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  1. Re: Some players rating change. As a new member please use the search tool, as all these players have been talked about to death already. What's more, as you play the game more, you will see how SM ranks players, and you'll realize that SM has done a spot on job.
  2. Re: Balotelli He won't be, unless something absolutely shocking happens. Not to say that it won't be a bad thing as I have him in most of my teams.
  3. Re: Lell vs. Johnson You know, I didn't look at the stats when I made this thread, but I was under the impressin that Lahm played at right back most of the season with Jansen on the left, but it actually looks like Lell played more than Jansen, which really surprised me.
  4. Currently I've got Lell in my Fulham team, but I could trade him up for Glen Johnson, as he is in an unavailable to manage club, and was wondering if you guys thought this would be a good idea. I've been a bit perplexed as to what to do b/c there are various positives and negatives. First off, while Lell plays for a bigger club, Bayern Munchen, the Bundesliga is a lot worse than the EPL. What's more, he is behind Lahm and Jansen in the pecking order, and if Sagnol gets in Klinsmann's then Lell would be behind all three of them. Nevertheless, last season Lell got quite alot of playing time, and has played solidly from what I've seen, nothing too great however. On the other hand, Johnson has just had an excellent season for Portsmouth, a worse team than Bayern, albeit in a better league. Although the EPL is clearly lacking in good right backs, Johnson would have been my 2nd pick of the lot after Sagna, but before Corluka. I really like Johnson because he likes to bomb down the flank and, often times during the season, lit Portsmouth up with his runs. What's more, he's finally getting picked consistently in the England squad. Although he's not in Capello's first eleven, at least he's getting in the side, unlike Lell who can't get a sniff.
  5. Re: J.Moutinho and Miguel Veloso According to UEFA, which determines leagues based on how they perform in Europe, and is really the only way to compare how good leagues are across the continent, the Russian League is 6th in Europe, while the Portuguese League is 8th. What's more, by winning the Uefa Cup this year, the Russian League might even jump up to 5th in Europe.
  6. Re: Gareth Barry Barry deserves a nice increase to 92. He had a great season and he was really the engine in the team that allowed Young and Agbonlahor to roam around.
  7. Re: Carles Puyol I think on his current form he's a solid 95, and if he plays well, like he has started to again, for the first time in a while, he could be a 96. On the other hand, Vidic should be rated a 96 by the next rating changes and Ferdinand should remain a 95.
  8. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo This season Ronaldo has lifted the game of the players around him, while Messi has yet to show such class. Nevertheless, he's younger than Ronaldo and has all the tools to become just as good, if not better.
  9. Re: arsenal players are underrated Ameobi to 97... Any takers...????
  10. Re: Yoann Gourcuff In fact, at the moment, he could very easily be rated lower.
  11. Re: Yoann Gourcuff He has been pants every time he has played, in 2006/2007 and especially last season. Milan was using 40 year old players rather than giving him a shot b/c he was playing so terribly. I really hope he moves back to France to gain more experience, and regain his touch b/c he has lost the ability to control the ball and gives it away constantly as a result. Gourcuff is a great example of a good prospect that moved to a big club too quickly, and he was not yet ready, or maybe just isn't as good as everyone thought he would become.
  12. Re: Patrice Evra On current form, Evra is the best left back in the world hands down. The way he connects with Ronaldo down the wig is incredible. What's more, this season he has been tested by some of the best wingers/forwards and he has shown his defensive metal as well.
  13. Re: OLIVER'S Chelsea v Manchester United, 21rd March 08, CL Final; correct SM ratings I'm so sorry if that took 4 hours, you must work **** slow. Also, ratings are done on more than just one performance, however Evra could easily be a 94 based on his season of performances. Brown is fine at 90. Carvalho should stay at 94 just b/c Chelsea have seemed a bit inconsistent at the back this season. Other than that the ratings are ok.
  14. I know there has been alot of debate as to what the rating of a certain Wayne Rooney or Cristiano Ronaldo should be, but I want to concentrate on a couple of other players who I think should get changed in the ratings. Patrice Evra - Hands down the best full back in the world at the moment. His defending has been tested to the extreme this season, and he has found capable every game. What's more, I can't remember the last time I saw a full back attack so well. As the season has worn on, he has really begun to interchange whether he cuts on the inside or crosses, and his crosses have improved massively. A little bit off topic, but it's shocking as to how France has probably three of the top five best left backs in the world. Anyway, Evra will easily see his way to 93, and 94 really is not out of the question at all, considering Abidal and Lahm are on 94. Nemanja Vidic - This hard hitting tackler has proven at various times that he'll run through walls for the cause. What's more, not only is his positional play superb, but he is very fast, and his tackling ability is an art in itself. Although Ferdinand has qualities, such as being a great leader for United, Vidic has surpassed Ferdinand when it comes strictly to playing. What's more, I'd be damned if anyone can make the argument that Puyol or Nesta have been better than him this season. In fact, Vidic has easily outplayed the two. He kept Drogba in his pocket all night long, and playing on the left of the center of defence he also provided the extra crutch for Evra in keeping Messi quiet against Barcelona. Vidic should see his way to 96. Paul Scholes - Not too much to say here. All is self evident. He's back to his best and should, in turn, be rewarded as such. Scholes to 94. Now, although I don't think that Hargreaves or Carrick really deserve rating changes it bugs me that they are stuck on the as Aquilani, Modric, Joao Moutinho, Miguel Veloso. For the point of a good argument, Manchester United's midfield completely outplayed Sporting's and Roma's this year. So maybe they do deserve to go up to 92. there's also the point of Hargreaves needing a position change, but that's another topic entirely. Ji-Sung Park - Also, not too much to say other than he's been instrumental in Ferguson's plans after he came back from injury. He'll never be as refined as his team mates that play in the same position, but his work rate is undeniable and because of him we have scored a number of vital goals. What's more, he has been chosen above Nani for his consistent displays since returning. Park should be up to 90. Saha should just be removed off the database at this point.
