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  1. Re: Patrick Vieira I think he'll stay b/c he still plays a decent amount and usually plays pretty darn well. He still seems to outplay Cambiasso most of the time. I mean, if Makelele even went up, then it just shows that you don't have to play all that much, as long as you play well when you do.
  2. Re: ** Oliver's Liverpool thread. ** I dunno, people might want an unbiased opinion. Fill me in on Fowler, what do you think for the next rating change, 97 or will he get to 98??
  3. Re: Landon Donovan True or not, I'm repping you for it. BTW, I'm his daddy. He came out balding
  4. Well, US rating changes are about a month and a half out, but I just wanted to alert people to Donovan's form this season for those that don't follow MLS. Donovan has scored 8 goals this season, including his hat trick against Chivas, which just ended, and has 2 assists. I believe these stats are after 5 games. I have never been a fan of Donovan at all, but for the first time I'm seeing him play with confidence where he's not afraid to take on a player and/or try a fancy move. Also, he is playing very intelligently and is working with the entire team to score some goals. so, that's about it. It's just an early shout out, and if his form continues a change of +1 - +2 is likely.
  5. Re: Spanish Ratings I'm surprised no one has mentioned the defenders from Almeria b/c Almeria's defensive record is maybe 5th or so in the league and their defenders are only in the mid-upper 80s. I'd expect: Almeria CARLOS GARCIA, Badias 87.......89 PULIDO, Rúben 87.......88 In fact, I looked around and it seems like the defenders for Osasuna and Athletic Bilbao need increases too, so here are my predictions... Osasuna CRUCHAGA, César 87.....87/88 MIGUEL FLANO, Bezunartea 87.......88 JOSETXO, Romero 87.......87/88 MONREAL, Nacho 86.......86/87 CORRALES, Enrique 87........87/88 Athletic Bilbao KOIKILI , Lertxundi 86.........87/88 DEL HORNO, Asier 88...........87* (Yes, I realize this is a decrease) USTARITZ, Aldekoaotalora 86..........86/87 IRAOLA, Andoni 88..........89 Aight, I hope this helps. I think there are a number of defenders, especially on Bilbao, that should get decreases especially if the defenders I listed will increase.
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings Alot of the Almeria team is underrated for their current league position. Which players on the team will see some nice rises. I need a couple of defenders that could jump from mid-high 80s to higher 80s or maybe even hit 90 possibly. Thanks.
  7. Re: Risse = Fail I hope this doesn't come back to bite me int he arse, but Torres can't, and hasn't for that matter, scored away from home.
  8. Re: Ibrahimovic help!!!! I think he should stay. His performances have not been that of a 96 player in the second half of the season, but it's very very rare for SM to keep on changing players so quickly. He should stay until the first rating changes of the next season, and hopefully his form will kick back up next season.
  9. Re: Kader Keita Well, the French ratings already occurred and I don't think he's played too much this season especially in the first half b/c Ben Arfa has replaced him a bit if I'm not mistaking. He's fine at 91.
  10. Re: Question About 3-5-2 I'm pretty **** sure that 3 Center backs would work better. I mean, 3-5-2 in real life is played with 3 center backs, so why should this be any different.
  11. Re: Jose Fernando Torres If his form continues he will surely be a 96, but you can't compare alot of forwards just based on scoring. Especially players like Rooney and Tevez can't be compared b/c they work much more with the team and for the team. Torres's only goal is to score, while playing down the middle, while Rooney and Tevez come back to defend and play out wide often. Nevertheless, Torres surely is 96 class if the form continues till the end of the season.
  12. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report Agh, you guys are all confusing me now b/c I was convinced to sell him before, then spoke to a bunch of guys who told me to keep him, so I canceled a deal for 14 million for him, and now you guys are telling me to sell him. Nevertheless, I feel that SM doesn't make that many changes each round, many fewer than expected, and Seedorf has been playing better than that of most of the Milan stars, so maybe he will remain the same. Also, he is one of the better players right now and has a lower rating than those like Pirlo and Gattuso who are playing quite a lot worse.
  13. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report I thought Seedorf was expected to fall b/c he's not playing particularly well and Milan's league position is terrible. Still, Tom has him for an increase even. Do you think that it's really possible. Doesn't it seem much more likely that he'll stay or could even fall???
  14. Re: Seedorf replacement... I can't get Stank, and surely he'll drop before Seedorf witha ll his injuries and the decline of Inter in general. Still, I'll cancel the deal b/c if Tom Owen thinks Seedorf will rise then I won't argue with him. He may not rise but he won't decrease at least. Edit: In fact, I just won the Cup, so I have some extra spending cash now.
  15. Re: Seedorf replacement... I already accepted the deal, but I could cancel. I don't see how he can even stay the same much less rise. Milan sit 5th in the league behind a Fiorentina, which is equal to the EPL's Everton. That is just to show how badly they have really been playing. Seedorf is quality but if Giggs falls then Seedorf must also.
  16. Re: Alexander Hleb: Awesome or Awesome? Good player, but he does the same thing each time it seems. Every time the defenders show him the inside where they can close him down and he obliges. He skills are purely great, but he needs to work on making opportunities out os those dribbles. He should try going down to the byline and cutting across to beat the defender and creating chances more often rather than taking those dead end runs.
