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  1. Hey I recently heard about this really good young talent on Celtic, Simon Ferry does anybody know anything about this guy. Will he actually be a good pick up if added to the database. Simon Ferry January 11, 1988 18 CM Scottish 173cm 70kg
  2. Hey I'm just popping in to say I've signed on to manage Parma of WC 2.
  3. frapechi


    The Following players need to be added to Lille which has been one of the top French clubs over the last couple of years and they have featured in the CL. Yohan Lacroix February 1 1985 21 194cm 82kg GK France 12 games for Lille B 71 Dieudonne Owona February 28 1986 20 173cm 76kg D Cameroon 23 games for Lille B 73 Alexis Zywiecki April 10 1984 22 184cm 74kg D France 17 games 1 goal for Lille B Rating: 73 Mathieu Robail June 2 1985 21 173cm 68kg M France 0 Games for Lille B Rating: 60 Samuel Robail June 2 1985 21 173cm 66kg M France O Games for Lille
  4. After a recent meeting with the owner of the club manager Pierce Joneson of Sheffield United has decided the time to sell is now and he will be accepting any reasonable offers for any player that inhabited United before his take over. This leaves recent additions Luis Anderson, Owen Hargreaves, Jon Obi Mikel and Gonzalo Castro as the only player to be considered safe. Although the Sheffield manager is specifically looking for more cash so he can invest it else where he hasn't ruled out the possibility of player swapping. Joneson has also officially announced the release of veteran players Cra
  5. Anybody who says you have to start every match to be rated higher then a 90 is an idiot. You got to get some sense knocked into you. Chelsea has 15 players rated above 90, but last time I checked you only play 11. ManU has 13 players. Arsenal has 12 including Van Persie. Barcelona has 19 players. Real Madrid has 15 players. Lyon has over 13. Bayern Munchen has 14. Inter has over 14. Milan has over 15. Juve has 9 players, and they have been relegated so they lost most of theirs. So as you can clearly see most top level clubs have over 11 90 rated players so your argument is moot. Van Persie IS
  6. Hey sorry for sounding like an idiot but I'm a little behind in the transfer where is Saviola playing this season, is he with Barca or did they sell or loan him out again.
  7. Young players in no particular order Luigi Bruins Rossi Jarvis Sebastien Siani Chris Casement James Wesolwski Massimiliano Marsili Besian Idrizaj Fabio Amaral Marco Rossi Nikolas Besagno Jose Guardado Kyel Reid Ivan Rakitic Vurnon Anita Jon Obi Mikel Vassiriki Diaby Tomasz Cywka Tranquillo Barnetta Luis Valencia Elliot Grandin Vaskos Diablo Carlos Acuna Claudio Glenn Roberts Scott Sinclair Luis Anderson Assimiou Toure Miki Roque Slobodan Rajkovic Yacine Chikhaoui Gyan Asamoah Mark Milligan Gonales Rivaldo David Degen Phillip Degen Stefano Okaka Chuka Jan B
  8. wow I still cant believe people are argueing this Yes Van Persie should be a 92, there are a hole bunch of players that are underrated. Cristiano Ronaldo, Van Persie, Fabregas, Huntelaar, Hargreaves, Torres, Villa, a bunch of ManU players. So when people make comparisons to how those are only 92's or what ever their rating is well those players should be rated higher. Van Persie should be a 92 Cristiano Ronaldo should be a 95 Cesc Fabregas should be a 94 Klass-Jan Huntelaar should be a 92 Owen Hargreaves should be a 94 Fernando Torres and David Villa should be 94's O'shea 90 Kieran Ric
  9. No i'm not an Arsenal fan I dont support club soccer just international and the team I support there is Holland and I have so since I was 4.
  10. I think he should be a 95 he still has a lot to learn and i dont get why he was given a raise during the WC when he did nothing. I also think its you Brits again overrating your players and country.
  11. Well he was left out of the Holland squad for his attitude. Marco Van Basten would stand for his bickering, soon Van Nistelrooy wont be included in the first team. Holland has an abundance of young offensive talent and it would have been a waste of time putting Seedorf in when you can give his time to a younger player to gain experience. The reason why they did this is because the goal is to win the 2010 WC. In 2010, Van Persie, Robben, Van Der Vaart, De Jong, Sniejder, Huntelaar, Heitinga and Boularhouz will all be around 26/27 which is when most players enter their prime.
