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    frapechi got a reaction from arsenalrocs in Simon Ferry   
    Hey I recently heard about this really good young talent on Celtic, Simon Ferry does anybody know anything about this guy. Will he actually be a good pick up if added to the database.
    Simon Ferry
    January 11, 1988
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    frapechi reacted in Manchester United Rating Changes   
    Re: Manchester United Rating Changes
    And I'm saying there was nothing 'special' about that goal, so why it's being bought into a discussion about a rating of 99 I don't know.
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    frapechi got a reaction from Dai in Manchester United Rating Changes   
    Re: Manchester United Rating Changes
    Currently no player in the world deserves a 99 rating although Cristiano is the closest to that. I would almost put him on par with Ronaldinho when he was rated a 99. If he wins champions league and gets to at least the semi's in Euro Cup with Portugal then I will stand by SM giving him the 99. But right now he isn't there yet. He's missed out on some individual and team trophy's this season, but there is still the EPL, Champions League, and the multiple golden boot awards. Wait till the end of season before giving anybody a 99 rating.
    As for the other ManU ratings
    Edwin Van der Sar 94 - 94
    Tomasz Kuszczak 87 - 87
    Ben Foster 87 - 87
    Thomas Heaton 73 - 73
    Patrice Evra 92 - 93
    Gary Neville 91 - 90
    Danny Simpson 84 - 82
    David Gray 70 - 70
    Rio Ferdinand 94 - 95
    Nemanja Vidic 94 - 94
    Wes Brown 89 - 90
    Mikael Silvestre 87 - 85
    Gerard Pique 87 - 88
    Craig Cathcart 78 - 78
    John O'Shea 89 - 88
    Ryan Giggs 93 - 92
    Darren Fletcher 88 - 87
    Chris Eagles 85 - 84
    Paul Scholes 93 - 92
    Michael Carrick 91 - 92
    Darron Gibson 82 - 82
    Owen Hargreaves 91 - 91
    Ritchie Jones 76 - 76
    Luis Anderson 89 - 90
    Luis Nani 89 - 89
    Ji-sung Park 88 - 88
    Wayne Rooney 96 - 96
    Carlos Tevez 94 - 95 (If Fernando Torres goes up to a 95)
    Febian Brandy 70 - 70
    Louis Saha 90 - 89
    Fangzhuo Dong 80 - 80
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    frapechi got a reaction from R.B.C in Help with young talent   
    Young players in no particular order
    Luigi Bruins
    Rossi Jarvis
    Sebastien Siani
    Chris Casement
    James Wesolwski
    Massimiliano Marsili
    Besian Idrizaj
    Marco Rossi
    Nikolas Besagno
    Jose Guardado
    Kyel Reid
    Ivan Rakitic
    Vurnon Anita
    Jon Obi Mikel
    Vassiriki Diaby
    Tomasz Cywka
    Tranquillo Barnetta
    Luis Valencia
    Elliot Grandin
    Vaskos Diablo
    Carlos Acuna
    Glenn Roberts
    Scott Sinclair
    Luis Anderson
    Assimiou Toure
    Miki Roque
    Slobodan Rajkovic
    Yacine Chikhaoui
    Gyan Asamoah
    Mark Milligan
    Gonales Rivaldo
    David Degen
    Phillip Degen
    Stefano Okaka Chuka
    Jan Blazek
    Patricio Araujo
    Andreas Ottl
    Marek Jungr
    Victor Anichebe
    Cristian Zapata
    Aleksandr Salugin
    Luka Modric
    Gorani Slavkovski
    Jakub Dohnalek
    Luis Filipe
    Milan Cerny
    Karim Benzema
    Simon Walton
    Pavel Mamaev
    Salvatore Foti
    Gerard Pique
    Bjarne Ingebretsen
    Nathan Dyer
    Bruno Mezenga
    Johan Vonlanthen
    Osni Ramon
    Diego Biseswar
    Solomon Okoronkwo
    Lino Marzoratti
    Gonzalo Castro
    Alhassan Bangura
    Giovanni Dos Santos
    Javi Garcia
    Jeffrey Sarpong
    Basile Camerling
    Oleg Kozhanov
    Alessio Cerci
    Steven Fletcher
    Ismael Aissati
    Marek Suchy
    Nikola Zigic
    Jaime Gavilan
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    frapechi got a reaction from realx7madrid in Money becoming Pointless???   
