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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hey i just need some advice on this deal never asked for some before but will give it a shot. I have a deal that has been accepted so obviously the other manager thinks its good but I'm having second thoughts. The deal is Gianluca Zambrotta (95) + Mahamadou Diarra (93) for Lionel Messi (95) Now the reason why I'm having second thoughts is cause of how it will affect my team: Buffon Zambrotta (Spanish League) Cannavaro (Spanish League) Nesta Vidic Ferdinand Sergio Ramos (Spanish League) Mertesacker Vicente (Spanish League) Schweinteiger Gattuso Pir
  2. Re: Barcelona rating changes! bojan is much better then gio. Dos Santos has not done much this year. Sure he has played in games and should maybe go up to a 84. But not higher then what Bojan should go up to which is probably a 86/87
  3. Re: Spanish Ratings also the fact that Cannavaro plays for the best team in Spain right now and is not quite 2 years off of captaining Italy to the WC and only a year off of winning player of the year i dont think he should go down cause Cannavaro playing not so great is still better then you average 94 defender or 95 even when they are playing better then normal.
  4. Re: Barcelona rating changes! I agree with you that they should include major International Tournaments. But SM hasn't, it says you joined in Aug 2007. But you might have been here before that. The WC had very little impact on the ratings and their reasoning behind it was that its too few games to base a major rating change for a player seeing that most of players at these tournaments are in the 90's. Now I don't personally agree with this but I understood their reasoning behind it. I personally feel that these games should have a significant impact on ratings or at least some sort because th
  5. Re: Barcelona rating changes! Well at least thats the impression I was under. Now I'm also assuming that this works both ways so players wont go down for missing games for the Cup. Cause then a guy like Eto'o could potentially be pushed down (which he shouldn't, in fact he should go up) because he has played in few games and is now at African Nations. But he has already like equaled Henry's goals in half the games...
  6. Re: Barcelona rating changes! Gabriel Milito -> a 94 a rock in the midfield and lets players like puyol and marquez have a little more freedom Rafael Marquez stays at 94 just because he is starting to return to form if continued we could see a return back to his 95 rating. Carles Puyol stays at 96 always solid. Eric Abidal stays at 93 amazing left back but lacks going forward with the ball which is key to barcelona winning games. Gianluca Zambrotta down to 94/93 he has played awful this year. I'm very disappointed in his play. This also sucks cause I have him in a lot of my teams. Main
  7. Re: Money becoming Pointless??? I dont quite see what you are satying cause on a whole the value of money increases for everybody. I personally dont see how it was affect the smaller clubs. But if you can elaborate on that I would appreciate it.
  8. Has anybody else realized specifically in the lower World championships (WC 1-200) in the lower English Championships leagues how pointless money has almost become. It seems when the game first started you could buy Ronaldinho for 50M cause at that time for most clubs that seemed like a lot of money but nowadays all the big clubs that hold the majority of the best players, my teams included, have tons of money that even if you offer 90M for a 92 rated player what is the point in accepting it when you already have tons of money. You can't even buy Malouda for 60M in one of the leagues I'm in. T
  9. Re: managers not logging on??? didnt they start doing after 2 weeks a bid is rejected right away. That would be stupid to ban a manager from anything just because they dont accept/reject/counter a bid. Just make it auto rejected after a week. Most of the time when you see a manager who has logged in and not answered the bids it's more then likely the bid is going to be rejected cause if it was a good offer they wouldnt hesitate to accept it. Cause then they could benefit from the deal but there is no immediate benefit from rejecting an offer other then clearing space.
  10. Re: Changes Need to be Made it's called i work full time and go to school full time. I also believe you completley ignored the point of my post. It cleary stated that there are still cheaters in the game today but there are better ways to prevent it while also keeping the game open. Which is having the player values change according to the price that they are bought at. So if I buy Ronaldo at 30M instead of keeping his 13M value his new value is 30M. Then nobody will buy him for cheaper it gets rid of the cheap bids for top class players and it lets each setup be a little different. Thats all
  11. Re: Changes Need to be Made I see where you are coming from but I'm sure like many others on here we have life's outside of SM. I cant keep checking back day in and day out to try and put together a transfer with a fellow human manager. Also I forgot to add that for some reason this website has been really really slow. It might be just on my end but that is the reaon why i dont always reply to bids or put transfer limits on players. it just takes was too long and I have other mor eimportant things to do like setting up my tactis and stuff.
