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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    barnabyd got a reaction from Halstinho in Official Chelsea FC Thread   
    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
    If you think that was assault you might want to get your head checked.
    Also, are you yourself not a racist? I've certainly seen some racism from you on the forum...
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    barnabyd reacted to Valentia in Official Chelsea FC Thread   
    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
    Probably mistook the ball for a sheep...
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Them 2 for me
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    barnabyd got a reaction from Neller in Official Liverpool Thread   
    Re: Official Liverpool Thread
    What with the murderers?
    People need to football (and their strange, morphed football morality) into perspective. You think Terry and Giggs are the only people to have affairs? Is there a special rung in hell reserved for players that demand transfers or celebrate in front of away fans? Is Balotelli the only person who fights with his boss?
    If these were the kind of thing "bottom rung humans" did then the world would be pretty dandy don't you think?
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    barnabyd got a reaction from ruggermad in Official Liverpool Thread   
    Re: Official Liverpool Thread
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    barnabyd got a reaction from Rodrigo0 in Serie A Rating Predictions   
    Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13
    Barzagli +1
    Pirlo +2
    Nice to see they aren't steadfastly ignoring over 30 players anymore.
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    barnabyd got a reaction from germlad in The New Players Thread   
    Re: The New Players Thread
    Would you now?
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    barnabyd got a reaction from Sparksy448 in Official Arsenal Thread   
    Re: Official Arsenal Thread
    Read in the summer that its not the transfer money that's lacking, but wage money. Wenger could buy players for £20 mil but the board won't pay more than about £60k. Most players who would cost a lot of money would also demand a lot of money.
    So Wenger could either spend bigger on players who don't demand too much money (ie fairly average ones) but he prefers not to waste transfer fees when he can get that sort of player cheaper. When the right player does come along (such as Giroud who was on hardly anything at Montpellier) he makes his move but otherwise he's pretty stuck...
    Hard to verify but it makes some sense.
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    barnabyd got a reaction from arampage in The Politics Thread   
    Re: The Politics Thread
    New Labor and the unions were never very friendly. I don't like the way Labor is treating the unions - I know they have to try and get elected but they should do that by standing up for their roots and their beliefs instead of trying to ditch a large part of their history to become Tory-lite.
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    barnabyd got a reaction from BroodRoosterNL in The Politics Thread   
    Re: The Politics Thread
    It is not a disorder
    It is not unnatural
    It is not "not normal"
    It is not a disadvantage to the human race
    It is not immoral by any objective assessment.
    Plus you're a Roman bloody Catholic and now you advocate forced abortions. Do everyone a favor and educate yourself a little. If you look at what Dave's actually saying he never comes close to being as ludicrous as this.
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    barnabyd got a reaction from -JMH- in English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread
    Both should hit 87 this review or maybe the next one. Surprised not to have any competition.
    Replaces Delle as the backup goalkeeper. Also in for a big rise I think.
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    barnabyd got a reaction from arampage in The Politics Thread   
    Re: The Politics Thread
    There are two things about religion that make it damagging:
    1) It makes claims of supreme knowledge of the truth. In claiming to know what is happening, a religion encourages terrible behavior and causes comflict with others outside it. If you KNOW that God wants you to do something, then it doesn't matter how evil other people think it is anymore. You're probably gonna do it anyway.
    God's will has been an excuse for everything from the Crusades to the inquisition. Religion is also the last to budge when social and political norms progress, because it has a very hard time admitting it's fallible. Thats why we still don't have women bishops or gay marriage.
