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  1. trezeguet- up to 94/95 shouldnt have went down in the first place. plays excellent in serie a as good as ibrohimovic del piero up to 93. on par wit trorres and tevez iaquinta up to 92. had a fantastic start and scores alot. andrade 94. good solid defender. like a rock. on par with carvalho. betteer than pablo ibanez samuel walter.
  2. villa up to 96 because he is a wicked player in europe and la liga. scores and assists reminds me of rooney deseves a 96. trezegeut shouldnt have went down. back in serie a and on for 94/95 fair
  3. Re: SpanishRatings villa to 96 he had an amazing season last year getting goals and assists just like rooney who is 96. villa should be 96 because he scores and assists. iniesta to 94/95 plays wicked for barcalona and is as good if not better than lampard. ibanez should go up to 94 good for spain and atletico he like a rock.
  4. hat trick on his first match back in serie A. he shouldnt have wen down in the first place but he should go back up to 94/95. anyone agree:confused:
  5. iniesta is as good as lampard if not better. eitrhier iniesta increases to 96 or lampard goes down to 94. lamp is unconsistent and iniesta is class. you cant say he scored against germany he has to be 96. look how many he missed. world cup he had like 100000000000000000000 shots and scored 0. he lost his tuch. iniesta is just class. anyone agree
  6. Re: 93+ players... worth it? ronaldinhio played his best football down to 96 i think. not the best player in the world anymore kaka is then c.ronaldo. kaka should be 98 amd ronaldo 97.
  7. all underated i think. mikel pushing ballack and mekelele out for a starting line up of chelsea up to 90/91 i think. evra pushing heinze out of a starting line up heinze is a world class lb but evra is better 92/93 i think. vidic superb all last season up to 94 i think. anyone agree.
  8. Re: English Player Ratings - Part 1 i see were your coming from. i agree with all of it.
  9. Re: i think there should be 100
  10. Re: which premiership signing will prove to be the best value?? Nani any day. nani and anderson. nani the next ronaldo and anderson the new ronaldinhio. give the 3,4 years the will be up there.
  11. aadil12

    man utd

    i think ferdinanad 96. vidic 94. neveil is about right. evera 93. these four were in the premier league team of the year. 8 out of 11 players were from man utd who were in the premier leagu team of the year. this means man uniteds back line is far under rated of terry, caraghar, gallas toure are all over rated. united's defence is the main reason why manchester united won the premier league. they definately should go up. carrick should got to 92.
  12. Re: arsenal ratings gallas 95:eek: :eek: :eek: if he is 95 rio ferdinand should be 96/97. he is better. last season vidic had a better year than toure. thats why he was a part of the pfa premier league team of the year. if toure goes up to 95 so should vidic and ferdinanad.
  13. barcelona have to be cheating on this one. nearly all the players at valencia have gone to barcelon on cheap prices. same with bayern munich. someone have a look at the team and the players on loan from barcelona. this has to be cheating. david villa being sold for 15million. he has to be cheating. getting all the valencia players who are good and getting them so cheaply it has to be cheating. doing the same thing with bayern munich. MUST BE CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  14. aadil12


    Re: Xavi if ballack is 95 and he had a rubbish year and he should go down but your saying xavi should be the same as him. xavi is much better. if anything he should go up. what a year he has had. Ballack should go down to ATLEAST 93!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Re: Florent Malouda if he goes to chelsea and plays good he should go up but if he stays and plays just as well he would stay the same i think.
  16. Re: german champions they should go up especially gomez
  17. Re: Steve Finnan why has crouch scored all his goals. ill tel you why. finnans crosses
  18. Re: Manchester United Rating Changes vidic should go up to 93 ferdinand 96 evra 92 carrick 92. if ferdinanand doesnt go up then bring terry down because terry is a poor player.
  19. i think ballack should go down because he has had a rubbish year or at least he hasnt been playing as good as a 95. shevchenko being a 95 is a joke. he hasnt scored and goals for a 95 rating player. i think ballack shhould go down to 92/91 and shevchenko to 90/91. they have played there best football. forget they are still adapting. they are just bad
  20. Re: David Beckham two words la galaxy. you really think he should go up playing for them???? when his rating change comes hed probaly be in la playing in a bad league not playin well. if anything he is overated not under.
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