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  1. Clyne actually dropped off in the 2nd half of the season for the first time in his time at Saints, really ineffective and a bit wasteful going forwards, still pretty solid defensively though. Perhaps his mind was elsewhere... If he gets back to his usual self at Liverpool he'll easily by 90 by January. Bertrand being 88 is criminal though, he was fantastic from start to finish, a fair few Saints fans' pick for player of the year, though Fonte was always gonna win as a club hero.
  2. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions He was very, very good early in the season but got a bit of a bad rub with injuries and playing out of position. We don't have any naturally right-sided players but about 5 who play best on the left, after a while Tadic became the one who drew the short straw and had to play on the right where he was much less effective. Then just as he started playing left again and showing glimpses of regaining his form he got injured. Probably not nailed on as a starter next season though it depends on how well Rodríguez comes back. Don't think he has much chanc
  3. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Cahill over Fonte is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen.
  4. Re: The Official NFL Thread. Waiting for Chip to unveil his five-headed monster... Bradford under centre, Tebow at full back, Murray as the tail back, Sproles and Mathews flanking either side. The world is not ready. Please don't actually do this Chip
  5. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread There is absolutely no chance Forster has been better than De Gea, happy with him as our keeper and gutted about his injury but he still has a way to go to be consistently top class. He can be slow to get down to low shots (as you'd expect for a man of his size) and he is absolutely glued to his line especially since he cost us a win against Villa not coming out quick enough and getting done by Agbonlahor. His command of his area can also be surprisingly iffy for a man of his size but that is again largely down to his hesitance to leave his line,
  6. Re: The Official NFL Thread. Could be worse, I got my first Eagles jersey as a surprise gift for Christmas - a LeSean McCoy Eagles jersey.
  7. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Not a complete or consistent player yet but it's not just about the number of goals it's the timing - won them about 10 points with late goals and that is huge for a midfielder.
  8. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Forster definitely shouldn't be in any team of the years, he's not been that good, couple of brick wall performances and a few games where he cost us points, other than that had little to do and our clean sheets have been off the back of our defence. No chance he should be ahead of De Gea or Lloris. I'd go De Gea Clyne-Fonte-Terry-Bertrand Schneiderlin-Matic Hazard-Eriksen-Sanchez Kane And a cheaty bench of Lloris, Azpilicueta, Koscielny, Fabregas, Coutinho, Aguero, Costa
  9. Re: Official England Thread Clyne has driven me nuts in the last two games, don't think I've seen him take on his man once so far in an England shirt other than a few little short darts inside. Don't know if he's under instructions to keep it safe since England don't have the midfield protection that Saints do or if he just doesn't have the confidence early in his international career but it's mental he's not utilising such a great part of his game.
  10. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread JWP actually hasn't progressed that far this year, more experienced gained but barely improved as a player though it really didn't help for him that he got injured right as he was really nailing down a decent role in the team. The biggest hole in his game is his finishing, his technique is absolutely fantastic and he gets himself in good positions but his composure in front of goal is dreadful at the mo and he's yet to score a league goal, personally I'm of the hope that when he breaks his duck the floodgates will open and he could be a 10+ goal a
  11. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Yeah Morgan and Clyne will definitely go if we don't fluke into the top 4 and they might even leave if we do. Can't blame them they've been great for us and deserve CL, Schneiderlin has been the best DM in the league over the past 3 years and I'd put Clyne up with Ivanovic, Zabaleta and Coleman as the best RB in that period too. We'll also make a mint on them especially given we signed Schneiderlin for £1m and Clyne for compensation haha. There's also still murmurs about the forgotten man Jay Rodriguez still leaving but I don't know why a team wou
  12. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Very serious by the looks of things, could be his ACL.
  13. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Burnley were so good in the first half today, very unlucky not to be leading at half-time. Was so impressed with their approach to the game, really pressed high attacked with numbers and tried to outfight us man-for-man, such a refreshing change to the endless teams playing on the edge of their own box. Really hope they stay up this season.
  14. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Going back to my earlier comment, Schneiderlin made 19 combined tackles and interceptions against Chelsea, one less than they did as an entire team, all whilst having the highest passing accuracy of anyone to start the game. Made Matic and Fabregas look a pair of mugs.
  15. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Schneiderlin dominating yet another big team's midfield and showing Matic first hand who the best DM in the league is. Whoever gets him in the summer will have spent every penny wisely.
  16. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread The FA are completely lost, can only imagine they are taking the 'blindfolded throw at a dartboard' approach to decision-making. *EDIT* Also just seen the reduction means he won't miss the Saints game - the campaign against Saints rolls on.
  17. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Tough one, looked really really good a year and a half ago, got a nasty injury, got back and started getting involved with the first team squad then got injured again. Now he's kind of fallen by the wayside. Has shown quality, a bit Lallana-like, but his development has definitely really been delayed. Think right now he just needs a good season or so without injury then go from there. My hopes aren't particularly high but that's just a hunch really.
  18. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions He's been back for about a month and playing in the U21s again, did nowt at Hibernian, think he'll be in a similar boat to Isgove. Stephens and Turnbull are both at Swindon doing very well, but usually when we loan a player out it's an indication we don't think they can get any better with us. Depends what goes down in the summer, but my hunch is that one goes back to Swindon and maybe one gets into the first team squad, but McCarthy has probably surpassed them now.
  19. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions There are worse ways to go about things!
  20. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Video refereeing would be tough to implement but it seriously needs to be looked at, the FA should have people investigating and testing how this could be working. Agree it would only really work as a challenge system, but even then it's tricky. Just because it's hard to figure out how to use it naturally doesn't mean we should just accept things the way they are though, steps should be being taken to improve things and at the moment all we're seeing is apathy.
  21. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Unfortunately that's not how the world works though mate, footballers make millions a year and all they do is kick a ball around. Money makes the world go round, and more money means more referees means more competition meaning a better standard at the top of the pyramid right the way down. And it's not like football isn't up to the eyeballs in money right now. *EDIT* Do agree that they should be much more accountable, don't know anyone who doesn't agree with that though!
  22. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread No doubt referees and linesmen have a very tough job but can only give them so much leeway, like Stu said the standard just isn't good enough especially this season. Changes be need to be made to improve, help, and incentivise refereeing. One simple thing that would make a difference long-term is I think they should be paid a lot, lot more, which seems funny when I think they're not doing well enough. At the moment I believe PL refs make between £20-50k plus match fees, so on average PL players are making in a week what they do in a year. Don't
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