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  1. Re: Enough SMFA I hear you! Today I was reversed offers for such rediclous things Sweienstiger + 20M for Neymar Nasri + A.Ayew for Pedro Chyrgynsky + 10M for Ivanovic SMFA are ruining the game by just looking at the current ratings and reversing all transfers. I've been negotiating for a month now over these deals and when they are finally through, the SMFA reverse them!
  2. Re: Reversed Transfers Thanks, I will email him now. Chyrgynsky + 10M = Ivanovic (From BM to AC Milan) Nasri + 10M = Pedro (From AC Milan to FCB) 10M = A.Ayew (From FCB to AC Milan) and I was offered 20M + Swienstiger for Neymar, so instead: 28.5M = Swienstiger (From BM to AC Milan) 47M = Neymar (From AC Milan to BM) and my rep is 242!!
  3. After weeks of negotiations and messages with two managers (Barcelona and Bayern Munchen) and finally getting players that I need; the SMFA decided to reverse 4 of my latest deals without giving me any explanations!! 3 out of the 4 deals were agreed on via messages and one of them was just an offer that was accepted without needing to negotiate over it via messages! I was surprised to open my team today and to find out the news, I am so annoyed that I feel like quitting SM due to this irrespective move by the SMFA! I want your help to know who I can contact so I object and so that they can
  4. Who do you think of the big names will move and to where? Rumors Suggest: Ribery - Bayern -> Real Madrid Villa - Valencia -> Real Madrid Juan - Roma -> Real Madrid Huntelaar - Real Madrid -> Roma Robben - Real Madrid -> AC Milan Van Der Vaart - Real Madrid -> AC Milan Victor Valdez - Barcelona -> AC Milan Drogba - Chelsea -> Inter Deco - Chelsea -> Inter Carvalho - Chelsea -> Inter Ibrahimovic - Inter -> Chelsea Benzema - Lyon -> Juventus Trezeguet - Juventus -> Lyon Viera - Inter -> Lyon Sniejder - Real -> Bayern Tevez - Free Agent
  5. Re: Arsenal Gossip How do you feel now seeing that the fans are leaving from the 40th minute vs Chelsea PS: How much is the price of a ticket for such a match?
  6. Re: Arsenal Gossip Yeah, but that was expected when the team needed 5 goals and were not much trying, I mean we were 3-0 down and needed 5 goals when the team was devastated and was not actually playing, while Man U looked like they are in a training session....I stayed for the 90 minutes although I knew we were out of the cup when the 1st goal was scored (it is hard to score 3 goals against the best CB's in the world, and they play infront of a great GK)...But the fans should have still supported Arsenal even if we lost, Moral support is important when the team is losing.
  7. Re: leaked arsenal kit I saw it before on the Arsenal website I thinks....But i have to say it looks terrible, I guess next season will be ugly kits season:p (also referring to Man U, Chelsea and Everton....Liverpool's is not as bad)
  8. Re: Arsenal Gossip TO EVERYONE 1- I am an Arsenal Fan, but the difference between me and you guys is that I am honest and do admit it when we are weak in something 2- I dont Like Arsenal just for the French (otherwise I'd also like Chelsea, Man U, Barca, Juve, Bayern etc...) 3- I am sorry if i hurt your feelings, but the truth hurts sometimes 4- I just as Pis*ed-off as you guys 5- I sorry to be the guy who says "I told you so" but it is true 6- I was wishing for a win, not for a Gibbs slip (I already mentioned that I hope Gibbs would prove me wrong) 7- The only logical comment i read i
  9. Re: Arsenal Gossip ehm:rolleyes:........Any one still want to argue me that Gibbs is a great players? I wonder if Arsene Substuted him or if Gibbs requested the sub? maybe both? Any one want to say Walcott was a smart choice to start with? Any of you want to say Diaby's gap was well filled? Does any forumer here still says Djourou is our best Sub CB? Did any one feel that Silvestre was missing and he could've been a great help? Any one want to say Adebayor is a classic goalscorer? Is Bendtner still our best Plan B? They say a picture is worth a 1000 word, well here's acouple that woul
  10. Re: Arsenal Gossip If you read my first post yesterday you would have seen that i mentioned I was an Arsenal Fan (in fact i am Arsenal crazy) so Mistake #1 & 2 to YOU! 1- Sure my statement has truth (it is based on research, but you wouldn't know about that, since you didnt review your 3rd point) 2- Not SOME of the goals are against weak team, they are ALL as i mentioned before 3- His tie-breaker against Bolton was scored from a set piece which could have been scored by Ady, Gallas or Toure (though Gallas didn't play that match. He was a very fresh player (he came on the 75th min
  11. Re: Arsenal Gossip Firsrt of all please argue me from a logical point of view and not from a blinded Arsenal fan point of view As to Ady, he had 1 good season (last year) and suddenly now he is the new Henry? I really hope Milan are still fooled by him and would still pay alot of cash to let him so we can use that money on investments on real promising strikers. how many goals did he score recently in the EPL (in 2009)? 3 goals 1 vs Hull 2 vs Man City In the UCL the whole team works hard to supply goals for him (i have to admit that his goal vs Villareal was great) but other than t