    2) It encourages (in some cases) rigid power structures which are very unaccountable. It places vulnerable people such as children and other ordinary citizens into the hands of people who are both higher up in the hierachy and who claim to have God on their side. The natural result, as in the Catholic Church, is widespread abuse of power.
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    barnabyd got a reaction from jim82 in Official Chelsea FC Thread   
    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
    Chelsea absolutely had to report it. They handled it very badly in the first couple of hours afterwards (tensions were high and Mikel was angry etc), but none of this amounts to an actual attempt to "get back" at Clattenburg. It wasn't even so much as a public accusation as a public acknowledgement that they were looking into an incident.
    People who know Ramires have come out and said that there is zero chance he just made it up, he's not that sort of person. He almost certainly misheard something or though he heard something. His English is still very poor.
    None of it is as low as people seem to be suggesting, just some poor management of the situation.
    Also, people suggesting the charges either could have ended Clattenburg's career or were designed to end his career (), they clearly haven't. I'm sure its caused him a lot of pain and I'd like to see an apology over the media issue, but he will have known throughout that he was innocent. The only way this could possibly have ended his career was if he was found guilty.
    And of course bring paedophiles, Jimmy Saville etc into it is not only ludicrous and pathetic but demonstrates a certain blind hatred that I know I and most of the Chelsea fans on this forum are sick of having on this thread.
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    barnabyd reacted to jim82 in Official Chelsea FC Thread   
    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
    Comparing this to paedophiles and cancer is just bloody stupid.
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    barnabyd got a reaction from Hayden19 in Official Chelsea FC Thread   
    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
    Essentially we have got our stability from the playing staff in the Abramovich years. Cech, Drogba, Lamps, Cole, Terry, Essien, Mikel, Kalou, Carvalho, Ivan have all spent a long time at Chelsea, and have provided some continuity from one manager to the next. The bold ones made up the core of a really strong team they stayed together a long time.
    Clubs like Arsenal have got their stability from having one manager with a single guiding will for the club. However, their turnover of players is much faster, they sell and replace key players more often, making Wenger's stability more important.
    Now the era of these players have come to an end. Either we must get in a long term manager (and that would have to be Pep because he would transform the club from top to bottom), or we build and keep a strong core (Mata, Hazard, Cahill, Oscar...) and then it would be possible to tear through managers like we have done in the past and still be very successful.
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    barnabyd got a reaction from IanMcCo in Official Premier League Discussion Thread   
    Re: Premier League Discussion Thread
    I think the only criteria is not to be infernito
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    barnabyd got a reaction from AngusLFC in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    If anything Neymar is underhyped on here. A lot of people rubbish him on here because they think it makes them look like they know a lot about football.
    Realistically however, he is already one of the best strikers in the world and when he goes to Madrid or Barcelona he is going to be devastating.
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    barnabyd got a reaction from Safir in The Politics Thread   
    Re: The Politics Thread
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    barnabyd got a reaction from arampage in The Politics Thread   
    Re: The Politics Thread
    The federal system is fundamental to the United States. It is the only way the US, as one nation could possibly exist and it is deeply ingrained in the culture and probably the best way to run an incredibly large country.
    Without the Federal system, the original United States could not even have come into being. The US constitution is a triumph of the balancing of state and federal rights.
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    barnabyd got a reaction from Geoffrey in Reality Check   
    Re: Reality Check

