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    Re: CRICKET!!! Cricket is not a bad boring sport. here in brazil its almost become as big as football.. i like playing cricket on the beach its really a good game when play with friends you should try it. But our Brazil Cricket team sucks but not end of world
  2. Whos goal celebration do you think was the best
  3. MY Dream Team!! Banks Gary Neville --- Franz Beckenbauer --- Ronald Koeman --- Paolo Maldini Kaka --- Pele --- Michel Platini Marcel van Basten --- Diego Maradona --- Jordi Cruijff.
  4. what order would you put the best 6 teams in england in.. take in acount what they have won and what players they have now etc...
  5. Mine choice would be.. FC Barcelona - Camp Nou SL Benfica - Da Luz FC Bayern München - Allianz Arena Real Madrid CF - El Estadio Santiago Bernabeu mINE WOULD BE ONE OF THEM.. Here is a link for you to have a look.. have a look and let others know which team inb europe have then best stadiam.. http://stadiums.football.co.uk
  6. I dont know if they are on Soccermanager as i cant do a player search but i do alot of looking at stats from all over then globe. And have come across these couple of young talent.. Sergio Escudero - 01/09/1988 - Urawa Reds - people in the club have been saying that he is like the younger version or the brazil Ronaldo. And the manager has promise him more first team plays Makoto Hasebe - 18/01/1984 - Shizuoka - He a little older but he is being looked at by some italy teams (Udinese fc) the most likey to get him. he dont score many but he does set alot of goals up, similar player Paul
  7. I have just changed teams and now i'm wigan fc i have tried to sign Nani 3 times but sill keeps rejecting here are the deals M. CAMORANESI + L. VALENCIA and 1m M. DAWSON + T. ATOUBA and 3m H. CAMARA + L. BAINES and 5m but still its not accepting can anyone help me what should i pay for him i am only willing put the players above in the deal and i have 5m to spend what deal would it take to sign Nani
  8. What do you think about it a good or bad move for newcastle?
  9. How does Soccer manager get the results from. i see they score there players rating on form so how do they get the results.. as i lost my first game last nite to a team with overall 81 and my overall was 92 they did not have a player over 84 and i did not have one below 90 and still lost 3-0 and i saw they did not use any tactics they left them the same as when you started.. But anyway i love this game glad i found it..
  10. Pedro

    Franky Lampard

    Re: lampard overated Yeah i think Lampard is a little over rated, I Think most his goals come from delflected goals yeah i am right..and someone below said other players in the team help make him look good i agree. if you out lampard in a team like Bolton i dont think you lot will be saying he is a good player. And i think you should drop him from you England team he not playing like an England player but yeah he is still there.. The people who said he is good only going on lampard in other seasons when he hads scored like 15 deflected goals.. And if you watch chelsea you will see that
  11. Re: Luca Toni - Why not England? i think most players that play in italy and then move to your league dont do aswel as they should do.. dont get me wrong i think he is a good player but dont think he will do as good in your league as he does in italy. as yeah he score goals for italy but if he did not score in that team then he should not be a footballer as they have got some really good players maybe a move to spain would of been the best for him.. but yeah he is a good player
  12. Re: new Hello These players have been on some good form in brazil so i hope they can keep it up..well i think they will Ale AM 21 from Botafogo Kerlon AM 19 from Cruzeiro Thiago CF 21 from Sao Paulo Carlos Alberto AM 22 from Corinthians Eduardo Ratinho RB 19 from Corinthians *** going be a good player *** Claudio CF 17 from Palmeiras *** going be a star *** Portugal players JOAO MOUTINHO MIGUEL VELOSO i here them to are really good players
  13. Re: Luca Toni - Why not England? Luca Toni i think is not that good of a player to play for manchester utd i think the premiership would be a little to hard for him..just look at crespo Shevchenko both can score in Italy but both did not score many in england i think that would be the same with Toni, and i dont think he is good enough to play for the top for teams maybe a team like bolton or everton that is about as good as i think he is, but again i see lots of you on here go on the past and not what hes doing now
  14. Re: IS RAFA TRUYING TO BUY SPAIN? I would like to see more english players in your league but its the non english players that make your league the most watched in the world.and without them i dont think your league would be so amazing...
  15. Re: WHo will be the biggest star? It has to be our brazilian lad ANDERSON .Just look what skills, vision, and range of passing he has... but i will not take anything away from NANI i not seen much of him
  16. Re: Custom Avatars Now Available i like a custom Avatars how do i get one..i like a Robinho one please can anyone help
  17. Re: Brazils next top star Brasil next BIG star will be JEAN CARLOS CHERA, He is only 9 years old, but here in brazil is being linked with lots of european clubs but because of his age can not move. but he is very big in brazil he currently plays for Galo Maringa but keep and eye out for him in the future. as for kerlon he is strongly linked with Arsenal, Bayern,Inter and manchester but now they have bought some players they not being linked with him now. But in a T.V interview he has said he would only go to a spanish club and his dream would be play for Real Madrid. So
  18. I have no left Midfielders. all i have got is attacking Midfielders, just like to know i like to play a 4-2-2 but will these attacking Midfielders play good there. or should i change My formation. i have got a Winger which i play on the right side of Midfield becasue inot got a right sided one and the rest are attacking Midfielders and one centre Midfielder.What will be the best formation to play.. Thanks for reading my massages:)
  19. Hello I'm new to Soccermanager and the forum. My team is Leicester City and we need to sign some good players.I like to buy english players,But i only know players that play in the Premiership.I would like to know what players that play in league one that we likely become good maybe next season or in coming years. I was told that Soccermanager go's on form so was wondering to what players who most likey be good next season. Thanks for your Help!
  20. Pedro

    Hello People

    Hello i'm new to Soccermanager and the forum:D i have just got my first team called Leicester City. we are second from the bottom of the table. can anyone help me with the formations like what is the best one i can play or something. And Maybe what players can i buy that can help me get results. Thank you for reading my message and i hope you do well with your team.
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