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  1. I have francesco Totti This s the deal I give Totti VS Antonios Marcos Senna 93-31 Salomon Kalou 92-22 + 25 mil PLEASE !!!!...say to me what will become the rating of eahc player f this deal and what you you think about the deal thanks
  2. Bordeaux


    have receive an offfer for Francesco Totti the other team give me Marcos Senna (93-31) + Richards (90-21) so what's your opinion
  3. Re: The Best Team I've search oin the misc section and never have find this kind of thread...so if you know the link...please give him to me in a reply.....thanks
  4. That's will be funny if every forumer who think manage the best squad of a particular team writte him squad here with the name of him club and the name of the setup
  5. I went to know if he exist an other site... in the same modal then Soccermanager but for hockey. (For the Nhl) I search on google since many month but I never have found ....... Thanks for any information about that. Sorry if I dont have post my message at the good place....but I never have receive anseer when I have post him in the good category...so I post him in the most popular part of the forum for receive an answer... Thanks again Excuse me for my bad english...it's not my primary language.
  6. Re: My Old Bodeaux Team Thnas but do you have any tip for my tactic
  7. Hello everybody, I have my bordeaux team since many month (Start of the WC 826). I'm now in my third season and I have many deal during this few month. So, Now and dont know what is the correct tactics for this squad and I have difficulty to win against team who 're very more bad then me. Please Help me, this is my squad K Enke 91-30 KP Helton 90-29 KP Nikopolidis 90-36 KP Hart 86-20 KP D Maxwell 92-26 LB/LM Demichelis 92-27 CB/DM Dunne 91-28 CB/RB Fabiano Eller 90-30 CB/DM M Pizarro 90-28 CM/DM Pardo 92-31 CM/DM INJURIED Giuly 92-31 W/F Feindouno 91-27 W/F Simons 91-31 CM/DM
  8. This my Barcelona squad in the Spanish Championship 10 Starter: Buffon 96 Nesta 96 Terry 96 Puyol 96 Xavi 96 Pirlo 96 Gerrard 97 Ronaldo 98 Eto'o 96 Henry 96 Messi 97 Sub: Thuram 92 Stakovic 94 Makelele 92 Bojan 87 Giovani 86 Res: Hummels 80 Hobbs 76 Bostock 74 Kroos 78 Balotelli 80 So I really dont know how use this player..........iuf any have an idea for my formation....I have think play in 3412......but i'm not sure so thanks for your help and your time Bordeaux
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I ave a starting squad of barca, I have sell Henry for 40 mil good or not thanks for your time
  10. How many year do you think he rest to the Cannavaro's Career.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... So i dont understand you say the TEAM 2 win but after you say 91 rated player is easy to get and Chivu isn't Nah no cash involved in the deal I give Cabanas + Dunne VS CHIVU
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ok Say to me please who win in this deal TEAM 1 give: Salvador Cabanas (91-27) + Richard Dunne (91-28) TEAM 2 give: Cristian Chivu (93-27) so thanks for any opinion
  13. Re: Information Yeah I know but i went a site of hockey management who use the REAL Player of National Hockey League
  14. Bordeaux


    Re: SM yeah i know....but do you know a site who use the REAL PLAYER of the National Hockey League.....
  15. I went know if he exist an online site for hockey management....... so a site who is similar to SM but for the Hockey (and with the real player of the National Hockey League) Thanks for any information
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