    Manager: Vendetta

    Cannot spend more than £25 million on one player
    Minimum of 4 russians on the pitch at all times
    Worst player on pitch has to earn half as much as best player on pitch

    Arshavin is happy with his trophies but now he want to play at a higher level after preforming so well last season.
    The board want you off the bottom of the league, thus they have given you up to £70million to spend on two big name signings. This will not come out of your budget.
    Gareth Barry wants to continue his England career and unless you reach play-offs he feels that he can't do that here.
    Budget: £35million+sales per season

    Manager: Vladislav

    Brazilian only
    Must keep either Neymar or Ganso
    Cannot spend more than £15 million one one player

    Vagnar Love wants to move but only if a higher division club comes a looking.
    Marques Maicon wants a transfer as you did not make play-offs.
    The board are willing to invest in 3 non Brazilians, as long as they are 89 or higher and costs less than £15 million.
    Danilo Silva will be forced to leave if he doesn't get a Average Performance of 6.75 or higher next season.
    Budget: £15million+sales per season

    Manager: Sunny Delight

    Can only sign 2 players aged 22 to 29 per season
    Can only sign one 88+ player who is not at least 1 rating below his peak
    Must have at least a 4 point rating gap between best and worst player on the pitch at all times.

    Berbatov is looking for a new challenge after preforming well last season. However he will only leave to team in a higher division.
    The board wants you to not forget your russian roots. Providing the player is russian. You can sign him whatever his age.
    Lucio needs to get an average rating of 6.75 or the board will force you to sell him.
    Budget: £Unlimited per season

    Manager: Mashaya

    Must be at least 3 Ukrainians on the pitch
    Must have at least 3 Brazilians on the pitch
    Must sell any 90+ if double CV over comes in

    Yevhen Seleznyov is looking for a new challenge after some great games last season, he wants to move.
    The board have decided to lift the ban on signing EU players, in the hope that it can help you strengthen the side.
    Alan Dzagoev is being sought after by a lot of great clubs. However he will stay if you achieve play-offs this season.
    Budget: £22million+sales per season

    Manager: Woodsy

    Cannot spend more than £18 million on any player
    May only sign Europeans
    Cannot sign anyone 30 or older

    Jevalic is displeased with how many games he is getting. He must be sold.
    You can buy 3 non EU players this season.
    Kiessling feels that he is good enough for division 2 at least. If you don't get promoted he must be sold.
    Budget: £30million+sales per season

    Manager: Venkrontrueblue11

    Must have at least 4 Swiss players on the pitch at all times
    Must accept offers for 89+ which are double CV
    Can only make 3 non swiss signings a season (except youth)
    THe board have decided to slightly cut your budget tho season
    Cuenca enjoyed his time so much at Basel that he wants a permanent move. Barca have to sell him to you for £10million
    Abdennour has to get an Average rating of 7 or higher next season or he will have to be sold to raise funds.
    Budget: £10million+sales per season

    Manager: Jgos

    Must have at least 3 spanish players in starting Xl
    Must have a squad of 32+
    Must sign a least one south American player per season

    Bernd Leno believes its time that he replaces Adler. If Adler isn't sold by the 5th game of the season. Leno will demand a transfer.
    You did not achieve promotion and thus sadly your budget cannot be positive.
    The board kae up for your small budget this season. Thus they have given you £30million to spend on one player. This does not come out your budget.
    Huntelaar feels he's getting too good for this league, however he has enjoyed his time in sunny spain. Therefor he will only leave if you don't get into play-off finals next season.
    Budget: £0 million per season

    Manager: RickJames

    Can only sign Catholic players (If they are from mainly Catholic nation e.g. S.America, Italy, Africa). Otherwise proof must be provided on the thread)
    Cannot spend more than £11 million per player
    Have to have at least 2 Scots on the pitch at all times

    Harnik must leave after not making the required 13 starts last season.
    You, as God intended, can now sign both Orthodox and Catholic players.
    Ciaran Clark would like at least 7 starts this season
    Budget: £15million+sales per season

    Manager: Mario Balotelli

    Cannot spend more than £16 million on any player
    Must have at least 2 frenchmen in team
    Must accept 2.5x CV on any 90+ players, except Hazard

    Jurado sees his future at a higher level after being your best layer last season and so has demanded a transfer.
    You are being given an extra £15 million (outside of your budget and an extra 5 on your squad cap for the sole purpose of harvest Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 talent from external clubs aged 24 and below.
    The board think Damiao is underperforming. Because he is worth so much, hey will ask you to sell him unless he averages over 7 next season.
    Budget: £20million+sales per season

    Manager: Jozua

    Cannot spend more than £16 million on any player
    Must have at least 4 Italians in team
    May only make 2 singings per season who are not from Italian clubs (they can be from an Italian club in real life or in game).

    Ledesma was supposed to be sold last season. Sell him now and don't tai any of that money into your budget.
    Di Natale has also demanded a transfer, after Udinese didn't finish in the top half.
    After relegation the board has cut your budget.
    You have been given an extra £15 million, outside your budget, to invest in Serie A and B players rated 84 or less.
    Abate had poor discipline this season, if he gets 5 yellow cards or more agin, the board want to kick him out.
    Budget: £12million+sales per season

    Manager: Ryan

    Can only buy once from the top 4 divisions (England, Germany, Spain, Italy) once a season.
    Must have at least 3 french speakers in every match
    Can only buy one over 27 per season

