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  1. The following changes have been made to the Game World economies to fix all issues with the old system. We believe this will give money a meaning, penalise excessive player hogging, make the game more fair, and benefit promoted smaller clubs to compete more on par with teams in their new division. The bullet point changes are below… Remove transfer budgets from the game, setting the club balance to either the club balance or old transfer budget, which ever is greater. No clubs lose money with the initial change. Clubs can not do transfers when club balance is in debt. Back to the ol
  2. Re: Forum Improvements - Search Tool Hi I have set the Search Index Minimum Word Length from 4 to 3 characters. Many thanks for your feedback.
  3. Re: Everyone's Albanian!!! Hi The player nationality flags have been fixed on the Newspaper page. Apologies for the confusion.
  4. Re: Clock Hi Apologies for the confusion, references to GMT have now changed to GT (Game Time).
  5. Re: Bug On Popular Groups! Hi This has now been fixed.
  6. Re: Login Error If you go this link first. http://www.soccermanager.com/sign-out.php Then login again and this should fix your problem. If it still persists, delete all cookies from your browser and then login.
  7. Hi On the forum home page we have added the facility to receive the latest posts by our forum members to be sent directly to your email in box. There is also a link at the bottom of each page called Latest posts by: RSS Feed or via Email This service is managed by Feedburner (now owned by Google) and your email address will not be passed onto any third party. Thanks for playing Soccer Manager. Regards SM Dev Pete
  8. If you want to add a player, post about his correct position, correct age, correct club, if he is retired, or even a duplicate, please post here. For latest added improvements to SoccerManager.com go to http://www.soccermanager.com/improvements.php
  9. Re: OH DEAR SOCCER MANAGER... OH DEAR SERIOUSLY Vandalised you have now been suspended for one week to cool off, you have not added anything constructive to this forum, and have just insulted a lot of people with imature posts. SM have stated earlier in the year that we will be looking into the match engine, and this will be redeveloped later in the year. I am now closing this post before it gets out of hand with certain people posting unconstructive posts.
  10. Re: Stadium upgrades It is a good idea zizkovben, and you are welcome to keep them coming (but try and avoid duplicates ). The issue of stadia is being addressed, and is currently on our list of improvements. The idea of increasing capacity though as still not been decided though . Should a manager be able to upgrade his/her stadium as and when they wish? Should the Chairman give his/her manager the option to upgrade at end of season? What will the cost be per thousand seats? Available in just Custom/Gold Setups, or every setup? So many factors will have to be looked into and discussed pri
  11. Re: Cheaters - Point deduction/relegation Sorry about that I thought you were trying to debate results in general, not results in relation to cheating. If you want to make suggestions re fixing results feel free.
  12. Re: Chairman and manager relationship In theory this is a good idea, but in practice it is a bad idea. When we get reports of cheating within a setup, it is not just new managers (or new accounts) which are or are trying to cheat, as you can get managers with ANY repuation cheating (including Gold Members). So if you were to give them more trust from the Chairman, then the cheats would simply abide by the rules for x weeks, and then they would try and work the system. I am not shooting this idea down fully, but for normal setups it is a no go, but I can not see why it can not be looked into
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