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    i only been play for 1 season with wigan
  1. Re: Buying From Unmanaged Teams (Further Improvements) SPARKY you have the right idea!! i dont think i will join any the GM championships.. as they really are not worth joining.. every top club has best players. all best clubs with money have bought all the best player. so if you join with team with 88M what can you do with that buy players that are 85+ which to be real you not going win the league with teams like man u, barcelona, inter so unless you join and quickly become the best team manager you not going enjoy the league.. but to be honest i love the challenge of a
  2. Re: anyone no any new young talent ? Ola!! There is one up and coming talent from MLS, i will share my secret as im a big fan of there league i watch every game i can. Forget Freddy Adu there is a much better complete player then him coming up from the youth team of New England , his name is JOZY ALTIDORE He has been playing alot og games this season and at the age of 17 New York Have offered him a new 5 year deal. this season his record is Games played 21 + goals scored 14 keep alook out for him as soon will be linked with european teams
  3. Re: SM Skins i looked down all the site skins and i think the green one what you start with is the best one.. i mean if you have the bayern one and the man u one they both the same... i dont see anything that makes them look the same.. and you have one called David Beckham La galaxy.. which is just white where is david on there for you call him david beckham skin.. im just wondering thats all... thank you all
  4. Re: The Most Money You've Had I did have a Barcelona Fc team with $ 200 Nobody would sell there players and when i joined then all the best players from unmanaged clubs were bought i i just saved all my money and i fought no point in continue with club so i gave away.
  5. Re: Availability of Preseason Friendlies You need to be a Gold Member to arrange friendlies but can accept challenges from Gold Members. I agree that GM should get more for there money but when your mom and dad dont give you money to spend for a online game.. like me my mom say that she not giving me money to use online games. so maybe SM could let normal users to have 1 free friendly. where they could challenge there friends. I think that GM get lots for there money and should maybe let normal users have 1 free friendly well thats my idea i know GM will not like it Thanks for read
  6. I am going to set my own league up but i not know which i go on there to and i confused 12 Month Gold Membership Package or Custom Setup i little confused which one to click on.. How much it cost in Reais does anyone know... i live in uk but i not know in British pounds only Reais sorry if not know.. but thankyou for helping me
  7. Re: Need help with anything? Yeah could you help me find a good site when i can learn my english so i get better at it. i tried some but many people i talk from uk say its got lots faults with it..
  8. How can you get that many injured in one game. i have not got only 6 players that can replace them im not complaining but thats weird how i can get that many in one game... but i won so am happy:D
  9. I have noticed and honest not happy that it happen me sometimes now.. when i log in i find that some my players are ready to be sold i have to cancel the deal.. i have changed my password in case people have logged in on my account but still find that it is happenin and the deals seem to be happening with only Ronaldinho and messi please is this happening to anyone or is this a bug please let me know thank you
  10. How do i become a creator or a setup and become a team i like please help me as i have been playing S/M for almost a year now and still yet to find the team i like.. i like to manage 1) Man utd 2) Liverpool but i can not find them and when new setups come on i'm always to late as i not know what time they come on. well thanks for you help
  11. i was looking for a new team when i came across a soccermanager setup when i saw that a person playin soccermanager was the creater of the setup what does that mean.. does that mean he will sack me if i do bad or sack me to if i buy i player he wants. please can someone explain please...
  12. Re: Can you be sacked on soccermanager Thanks you for you help!!
  13. Hola!! i have just come back from vacation and i have found my team 3rd from bottom of the league. and i really dont want to lose my team in we get the drop from the league.. please can you get sacked on soccer manager
  14. sorry if in the wrong place the form has changed a lot since last visited and i dont know where everything is now but anyway i tried to sign beckham on my game and it keeps saying i already bidding for player from that team but i'm not and i cant sign him is this a common error or is there anything else i can do.. thanks for reading:)
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