  12. It's been awhile. I believe as a group we need to change the whole way transfers are being done. I hear members complaining that it is taking too long for other members to reply. First off some of the offers I personally receive are sometimes ridiculous. Two months ago the manager of a Bayern Munchen offer me 10m for Zambrotta a 95 rated player who was also my forth best player. I rejected the deal only to receive another deal from him for 12.5M. That is what needs to stop. One way for this is too change the whole player value system. For example if i buy Messi from barcelona for 50M + a play
  13. Hey can any of the regulars help me out with this. I haven't been on here for a while. But I log on everyday. Today when I logged on my Manchester United WC 70 had disappeared. My reputation level is 102. And its been taken over my a person with 46. I'm really ****** about this because I have worked on that team for over an entire year. Now its gone. I will accept nothing less then having my team properly restored to me with all my players still there. Hopefully something can point me in the right direction. I have no idea if Stegore or Neller are still here but if somebody could help me out I
  14. Re: English Championship 3 i actually couldn't believe you won that match i was pretty sure i had it with only one key injury.
  15. Hey I will let Maldini go for 2.5M first to offer will get him. Also I'm I missing something, I was just offered Carson for Foster. I'm pretty sure this is a very good deal for me. What is do you guys think of this.
  16. Sheffield United has added LB Paolo Maldini to the transfer list. They are asking for 5M, but sourse say Maldini will most likely leave for much less then the asking price.
  17. I've been talking about David Edgar for awhile. He is Canada's future centre back. I was psyched to see him score against ManU. He is definitely worth picking up for less then 200k.
  18. frapechi

    forza soccer

    just wanted to let those who were interested that player registrations have begun and members are now signing up for teams. So if you want join or you already have then head over to the site and register. Yu have to sign up to the forum first. The site for that is forza-net.com. The main page is forzaleague.com. It's a great site and I do highly recommend it. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  19. I think injuries should be dealt with by having a set amount of points deducted for how long the player will be out, but as soon as that players comes back from injury they return to their original rating. For example, Samuel Eto'o is a 97 but he is injured for 5 months his rating should then go down to a 92, 1 rating decrease for each month missed. Then when he returns to play in 5 months time there is no debate and his rating is restored to a 97. The other way you could do it is to take away a 1 point each month when they are out. Yes I understand that player ratings are done on a timetable
  20. Crisitano Ronaldo 93 to 95 "best manu player of the year" Wayne Rooney 96 to 95 "minus the hattrick and he has done nothing" Nemanja Vidic 89 to 90 "very solid defensive minded defender" Main Serb Mikael Silvestre 90 to 89 "Had his spot taken away" Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 87 to 89 "almost back to original self" Louis Saha 91 to 92 "scoring goals and playing well" Ji-sung Park 90 to 88 "I guess they did buy him only because he's asian" Darren Fletcher 88 to 89/90 "playing well and proving me wrong" Bisan Lauren 92 to 89 "what happened to this guy, injuries have killed him" Emmanuel Eboue
  21. I'll speak on behalf of Canadian soccer. The top players of Canada are: "In Order" Owen Hargreaves - Bayern Munchen Dwayne De Rosario - Houston Dynamo "Won Canadian player of the year" Jonathan De Guzman - Feyenoord "Top 15 Prospects in the World" Paul Stalteri - Tottenham David Edgar - Newcastle Will Johnson - Heerenveen Tomasz Radzinski - Fulham Marcel De Jong - Helmond Sport Julian De Guzman - Deportivo Kevin McKenna - Energie Cottbus Jaime Peters - Ipswich Town Lars Hirschfeld - Rosenburg Iain Hume - Leicester City Kent O'Connor - 1860 Munchen Albert Hutchinson - FC Copenhag
  22. Juninho of Lyon is for sale. I'm looking for more of a player swap deal then money. What I feel is the best offer will win.
  23. I have two clubs in debt, but both of them were in debt when I got them. One of them is at 2.3M the other is at 3.1M. I'm finding it very hard to get them out of debt because the chairman will block you from releasing your higher contracted players. Also I can't make any transfers where I would offer two high salary players for one lower salary player. Thats something that should be changed you should still be able to make transfers such as that. For now I'm just going to have to cope with it and I will see if I can work some magic.
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