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  1. Please rate my team and... Please could you give me ideas on how i can improve my team. i would like to raise more more but without sell all players and best players please give me some ideas.. THANK YOU FOR READING JJB Stadium (25,000) Division Division 1 [5th] Form WWWWWW Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Manchester United 17 16 0 1 46 18 28 48 2 Tottenham Hotspur 17 12 2 3 37 17 20 38 3 Blackburn Rovers 17 9 5
  2. I have a svery small squad which i really need to loan some players as i only have 99k to spend here is a list of players i have tried to loan but all say no i find it so hard to loan players on Soccermanager.com i doing good but i lack players to continue winning:D EMANUELSON, Urby 21 90 £8.1M UJFALUSI, Tomas 29 92 £6.7M WOODGATE, Jonathan 27 91 £7.1M IGNASHEVICH, 28 91 £6.6M OSORIO, 26 91 £7.7M RODRIGUEZ, 26 91 £7.7M FLETCHER, Darren 23 89 £6.9M MANICHE, 29 91 £6.1M ZOKORA, Didier 26 90 £7.0M DIARRA, 87 £5.8M REYES, 24 91 £8.2M FEIN
  3. I am going to set my own league up but i not know which i go on there to and i confused 12 Month Gold Membership Package or Custom Setup i little confused which one to click on.. How much it cost in Reais does anyone know... i live in uk but i not know in British pounds only Reais sorry if not know.. but thankyou for helping me
  4. Re: Need help with anything? Yeah could you help me find a good site when i can learn my english so i get better at it. i tried some but many people i talk from uk say its got lots faults with it..
  5. How can you get that many injured in one game. i have not got only 6 players that can replace them im not complaining but thats weird how i can get that many in one game... but i won so am happy:D
  6. I have noticed and honest not happy that it happen me sometimes now.. when i log in i find that some my players are ready to be sold i have to cancel the deal.. i have changed my password in case people have logged in on my account but still find that it is happenin and the deals seem to be happening with only Ronaldinho and messi please is this happening to anyone or is this a bug please let me know thank you
  7. How do i become a creator or a setup and become a team i like please help me as i have been playing S/M for almost a year now and still yet to find the team i like.. i like to manage 1) Man utd 2) Liverpool but i can not find them and when new setups come on i'm always to late as i not know what time they come on. well thanks for you help
  8. i was looking for a new team when i came across a soccermanager setup when i saw that a person playin soccermanager was the creater of the setup what does that mean.. does that mean he will sack me if i do bad or sack me to if i buy i player he wants. please can someone explain please...
  9. Re: Can you be sacked on soccermanager Thanks you for you help!!
  10. Hola!! i have just come back from vacation and i have found my team 3rd from bottom of the league. and i really dont want to lose my team in we get the drop from the league.. please can you get sacked on soccer manager
  11. sorry if in the wrong place the form has changed a lot since last visited and i dont know where everything is now but anyway i tried to sign beckham on my game and it keeps saying i already bidding for player from that team but i'm not and i cant sign him is this a common error or is there anything else i can do.. thanks for reading:)
  12. I have been offered 16 mil for totti he has played 20 games scored 15 goals and *** in 10 he also got 6 MoM and i only have him and Pinto in my team who can play upfront. I need the money but cant sell the play who has helped me get to the top 3 in league. i dont know what to do.. take money or finish high in league would i get that much money if i finish in the top 3 Thanks for Reading
  13. Re: Managers sacked at a certain level of debt I think going 3 mil in debt is abit harsh as i have been with my team for like 2 seasons now and i have not bought a player for like 1 and half seasons and i habe only got 18 players in my team... my best players are totti and toni after that they are like 89 below and i am in little debt 300.000 but i only started with 1 mil and the players was already here..so i would be so upset if i lost my team in that way as i dont think i have cheated so from me i think little harsh on teams that did not mean to go in debt well thats my fought on it
  14. How about this for an idea Every week we spend 7 days building the best 11 (no subs) of every team since the Premiership started - each time employing a basic 4-4-2 -This week Arsenal (Next week, Aston Villa etc..) Lets try and make something to talk about everyweek on the forum. what do you think..if so what is you best ever Arsenal side. this is mine D, Seaman V, Anderson - T, Adams - M Keown* - A, Cole F Ljungberg - R Parlour - D Platt - M Overmars T Henry - I Wright I was stuck on the right winger as i dont know any... well its a fought to make the forum
  15. When both are playing there best who do you think is the better player. Team wise and skill wise.
  16. Will Newcastles new owner be willing to give money to newcastle like the chelsea owner or is her there to make money for himself.. What do you think about it all bad or good for newcastle?
  18. Out of the players in the poll who do you think was the best player to play in the premierships or in england?
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    Re: CRICKET!!!
  20. Re: premierships best foriegn import at this moment?
  21. Will Steve McClaren still be your england manager next year!
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