chew on.
  4. Re: Luka MODRIC and Nani,who is better? Nani will get more time on the pitch this season, and I really hope that Fergie ends up straightening him out a bit. Nani tends to go to the byline and go for the cross, rather than cut in like Ronaldo does, and I hope with Berbatov on the field some of those crosses will come to good use.
  5. Re: Robinho - Will he Drop? I assume City must play Robinho as a striker b/c they have Elano, Petrov, and Wright-Phillips to play out wide. Also, they've got Jo, Caicedo, Vassell and Benjani, although currently injured, to play upfront. It's quite interesting how Hughes plans to put together this strike force. I'm really surprised Hughes didn't try to buy a CM that has a strong physical presence on the field. Hamann is getting very very old, and won't be able to play 30+ games this season, or even a full 90 minutes in two or three games in a row. They're really lacking experience in the center, and getting someone like Appiah would help them exponentially.
  6. Re: Robinho - Will he Drop? Whether or not he's playing Champions League football, Robinho has never shown the form of a 95 rated player. He is overrated one way or another. On a bit of a different topic, Robinho could turn out to be a very very nice signing. Look at Deco, who is not the physical type, yet he uses his superior ball skills to make a great impact on the game. Robinho could affect the game similarly. What's more, as a winger, or as a second striker, Robinho doesn't have to be physically strong, as long as he is a step faster than his opponent and has good ball skills.
  7. Re: Esteban Cambiasso He'll stay the same as the season hasn't yet begun. 95 is right on for him though. Nevertheless, we are really going to need to see Inter go deep into the Champions League. One Inter player who should be on the rise is Muntari. If he keeps up his form from last season and through the preseason into the new campaign, he could easily hit 92.
  8. Re: Ricardo Quaresma Quaresma is a poor man's Ronaldo. What's more is that he pulled a Landycakes (Landon Donovan) on us. He went to play outside his home country, got scared when it became a bit difficult, and took the first train home. He only plays in Portugal, which is considered the 8th best league in the world, and apparently he couldn't hang in Spain, so to say that he's that much better than everyone in Portugal would be to really make a statement. The point is, is that he scores far too few goals, while playing for the best team in a second rate league to have a 93 rating. By playing for a top team in your respective league you should have more chances to score goals, and it should be easier to elevate your own game b/c the players in your team are smarter. Despite this fact, he hasn't been able to take advantage of the opportunity, and it's only a second rate league to begin with. Edit: By comparison, take a look a Simao. I always liked him more than Quaresma just because his football brain is much better than Quaresma's. Anyway, he failed at Barca also, but he came back to Portugal and pretty clearly established himself as the league's best all around attacking player. Now, he took the step to the next level, and he has been playing excellently. He adapted brilliantly and was a major reason why Atletico made it to the Champions League this time around. If Quaresma can also make the jump, and continue playing the way he has been in Portugal, in one of the top three leagues, then he should maintain his 93. But, to only play like he has been in such a poor league, does not qualify him for a 93. He has bags of unfulfilled potential.
  9. Re: Sergio "Kun" Aguero Sounds like your jealous...Don't worry though, most people are.
  10. YANKER


    Re: Sneijder Sneijder should be back from his injury at about the same time Ronaldo gets back from his own injury. Neither player will drop in rating. They have both had a great past 2 years, and missing some 2 1/2 months of one season won't hurt them. In the meantime, take a look at how much time Messi has missed in the past two seasons, and no one ever talked about him dropping in rating, but rather how he should be rated higher. In my opinion, Sneijder could still very well increase to 94 despite the injury, based on last season and the Euros.
  11. Re: Fabio and Rafael da Silva - Man Utd's Brazilian Twins I assume it'll happen tomorrow when new players are updated. The SM guys deserve a bit of a break on the weekends in order to get their **** together for us for the upcoming week.
  12. Re: Guti.. is he underrated?????? What on earth are you going on about??? Anyway, Guti had a good season, but if he were to rise then Scholes from Man Utd. should rise by a point as well, as he is in a similar predicament, and Utd. won the Champs. League last year as opposed to Real that's played pretty poorly in Europe for a while now.