    Has anybody else realized specifically in the lower World championships (WC 1-200) in the lower English Championships leagues how pointless money has almost become. It seems when the game first started you could buy Ronaldinho for 50M cause at that time for most clubs that seemed like a lot of money but nowadays all the big clubs that hold the majority of the best players, my teams included, have tons of money that even if you offer 90M for a 92 rated player what is the point in accepting it when you already have tons of money. You can't even buy Malouda for 60M in one of the leagues I'm in. The only bargaining chip that any manager can have is his/hers players. And the other team always wants a player of the same value + another good player. I'm not complaining about this cause I'm guilty of it too. But the reason it has come to this is money has become pointless cause you can only buy players with it but when everybody has money who needs to sell their players.
    What I'm suggesting is other ways to use money which would increase the value of money in transfers like being able to increase stadium size or buying fitness coaches so your players are less fatigued. Or hiring doctors so your players recover faster then normal. Just any other way that you can use money for other then transfers. Then the game could start to get more realistic, because the money clubs receive for players dont always go to buying other players.
    Sorry for the rambling
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    frapechi got a reaction from darshan j. in Changes Need to be Made   
    It's been awhile.
    I believe as a group we need to change the whole way transfers are being done. I hear members complaining that it is taking too long for other members to reply. First off some of the offers I personally receive are sometimes ridiculous. Two months ago the manager of a Bayern Munchen offer me 10m for Zambrotta a 95 rated player who was also my forth best player. I rejected the deal only to receive another deal from him for 12.5M. That is what needs to stop. One way for this is too change the whole player value system. For example if i buy Messi from barcelona for 50M + a player, lets say Joe Cole whose value is 8.2M or something like that then Messi's value shouldn't stay at 14.5 or whatever it is when he comes to my team it should be changed to 58.2M cause I'm obviously not going to sell him for less then that. This way it can get rid of the whole SMFA and all that crap. Let the players manage themselves and take the pressure of the smfa. This would also make each league different depending on the managers in it. Cause 8-months ago or so whenever they instituted the new rules for transfers i have basically stopped dealing with other human managers cause It's proven to be a waste of time and I have yet to figure out what the SMFA is looking for in a deal.
    I can sell Dario Srna for 22.5M, but I cant sell David Beckham for 20M even though Beckham is rated higher. I recently put Van der Sar on the transfer list cause I acquired Buffon so I have no need for him. He is I believe the forth best goalie in the game so I said I will sell him for 5M. I see this as a really good offer and in some ways ripping myself off. I get tons of offers immediately and accept the first one offered to me. It gets accepted then blocked by the smfa there is no reason for this. Anther offer today for 4M still doesn't go through. Another example with that same team is I used to have Makelele and I wanted Essien this is when Makelele was a 96 and Essien a 94. I offered 15M + Makelele for Essien who was valued higher because of his age. Accepted by the other manager. But blocked. He comes back and says he will accept 5M + Makelele for Essien. BLOCKED. It finally goes through at 8M+ Makelele for Essien. What was good for me is now Essien is a 95 and Makelele is a 93. I currently have 22M and my teams average rating is 94 for a total of 24 players. I put in a bid of 14M Samir Nasri(rated 91). Accepted but then the chairman states that the chairman does not feel this player would improve the squad for that price tag. SCREW THAT. Let me decide with my 118 player rating and two first place finishes and two second place finishes with this team decided what is good for MY team. This is a game designed for fun then realism. this chairman is taking the fun out of it.
    I think if we brainstorm our ideas we can make this better for the members who want to play it. We changed this game to much to prevent cheaters but at the cost of fun. This was not worth it. i was willing to try it out for the last like 8 months and I can say that I think it has failed. I still see cheaters today.
    Sorry for the rant I just want what best for the game.
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