  12. Re: Arsenal Gossip ok....and what is the angry part?
  13. Re: Arsenal Gossip No one but he is young, he is a CM, hee has EPL experience and he is available, he has every thing that Wenger searches for in a young player
  14. Re: Arsenal Gossip Van Persie and Silvestre are in the squad for Man U
  15. Re: Arsenal Gossip LOL...what made u laugh and angry.....the out or in (because the in is as i mentioned some are hopes and some are talks) and as to the Out (I dont want Gallas to go, but most news and his situations indicates on that, as for Ady i dont care if he moves out as long as we get a suitable subs and for Nicklas, i dont give a **** if he leaves)
  16. Re: Arsenal Gossip Silvestre was the best defender against Man U! And To Skippy: Are you kidding me? Gibbs was the worst defender i have ever seen when we played Man U, he cant stop any ball that Cristiano has under control
  17. Re: Arsenal Gossip Since we are very close from the Summer Transfer Window, who do you think would move in and out of Arsenal? I think Out Adebayor (AC Milan) Bendter (Bayern Munchen) Gallas (AC Milan) In Lucas (Liverpool) Chellini (Juventus) Sakho (PSG) Gignac (Bourdaux) Gourcuff (Baourdaux) Tevez (Man U) Xabi Alonso (Liverpool) Orange = Maybe Blue = Possible but i am really hoping they happen Red = Mentioned a lot but not very serious Green = Close to signing Offcourse nothing is 100% sure
  18. Re: Arsenal Gossip I would like to see Van Persie play tomorrow because honestly i think he is the only decent Striker in Arsenal (Bentner is overrated, Adebayor is not that good, Vela is still inexperienced, Eduardo has the best finishers but he is constantly injured, Walcott is a winger is a terrible shooter, Arshavin is not part of the UCL team:() although Van Persie is more of a Winger or Second Striker (Arshavin too is not an exact striker, he is more like a AM or Second Striker too); I mean don't get me wrong i am a true Arsenal supporter but i have to be honest. So having Van Persie wo
  19. Re: Ronaldinho and Forlan? Ronaldinho is no where near the old Ronaldinho and he is not performing well for both AC Milan and Brazil so i expect a drop to 95 if not 94 Forlan, on the other hand is 2nd top scorer in the spanish leage with 19 goals and 3rd top scorer in the South American 2010 World Cup Qualification games with 5 goals so I expect to see him go up to 94 (Like Aguero)
  20. Re: Steve Gerrard What is his Position - Poll He plays a AM and SS (I know it's not an SM position) at Liverpool and he plays as a RM sometimes in the CL. In England though he is a CM and sometimes a DM so I think his SM position should be M. Which is a position that applies to all positions. Cant be a Fwd cuz that means he can play as a CF which he doesnt. Unless position SS is created which would be and mean "Second Striker" Which is like the 4-4-1-1 formation on SM and Steve G's position "SS" whould be the 1 in 4-4-1-1.
  21. Re: Am I Bending the rules? LOL...I absolutely LOVE the way you think...That is how all successful managers should think...I make a lot of dirty moves and dodgy deal (legally) to get players, for example lie to managers about a youth player telling them that he would grow up to be a legend for that country just to get a good player in exchange:p
  22. Re: Am I Bending the rules?
  23. Re: Am I Bending the rules?
  24. I have been buying recently some players on the following way: A club would bid on a player I am interested in...unfortunatly the club agrees to sell the player for the amount offered, so what i do is, send a message to the owner of the player telling him to cancel the deal so i bid higher, for example Boumsong in Juventus, Spartak Moskow offer 7M and Juventus accept the deal! so I contact Juventus manager telling him to cancel the deal before it is complete so I can buy him for 10M! Therefore Juventus manager cancels the deal and sells Boumsong to me , but is it against the rules or any thin
  25. I have been on soccermanager from 2007 so for 2 years now....My reputation is only 106 when it should be 141...This was due to a stupid multi-account with friends money gaining experience we tried to do by selling 1 or 2 of our players to an unmanaged/rich club in our WC and buy from it its best 2 players by having control of that club (We sold 2 of our players to have money to buy 2 of the other club's players). We were still new to SM and we were not very close to the game and familiar with it so at mid June 2007 SM locked our accounts for 1 week and dropped our reputation to 20:( so now a
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