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    i only been play for 1 season with wigan
  1. Spanish and European giants Real Madrid are precariously eyeing the 17-year old Gremio striker Douglas Costa. Costa has been described as "the new jewel of Brazilian football" by the Gremio president Paulo Odone. He has a buy-out clause of £5 million which is paultry for a club like Real Madrid. What Real propose is make a deal with Gremio and give them the amount that they want. They woudl then let Costa stay in Brazil for another 12 months until he turns 18 and then sign him for good. i try the search and did not see news on him. while i went back home he was everywhere truly a talent th
  2. Pedro


    Hello Forum people I not new but this is my return in 7 months. I have miss soccermanager.com i even have no teams its been long having problem back home now i back in the uk. now back playing the best of games on the internet. I hope everyone my old friends are ok and wish all best My best player i see now plays in england ROBINHO
  3. Re: South American Talent Wendell Silva Lira - Age 18 - postion Striker - Goiás Wendell Silva Lira or simply Wendell (born January 7, 1989 in Goiânia), is a Brazilian striker. He currently plays for Goiás. Made professional debut for Goiás in 0-2 away defeat to São Paulo in the Campeonato Brasileiro on May 12, 2007. Came on as a 63rd minute substitute for Fabrício Carvalho. good talent ________________________________________ Paulo Sérgio Luiz de Souza - Age 18 - striker - Flamengo Made professional debut for Flamengo in a 2-4 home defeat to Palmeiras in the Campeonato Brasileiro on
  4. Re: South American Talent Im sorry to make you argue about me english' date=' manutd my english is poor most my type is from translate i speak very little english as i find to speak some words very hard so im sorry that you not read my typing. i only been in england for 2 years and still learning im doing classes to improve my english but thanks you for the first reply you did for my post
  5. I am going to do a Thread on South American Talent i know i think seen one already but i would liek to keep on top and tell people about south american football. as i watch and was born and live in brazil for 11 years my life i like to keep and watch brasil football and chile, NEW TALENT _____________________________________________ Carlos Eduardo - Age 20 - Postion AM - CLUB - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Sm have rate carlos 85 but im sure now that he is playin in europe he will only get better and better, Real Madrid did try sign him but he was to young at time of offer,
  6. I woudl liek to share with SM ABout player called Lulinha people might already know about him he plays football for Corinthians his only 17 years but he now playing games and when you see him you will think that he plays alot like KAKA but i feel there is better with him than kaka was at his age, the SM rate him 75 but if he plays like he does now that he will soon be reach 90 promise liverpool, Ac Milan and real madrid are watchin him now but he is going to travel to spain to talk with real madrid when the brazil season is end he is little clip you see of lula http://www.youtube.com
  7. Re: Pato v DI SANTO, Franco I know wht mean but with Di Santo he is player with attitude if he dont make team he will leave club and find other but im sure he will get chance and make that chance his he a very good player
  8. Re: Pato v DI SANTO, Franco in stage there career i think Pato is much better player but i Believe that in maybe 2 and 3 years Di Santo will be much of the better player i do have some videos with Di Santo i will load to the internet for people to see that when Di Santo play football he will be a star pato will also be a big star in football
  9. oi I willing to start a post sorry to people that already have this post but as i watch brazilian soccer everyday and the fact im born brazilian i will help out with all the top taent coming from brazil i be updating this thread with new players and etc. i be starting with Morais 23 - Vasco da Gama - SM OA - 87 He is one of brazils talent the age is not young but he will only get better
  10. Re: Need some advice for my Aston Villa Hi im here to help with you to win Formation Play - 4-4-1-1 Tackling - Hard Mentality - Normal Passing - Direct Attacking - Mixed Tempo - Fast Pressing - own half use the AM as a playmaker I use to all my teams and we do well in league please try for a game or to i hope i have helped you to win
  11. Hi Sm forumers im back home now guys and back playin the best game online. I missed this game so much. Just hope i not missed much since i been gone
  12. Re: PES 2008 - Official Thread! I play on pes 2008 on xbox 360 i dont think its better than the last one, i feel the game play is alot slower, and the passsing is not as good as the last one. i feel the OV the game is not as good as the last one but thats what i feel. i prefer the old one and i think i will try and like the new one.. but we will see:D
  13. Ola!! I was thinkin about a way to how i can see if people im my setup log in.. i think i have seen a couple of managers not log in..i check very often to see how things are going.. so i fought of a i dont know if people have already said it but for example..have these on the managers profile... Last logged in / 3 days ago Meaning last logged in to the account. Last Active / 3 days ago Meaning last active in the teams selection. buying players etc... maybe one or both would be a good idea. then i and other GM with setups will know if managers are not logging in mor
  14. I still have a barcelona and arsenal left in my setup which im willing to let go for a team about the same inter, milan, real madrid and them i will swap so you can have one my teams
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