  13. Re: Help gael clichy ... No...10char
  14. Well, it's simple enough. I need a new keeper for one of my setups and I'm going for either of these two, but I'm not sure as to which b/c they're exactly the same price. I think that Frey is really a superior keeper to Doni, as it seems like Doni haunted by howlers throughout every season. He just never seems like a top keeper. Frey on the other hand seems to play very solidly and was a key reason Fiorentina made the Champions League this time around. In fact, if he keeps his form up, I can see him reaching 93, as I don't rate him much lower than Julio Cesar. Clearly, I think Frey is the better option, but most likely, Fiorentina won't make the Champions League again, so what do you guys think???
  15. Re: Kaka's Position? I think Kaka's really fine as an AM, at least based on last season. He was almost always playing as an AM with Seedorf in tandem. Also, if he's a forward, even as a second striker, he really needs to start scoring more goal, especially since he's only playing in Italy and his rating is a 98. Way too many of his goals are coming from the spot, and it's not like he has an extraordinary number of assists either. Also, he wasn't able to lift an under performing Milan side last season to even 4th place last season. What's more, Milan won't be playing in the Champions League, and he won't play against top competition. I realize none of this has to do with his position, but it's just unbelievable how people are calling to drop Ronaldo's rating, while he has scored more than twice as many goals as Kaka, and has almost the same number of assists, meanwhile, he's playing in a much much better league, where his team finished 1st as opposed to Milan's 5th. BTW, Kaka is fine as an AM, as it stands now.
  16. Re: Arshavin a 93!!! I was the guy who put it into their heads. I'm pretty sure I have more access and watch more of the RPL than anyone else on the forums, in addition to having watched every single Zenit this season, and Arshavin is a Forward first and foremost. I think Arshavin is best related to Rooney, he roams around up front, and doesn't really go back far into midfield that often. tevez is much more of an AM than Arshavin. Arshavin is a creative player, but he is still primarily a forward. If anything, he's a F/W, b/c that's where he's always found. He's not really an AM as he doesn't go back into midfield much, and he's almost always the one guy on the team that stays up even if the ball is in Zenit's part of the field.
  17. Re: Zambrotta They're two very different players. Gallas is more useful in the game b/c he can play across the defensive line, while Zambrotta only plays on the right and/or left. Also, Gallas, as of his performances last season, is rated correctly at 94, while Zambrotta although he already dropped a point last season, so he most likely won't drop in the next rating changes, is definitely better at 93 than 94. He just hasn't been up to snuff, and he'll have to look to revive himself a bit in Serie A. Honestly, he's going to have to start showing the form he had at Juventus again.
  18. YANKER


    Re: 95+ Although he only plays in the Bundesliga, as long as Diego keeps playing the way he has been, he could also move up to 95. The fact the Werder is going to be in the Champions League only accentuates the fact. Also, I really don't see him being worse than Ribery, although I realize that they play different positions. Edit: Although old, if Scholes continues his excellent form and gets a good amount of playing time he could go up to 94. In all honesty, if Scholes was some 28 years old, on current form, people would easily predict him to go up to 95. Finally, although pre-season means almost nothing, if Lampard continues his form from the end of last season and into the pre-season, he could reach 96.
  19. I noticed that SM doesn't actually set your record for most games unbeaten and won in a row according to the number of games you have won or been unbeaten in a row, but rather over the longest period of time you have kept up the record. This had puzzled me a bit b/c in one setup my previous record was 17 games unbeaten and 12 games won in a row, but currently I have won 18 straight games in a row, but since it has occurred over a shorter period of time than my last record (b/c of cup games and such)I don't get credit for the accomplishment.
  20. Re: What rating does Franck Ribery deserve? He's a great player, but only plays in the Bundesliga, which is only the 5th ranked league in the world according to UEFA. What's more, Bayern didn't play in the Champions League last year, which isn't his fault at all, but nevertheless, he didn't compete against the top teams in the world the past year. Not only this, but Bayern didn't win the UEFA Cup either. As a result, Ribery should only be a 94 now, which seemed to be the maximum ranking for the Bundesliga, until SM unexpectedly raised him to 95, after they said that the top ranking a player could achieve without Champions League play would be 94.
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