  17. Re: Seedorf replacement... Nah, he's over the homesickness, I know that, but I just don't watch Sevilla games too often. There aren't enough hours in a day between EPL, Serie A, Barca, Real Madrid, Argentine League, Bundesliga, and the occasional Russian League game. I watch way too much soccer, but just haven't watched Sevilla unless they're playing one of the big teams. I know that Navas has significantly improved from earlier seasons though.
  18. I just got an offer of 14 millions for Seedorf which I supposed is a pretty good deal b/c he will surely drop in the next few weeks, but before I sell him I need to find someone to replace him and I'm really not to sure who to pick up. I'm working with no more than 16 million, and I'd like to get a player a bit younger, and with a rating not under 91 preferably. I'm in an English Championship setup and I'm Man. Utd. sitting at the top of the league by a mile with maybe 10 games to go. Alright thanks guys. Edit: Jesus Navas should rise by one in the upcoming ratings, right??? I can pick him up for about 18 million and I could probably find some young players to sell.
  19. Re: Momo Sissoko What's interesting to e is that he's playing better in a league that's less physical. But then again, maybe in Serie A he can assert himself more physically and make a larger impact.
  20. Re: Momo Sissoko It really seems like Momo is finding his form again in the Serie A. He has formed a really nice partnership with Tiago. Juventus has had a nice first season back and their performances of late have been increasingly good. I'd support Sissoko for a 90, as I believe he should only have gone down to 89 last time, and he is not any worse than someone like Aquilani.
  21. Re: Player Ratings - Barcelona V. Valdez +0 = 91 E. Abidal -1 = 93 G. Zambrotta -1 = 93 C. Puyol -1 = 95 R. Marquez -1 = 93 G. Milito +0 = 93 L. Thuram -2 = 90 H. Xavi -1 = 95 A. Iniesta +0 = 94 Y. Toure +1 = 93 J. Edmilson -2 = 88 A. Deco -1 = 93 E. Gudjohnson +0 = 90 L. Messi +0 = 97 A. Ronaldinho -1 = 96 S. E'too +0 = 96 T. Henry -1 = 95 K. Bojan +2 = 89 G. Dos Santos +1 = 87 Realistically though, most of these changes won't happen and only a couple of players will have their ratings changed. I think Real Madrid and Barcelona need more drastic changes, but from what SM has just done with the EPL changes it doesn't seem like too many changes are likely.
  22. Re: Lukelufc's Big 5 Ratings... So so predictions. I don't think SM will make that many changes as they're showing right now in this week's changes. Also, I think a few were off base like Ambrosini moving up, Buffon moving up, and Robben who has recently come back into the fold and is playing well (He aleady had a decrease recently and is playing well now). What's more, I think you missed a couple of people like Seedorf for AC Milan who surely should go down this season. Ryan Giggs is no longer a 93 and Seedorf is by no means a 94. He'll be at 93, at the highest, by the end of the changes.
  23. Re: Keith Fitz's La Liga Rating Predictions (Part1)2008 I'd say most of this is good stuff, but I disagree with a number of the Real Madrid changes. First off, Casillas should remain a 96. Although he has played better than the other 96 rated keepers this season, I think he should still remain b/c Real's entire defensive area is a bit suspect and leaky. Especially since Cech just dropped to 95. I could also see Buffon dropping to 95. That would make more sense than a raise for Casillas. Also, Pepe is NOT a 94 by any stretch of the imagination. Real's back line hasn't been good this season and Pepe can't be compared to other 94 players in La Liga or in other top leagues. Garay and Milito are just two players who have played better than him and have the same or lower ratings. Robinho is not a 96. He's good for a 95 and it's a shame he doesn't get more games, which I just can't understand. Perhaps b/c Robben has returned recently, and is playing well. I think Guti should probably remain. Maybe an increase of one, but is he really playing as well as Scholes??? That's why I think the change would be a bit iffy. I agree that Diarra should drop one and Gago should go up by one. Also, you missed some increases like Marcelo who should go up by one.
  24. Re: Chelsea Rating Changes 2008 Lampard...one of Chelsea's best players this season:eek: :eek: Ballack has played much much better. Lampard has a certain entitlement at Chelsea though and Grant can't stand up to him.
  25. Re: Klaas Jan Huntelaar and his rating... My comparison to Anelka was just to say that he is certainly going to move sooner or later. The only major reaction I have to what you said is, is that none of the players that you listed that moved from the Eredivisie were strikers, or have not yet had enough time in the league to show what they're worth. No, one game for Alves doesn't count, even against Manchester. You should compare Huntelaar to Kuyt and Van Nistelrooy. Kuyt overall is very very iffy, while Nistelrooy is class and would be a top player in any league. Huntelaar has not yet had the chance , which isn't his fault, but nevertheless, to show what he's got on the next stage, and shouldn't go to 93. And yes, I realize he's played well in International matches, and salvaging a friendly against Austria doesn't count. Holland should be embarrassed to ever have gotten in that position and Austria's team is so bad there was a petition from Austrians to keep their own team out of Euro 2008.
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