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  1. do any of use no about any young strikers which are between 75-85 and are going 2 shoot up
  2. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here m8 can u make a lasgow rangers wan plz:cool:
  3. Re: Managers sacked at a certain level of debt i m8 a agree n aye also think u should get saked if u are on a bad run
  4. anyone no any new young talent ? between 70-85
  5. Re: The Pride of the Nation - New Setup!! can i get man utd or barca plz m8
  6. i think so its more realistic after a big game u get interviewed an it goes on de newspaper thing tell me what u fink
  7. wot do u think about when de season is finished der is world cups and euros competitions tell me what u think
  8. Re: SM International Stadium wot about de new sm arena
  9. is it just me or would anyone not like 2 watch the game or show u de goals in highlights give me your reply ta
  10. give me your reply on this subject
  11. is der any young brizilian or portugese talent use can help me with age between 17-20 and if they will get better or not lol cheers if u dae
  12. Re: new mon de gers lol k.o n cheers m8
  13. who is the best player in the world ? get telling me what u think ?
  14. Re: alan mcgregor yeah ano wat a keeper hes been 4 us no surrender
  15. Re: who is the most underrated or unpraised star in football barry ferguson
  16. Re: new players 20 million m8 kin u help me ta
  17. could u make a glasgow rangers one which includes walter smith barry ferguson and the stadium thanks alot if u do m8 :cool:
  18. awrite am jordan n am new to de forum n if any a use help me with general soccer manager things that will b gd cheers
  19. im looking 4 any young talent between 85-90 4 ma rangers team could u help me
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