    Scott Parker is your highest earner and the board no longer think they can support his wages in Division 3, sell him.
    You have been given a £20million fighting fund to buy players from the lower divisions of all countries.
    Cisse as your top scorer last season, will want to leave if you don't make th stop 5 tho season.
    Budget: £15million+sales per season

    Manager: Abu Dhabi

    No buying players who are rated under 90 and are aged over 22
    Must buy at least 3 players who play ligue 1 football (in real life)
    Cannot be more than 3 french players on the pitch

    The board are furious at back to back religions, they have given you a 0 budget this season, because the spending isn't getting them anywhere.
    Hamsik must leave after you didn't get promoted last season.
    The board are still keen for you to bounce straight back. They are giving you a 42 squad limit to do this with.
    Mikel doesn't feel suited to division 3 football. He will ask to leave if you don't get promoted.
    Budget: £0
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    barnabyd got a reaction from kdBz in Reality Check   
    Re: Reality Check

    Manager: Reice

    Cannot buy any 92+ players
    Your lowest player in use at all times must be a centre back
    Must have at least 4 south americans on the pitch at all times

    Asamoah feels its time for him to step up to division 1 and thus must be sold.
    Cigarini missed out on 7 games and so must leave.
    You did well despite the fact an 86 and 87 got 17 appearances each. The board have decided to strengthen that position. You can buy a 90+ rated CB and a Striker with only half their cost counting on your budget.
    Giovinco likes the club but he doesn't want to be a Division 2 player all his life. An improvement on last season's 5th place will be enough to see him stay.
    Budget: £25million+sales per season

    Manager: Cedd

    All signings but 4 must be from Bundesliga teams (in real life or in Reality Check)
    At least 4 foreigners on the pitch at all times
    Cannot pay more than £18 million for one player

    You failed last season to get the average rating up to 89, your budget is taking a hefty slap.
    The board are worried you're forgetting your German roots. Therefore they have given you the option to take any German against the other managers will provided he is worth £6 million or less.
    Dost is making worrying noises after a good season. 8th or higher or he leaves.
    Budget: £9million+sales per season

    Manager: Gozzy

    Must have at least 5 Africans in the team
    Cannot spend more than £18 million on any 1 player
    Must buy at least 3 French players every season

    The board are very happy with the attacking play of the squad and so have banned the signing of any new strikers, you or old this season.
    With PSG still pulling away financially, the board have set aside £25 million for you, outside of your budget to spend on one big player.
    Ba has continued to shine. Playoffs this season or he might be asking for a move...
    Budget: £28million+sales per season

    Manager: Will

    Cannot have more than one over 30 on the pitch
    Must have at least 3 Spanish players on the pitch
    Must have 4 89+ CMs at all times

    Doumbia is to be sold after being a bit of a flop this season.
    Kone must also leave after failing to play the 5 games set out last season.
    Valencia have established themselves as Spain's 3rd team. They can mug Malaga, Athletic club and At Madrid of 87+ players by bidding 3 times CV.
    The board feel Alba is a player who can bring in a lot of cash, so if he performances don't improve to 6.95 avg then he will leave.
    Budget: £30m per season

    Manager: Kangaroojack09

    Can only sign one non Iberian / South American per season
    Must sell any 90+ to an English club who offers double CV
    Cannot pay more than £16 million for one player

    Javi Garcia wants to move to England
    You have been given £20 million to spend on a Brazilian player as the board seek extend the Brazlian touch supplied by Nene this season. This is above and outside your budget.
    Due to your good season, the rest of the squad seems to content so you can have a season with no complaining players.
    Budget: £20million+sales per season

    Manager: Slbquista

    Cannot buy anyone rated 93 or higher
    Must have a keeper on loan from another club playing 75% or more of your games.
    Cannot spend more than £35 million on one player

    Belahnda and Turn have both been shocking. Normally the board would only force one sale, but they have been terrible and the fans want them out.
    The board are sad that your clubs rich tradition of forward is being let down. You have unlimited money outside your budget to spend on any one striker.
    Ola John was your best player last season and the older players are jealous of the young upstart. If he is your best player agin, they will go on striker until he leaves. However, he wants to play at least 10 games next season as a reward for his performances so you have a careful balancing act to play.
    Budget: £40million+sales per season