  12. Value wise it's a good deal but consider the following. So the stats on the players are Anthony Vandenborre (that's actually how its spelt) He played 21 games last season for Anderlecht scoring 3 times from the right back position. He has also been capped internationally for Belgium. Now consider this Rafinha who is 2 years older played in 29 games for Schalke 04. He was on the Brazilian U-19 squad but he never played. So using these stats its really hard to say who the better pick is. The current highest rated defender for Belgium is Daniel Van Buyten and he's rated 92 at the age of 28, yo
  13. he is good but he will probably start to drop in rating soon. But then again my soon is like in a couple of years, soooooo he could be a good pick up.
  14. The argument that he is not in the starting 11 is stupid. Messi is not in the starting line up, how many Chelsea players that are rated over 92 are not in the starting line up. Robin Van Persie should be a 92. 1) He had a very good year last season winning November player of the month award and he played well until he got injured. The reason why he didn't get much time after he returned from injury was because the current group of Arsenal players were really clicking together. 2) He had an amazing world cup and was by far the best Dutch player in the WC. 3) Not only did he not have a terrif
  15. Hey just a quick question how many players can you have on your team.
  16. Today Sheffield United completed the signing of 18 year old wonderkid Luis Anderson. Luis is expected to play the lone striker position with Ryan Babel being pushed back to wing. Sheffield also completed the minor signings of Olaf Rompelberg, Jonathan Parr, Jobe Wheelhouse and Christian Ippoliti.
  17. I don't think we need to keep making a topics about it, there is at least 5 that mention he should go up to a 92. Just have patience and when the player rating changes happen for the EPL Van Persie's rating will change.
  18. Hey i was wondering with Jordi Cruyff/Cruijff isn't in the game he played in 30 games last season for Espanyol and is now playing on Metalurh Donetsk.
  19. Sheffield United manager Pierce Joneson has made yet another move to beef up his squad for the remainder of the season by acquiring Chelsea Right Back Glen Johnson on loan for the remainder of the season. Pierce is currently in talks with the Chelsea manager for another player who will be named at a later date. After a few days of negotiating Chelsea and Sheffield United came to an agreement on a second player that will be loaned out for the remainder of the season. Sheffield United have acquired defender Robert Huth from Chelsea on loan. Robert Huth is expected to be in the Sheffield Unit
  20. lets face it ROBIN VAN PERSIE IS A 92. He has shown at club level and international level that he is just as good as other dutch players rated higher then him. He's better then Phillip Cocu. Wesley Sneijdr, Rafael Van Der Vaart, Arjen Robben, Denny Landzaat, Mark Van Bommel and Dirk Kuyt. If you need more evidence do a search for Robin Van Persie in the player ratings and you will find another 20 reasons why.
  21. It took less then a week for new Sheffield manager Pierce Joneson to rally his troops together to get their first win. There were very strong performances from all of his new players, Ryan Babel, Jon Obi Mikel, Gonzalo Castro and Owen Hargreaves including a goal a piece from the new captain Hargreaves and the young German Spaniard Castro. After the 2-0 win Pierce made a quick statement that he was not finished with the transformations to his new look midfield and that all of his players except his newly acquired ones were for sale.
  22. hey Ben thanks for the invite I see that I'm 6th on the list does that mean I get to pick my team 6th overall.
  23. Hey Bobo dont worry about I'm just playing with you I don't hate you.
  24. For me, its a matter of being in a very far away time zone so all the games are on at like 430am so I cant bother to wake up that early when i work almost everyday.
  25. Manager Pierce Joneson of Sheffield United is pleased to annouce the signing of the young Nigerian superstar Jon Obi Mikel. Pierce has stated in a recent interview that he expects Jon to make an instant impact in his teams new look central midfield which now features the likes of Mikel, Castro and Hargreaves. In other news the young Dutch forward, Ryan Babel has joined Sheffield on a loan for the remainder of the season.
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