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  1. I thought it would be better to post in here about another rating decrease for him cause I know he went down form a 90 to a 88, but he should be lower. So I posted in here instead of creating a new forum.
  2. Just wanted to say that Romario is finished and he should now be a 80 rated player. The team he currently plays for Miami FC just lost to my local team the Vancouver Whitecaps 6-1 in a home/away playoff series. Yes the same Vancouver team, that DESTROYED Sunderland. From what I understand, everybody destroys Sunderland, so I guess it wasn't to much of an accomplishment. Way to burst my bubble.
  3. Go Canada. Great reviews Steve. Hey Kev I'm sure you aren't even thinking of selling De Guzman. If you ever consider it let me know and I will see what I can offer you. To anybody else I still have 3 players for sale. Please buy them.
  4. He was added to the DB after this topic was created by myself.
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    you can still buy players it's quite easy you just have to think out side the box. I put in offers to clubs. I will be nice and have mercy on you. Just go to the my club option then my squad then all clubs. then you have access to all the clubs, now find what club u r looking for and then place trasfers for the players on their team. man people are useless that was so easy instead you come on the forums and bitch about it, making the same thread over and over again.
  6. After days of speculation manager Pierce Joneson has pulled off a fire sale. Today Sheffield United completed the signings of Ben Foster, Rui Nereu, Benoit Tremoulinas, Justin Hoyte, Line Marzoratti, Nikolas Besagno, Paul Baysse, Jose Guardado, Nana Kuffour, Soren Christensen, Blerim Dezmaili, Christian SiveBaeK, Efrain Valdez, Claudio, Cherno Samba and Fabio. There is now only 3 original players who remain with the team, unfortunately they were all scheduled to be on their way out but their transfers fell through at the last moment. They are currently still for sale. Money or young player swa
  7. yeah I know its happening to eveybody I don't expect to be fixed anytime soon. cause the admin have a lot of things to do. But when it does get fixed those are the regular times.
  8. frapechi

    500 posts!!

    worst half century speech ever.
  9. sorry i don't know when things happen in your time zone but usually Transfer are accept/rejected at 10pm everyday. Transfers go through Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at Noon (12:00pm) and Games are played at noon on saturday's Wednesday's and now two other days because of custom setups. I'm in the Pacific Time Zone so you can do the math cause I'm lazy.
  10. That would never happen, Coupet and Barthez do not get along. Lyon would never do that it would be the most idiotic move ever. Barthez is done nobody wants him because he is a nut-case.
  11. If I'm correct he's a 90 or 91
  12. I 100% agree with you as I always have, I understand that Europe is the best it's like North America when it comes to internationally played sports such as hockey and basketball, if you want to be considered the best you HAVE to play in the NHL or NBA. But I still find it shocking that America doesn't have any 90 players and I absolutely hate them I celebrated when they got knocked out of this years WC. I didn't care who got through just as long as they didn't. But I can still respect the fact that America is now whether the world likes it or not a decent team that will make almost every WC fr
  13. that's probably because you are overplaying them. The more you play them the more they go down and then if you don't let them recover the next time they go down they go down even more.
  14. I'm not one to defend Americans in anything but I don't believe you Euro's are giving them their dues. They are at this point underrated, not every player and nowhere near what Jaron Bentrude has stated but there are a large numbers of players who are underrated and some that are overrated. Players like Freddy Adu are overrated just because of the hype that surrounds them. Some players are underrated such as Donovan because he "so called" didn't make it in Europe. One must realize that players from America and Canada especially the west coast have a difficult time adjusting to not the European
  15. There are a bunch of Dutch players that should be changed Huntelaar is definitely one of them he should be a 92. I saw someone who pointed out he shouldn't be moved up yet cause he doesn't have enough international experience but considering the fact that in his first game for his country he scored 2 goals and assisted on 2 others in a 4-1 or 4-0 "sorry I forgot the exact score" game vs Ireland I think it's safe to say he has proven that he can hang with the best. Hopefully next year he will make the move abroad to further his career.
  16. it's not a bad idea but I think there are more important things to sort out, fix and add before this is even considered.
  17. Same happened to me with my 4 teams, but I don't really care It's just the first game. Hopefully it will be fixed before the next setup.
  18. hey just wanted to let you guys know i made a mistake in the fixtures i was in the process of changing my lineup and then it stated processing the fixtures so i had a forward as my goalie because I recently transferred my goalie out, and i only lost 4-1 so i guess its not too bad. But it was against the last place team so that sucks. My team also lost its best player, Ryan Babel in the 12min to a red card, so i guess I did ok.
  19. I have the problem too and that really sucks if you manage a smaller team with not so much money, cause now its taking longer for your bids to be accepted so somebody else could make a even though yours probably would have been accepted two days ago.
  20. Sheffield United got active again in the transfer area signing 2 new players David Van Zanten a LB who practised his trade eariler with St Mirren and Aberdeen CB Andrew Considine.
  21. ....going back to Van Persie once again he has performed great for Holland scoring two goals against Belarus. I still think this this guy should be a 92.
  22. frapechi

    Dan's Custom Setup

    Hey I'm I able to join as the South African club Kaizer Chiefs.
  23. New manager Pierce Joneson of Parma has gutted the team and added 13 new players + the addition of 2 players on loan until season's end. The biggest name of the new bunch if Kieran Richardson, while the others are David Van Zanten, Bobby Hassell, Patricio Araujo, Ivan Rakitic, Owen Garvan, Simon Walton, Cole Skuse, Marek Suchy, Vaskos Diablo, Carlos Acuna and Kyle Lafferty. The two players Parma have received on loan are Assimiou Toure and Gerard Pique.
  24. all of sheffield united is for sale at the right price. Except for players that I bought. I'm looking for cash or young prospects.
  25. No I signed up last night, I havn't played any games yet.
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