    Manager: kdBz

    Must loan out one 90+ at all times
    May only buy 1 under 21 per season
    Must have 2 Englishmen on the field at all times

    Carlos Tevez was disappointed with last season's placing, especial as he was one of the top scorers last season. In fact he's entirely sick of England and wants to go somewhere they speak spanish or Portugese.
    The board want this promotion badly now. If any 91+ players come up for cash only, feel free to buy them without deducting anything from this season's budget.
    Bale played great last season and will leave for Division one if you don't make the play offs next season.
    Budget: £30 million

    Manager: Barnabyd

    Must sell at least one of Essien, Malouda, Drogba, Lampard, Cech, Cole and Bonsingwa each season
    Can only buy 26 or under
    Can only make 1 signing over £25 million each season

    Cole must leave as per rule above. Torres much also leave cos he ain't playing in division 2.
    The Board is furious at you're relegation and have cut you're budget to £20million+sales, however they are keen to get you back where you belong and thus have given you £40million to splurge on a 92+ player. This player does not count as your one £25 million plus player.
    Mata will leave if you don't get promoted
    Budget: £20mill+sales per season

    Manager: TheMar AFc

    Can only sign 2 non-Germans per season (unlimited polish players)
    Cannot buy anyone 92 or higher
    Cannot spend more than £19 million on any player

    Last seasons best player Pazzini wants to leave, however, your manager believes you didn't stay up as you didn't score enough so unless an offer of £25million comes in, he stays.
    The board are upset that you sold Helmes after they dais how happy they were with I'm, they are shaving £8 million off you budget for this and for relegation.
    Youngsters are still flocking to your club. You are getting an additional £10million under 21 budget and an additional 5 squad spots, providing your youth team always has 15+ youth players whilst your full squad has more than 35.
    There are some big stars at the club. Who knows who will want to leave if promotion is not forthcoming?
    Budget: £10+sales per season

    Manager: Broodrooster

    No buying over 23s
    No buying over 90

    Nsue has gotta go, and now Ekiza wants out as well.
    The board hasn't got the faintest idea how you got promoted but you did it. Every spanish person is indeed so caught up in the fan fair of your promotion that you can take any spanish player 90 or under for CV and this player is oblivious to all your other rules. The team you take him from will be compensated by having 2.5 times the fee added to their budget rather than just 1 times the fee.
    The board understands that bringing through youth is a bit hit and miss and they want to maximize your chances of success. You have a new squad limit of 45, provided at least 25 of them are 21 or under.
    De Marcos is looking for much more game time next season (10 starts) if he is to remain at the club.
    Budget: £25million+sales per season

    Manager: Ben Newman
    All players bought 83+ have to be over 30.
    Best player on the pitch must be at least 4 ratings higher than the worst
    Anyone you buy who is 90+ has to be at least 2 ratings below peak

    Investors are shaky, so despite promotion they are cutting your budget and forcing you to sell Drogba.
    The board are worried about sustainability and would like you to create a youth team out of players bought when they are rated under 83. For this they have expanded your squad limit to 45, provided at least 10 are youth players.
    This season they will also allow you two players of any rating between 22 and 30 as a reward for promotion.
    A brown envelope was slipped under your door by Primark who feel you are doing them well be taking away the heat around Chinese child labour to Chinese football. Inside the envelope is a nylon sweater so beautiful if given to any manager they must sell their over 30 player of your choice to you for £50million. However this shoe can only be used once as it rips straight away. The £50 million is outside your budget.
    Hangeland didn't reach his games tally and must be sold, along with Odemwingie, who should have been sold last season. For Odemwingie you must accept the West Brom bid.
    Budget: £45 million + sales
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    barnabyd got a reaction from Ben C in Reality Check   
    Re: Reality Check
    You're right he's wrong.
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    barnabyd reacted to Mike H in Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)   
    Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)
    Bit of a beast coming free..... rejecting Borrusia Dortmund in GC124
    £305m squad value
    £130m in the bank.
    Epic team.
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