  15. Re: John Terry Not to kick you when you're already down, but he had scored a penalty against Wigan, so he missed, scored, and now missed again. I guess two in a row in the Champions League if that's what you mean. Also, I really hope Ferguson puts a little sense into Ronaldo and tells him to stop the stutter step. Recently, he's been stopping completely, and yesterday he stopped for so **** long that he got nervous and took a very bad penalty.
  16. Re: Wayne Rooney I saw some statistic a week or two back when they weren't sure if Rooney would be able to play the final game, and they wanted to show how he affects United's game. So the stats they showed were how many games United won, drew, and lost when he has been playing and when he hasn't, and it also showed how many goals United scored with/without him. The stats showed that except for something like two times United has won every game when he has been playing and has scored if I'm not mistaking more than twice the number of goals compared to when he's not playing. Also when he's not playing United were something like 2-2-2 or 3-3-3, where they only won 1/3 of the games and the others were draws and losses. That's why Rooney is a 96, how many other players have such an effect on the game??? Edit: Neither Eto'o, Van Nistelrooy, Ronaldinho, Totti (more than the former), Ibra, Drogba, or Torres have anything near the same effect on their teams' games. For most of these guys, they just wait for the ball to get supplied to them and then they try to score, while if Rooney does not get the ball supplied up, he defends and fights for it back with the rest of his team, and it relly shows in the stats.
  17. Re: Micah Richards Look, had Neville been playing instead of Brown, I'm sure Man. Utd. would have conceded more goals this season. Nevertheless, Brown is not a right back, just as Richards isn't either. I mean look at the type of criticism McClaren received when he played Lescott at Left back unnecessarily. Richards, and Brown for that matter, shouldn't really be considered for the right back position if it's not necessary. Especially now when there's a great replacement in Glen Johnson, who has probably been the second best right back in the EPL this season after Sagna.
  18. Re: Micah Richards Richards is good and will be an England starter in the future, but I don't really think Richards is as good as Brown yet. Richards, for many games for City was second to Dunne. What's more, he has still shown alot of inexperience like that game early in the season to Chelsea. Brown, on the other hand, might not seem like he's that good b/c hes part of the best defense in Europe, and although I'm not a fan of him playing at right back b/c he doesn't have the pace nor ability to run up and down the field and cross a good ball, he is more than a solid defender. He has played excellently in the center, and had he not stayed back and defended with Ferdinand and Vidic, United would have conceded many more. I think Capello realizes that, while Brown is less than capable going forward, he can help Terry and Ferdinand hold up the defense, which looks like **** every time England plays.
  19. Re: ya ya toure The way SM has started doing the ratings, and considering Barca is only 3rd in the league, I don't think he's DEW anything He would have went up last week if they wanted to change him.
  20. Re: Spanish Ratings Rating changes this time around (Spanish and English) have come to fewer players and have been much less extreme to those that did get changed. It's really making me wonder now about the Italian changes b/c if the trend continues maybe I won't have to sell Zlatan in a few setups as he might not decrease.
  21. Re: Spanish Ratings How in the world has Carlos Badias from Almeria not increased. He has started some 23 games as a defender for the team and they have one of the best defensive records in the league. Meanwhile, he is still at 87. Most would give him a +2, not even +1, especially since other players from Almeria who have played considerably less have gotten increases.
  22. Re: Pavel Pogrebnyak Fayzulin also had another nice game.
  23. Re: Manchester United Vs. Barcelona As a Man Utd. fan I really hope that Liverpool make it through b/c I think that United can deal with them much more easily than we will be able to deal with Chelsea. If we play Liverpool, we will isolate Gerrard and Torres like we did in the previous two EPL games, which makes the attack pretty useless. We would then catch Liverpool at least one time on the counter or a set piece. Skrtel is prone to mistakes, especially on such a big stage, and Hyypia will have to sit deep and hope he doesn't get beaten by Utd's speed.
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