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  1. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Do we think Jedinak can get 88 in the near future? I think he should but Im not sure what the likelihood of that is...
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Been offered Sebastien Rode for Hector Herrera. Which is better in your opinion?
  3. Re: The Politics Thread Would Uganda not be better off without its Protestant led oppression of homosexuals? The Spanish inquisition and the crusades were represented as a religious wars and in a sense they were but their causes were not religious. In the same way I think the problems of the Middle East have other causes but in a place where everything is articulated through Islam so is the violence. Think about it, a King who wanted to go to war in the1700s would always sell it, amongst other things, as a good Catholic war or a good protestant war, not matter what the main reasons were. The Romans even took the outcome of a battle as a victory of the winner's chosen god over the losers. I think the essential problem in the Middle east and in much of Africa is the shape of the countries. When the imperial countries pulled out they left new nations that had been drawn out on a map. When they were in charge they destroyed preexisting power/territorial arrangements for the benefit of centralisation and 'civilisation' these boundaries, sort of like Europe's, would have come about through centuries of violence and would have been in a kind of equilibrium (lets not forget even in 1990 Europe's boundaries were being fought over. But the countries we left were a jumble of different tribes, ethnicities and cultures (often rivals or even sworn enemies). In a long time liberal society this can be made to work (though I'm sure some people on here would disagree with that), but in places like Uganda or Iraq it was never going to, not for a long time at least. Its worth noting that more successful countries in these areas, such as Botswana, tend to contain fewer (in this case only 1) tribe or culture. That's my rather tenuous theory, but you only need to look at oil, foreign intervention, poverty, high rates of autocracy, occupation and the stubbornness old ways of doing things exert in the face of globalisation to find non religious causes for much of this conflict . In a region where almost everyone is Muslim, of course soldiers will be "fighting for Allah" or the enemy will be "non believers" and those selling their wars will frame them in religious terms.
  4. Re: The Politics Thread I disagree. A peaceful, prosperous and recognised Palestine would be problematic for the Israeli on all sorts of levels. Their territorial ambitions would be frustrated, arms money would dry up, pesky people might start demanding better rights and representation for Arabs living in Israel or even reparations for previous land grabs. Even more, the Israel's backers might stop seeing the the people of Palestine as evil and its civilians as valueless. This could threaten Israel's position of privilege in the region. No, much better for Gaza to be a small open air prison, where calories going in can be counted and the population can be denied their freedom - after all when they get a taste of it they'll only want more. And if the odd rocket comes over (which, although wrong, are an inevitable and understandable response to an untenable situation) its no major problem for Israel. After all they're tremendously ineffective and are a great pretext for another punitive war against the civilians of Gaza. With any luck people will continue to believe that "they're both as bad as each other" and that the people of palestine are just as responsible for this as Israel is. Meanwhile Israel continues to build illegal settlements and Gaza remains an open air prison. Yet people ignores these thoroughly shameful actions because both sides come out looking as bad as each other. As long as the people of Gaza have no recourse other than violence they will be violent, and as long as they are violent Israel can say look at these evil terrorists and carry on doing all the things it does whilst the rest of the world shrugs. Israel is opposed to both a one state and two state solution. The status quo suits Israel fine.
  5. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Dom Dywer +5 to 82. Neat little profit
  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Lukaku thing is being massively overblown on here. As with all transfers on here people have trivialized it and tried to make it look really simple when obviously all decisions are taken carefully and looked into by managers and executives with much more information than us. Lukaku has a very high ceiling but a lot of players never reach that ceiling. The main issue is that he wasn't willing to fight for a starting spot for a variety of reasons. Some good (safe game time is good at his age), some not so good (he clearly thinks he's a lot better than he is). This is evidenced by asking to go out on loan last season when his competition was the weakest set of strikers we've had in the Abramovich era. Even this season he would have had a great shot at number 2 striker and a chance to be more than that and declined it to go to Everton. So Chelsea had 2 choices: ensure him loads of game time or sell him. To ensure him loads of game would be difficult because 1) he simply isn't good enough right now to lead our line this season and 2) elite clubs do no ensure anyone a starting place. They work on competition and anyone who has played for a top club knows that if you aren't willing to fight for your place then you aren't gonna play at such a high level. This is particularly evidenced by the complete lack of top clubs interested in him. If he was a really obvious player for a top club to keep, why wasn't he an obvious target for a top club to buy? For the same reasons as Chelsea, no other elite clubs would be willing to offer what he demanded. Everton were the only club in for him because they were the only club rich enough to buy him but poor enough that they can't afford / get an actual top striker to compete with him. The fee is very fair when you consider how good he can be (top drawer) AND how average he could end up being. None of us can predict the future and there have been many top young strikers who have come to little. Finally, no one has yet mentioned the major factor that is Bertrand Traore just loaned out to Vitesse for work permit reasons. Barring some unlikely twists he will blow Lukaku out of the water during their respective careers. Mourinho is very much a believer in him, he has a better attitude and has to be THE player to watch in the Eredivise this season. I've seen Bamford mentioned in arguments about Lukaku but it is Traore who will be world class. PS, the Lampard thing is a fuss about nothing. He is a legend here already and if you think a handful of games for City will make even a little bit of difference then you don't understand what a legend is.
  7. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread First win in charge! Back up to top. Also: Last of the money goes
  8. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Oriol Romeu has signed a new 3 year contract. Looks like Mikel will leave, which makes me sad...
  9. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread New squad taking shape
  10. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread "The deal involving Notts County and Northampton Town regarding Nathaniel CLYNE has collapsed as the SMFA has blocked the deal." Annoying... I've been away for a while, is there anything that can be done about this now?
  11. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Thanks mate, I've got Notts County. Everyone is for sale cash or player exchange!
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