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  1. Re: new

    Hi welcome to the forum and this wonderful world of SM.We are a friendly bunch on here and always like to see newcomers.

    There are quite a few Rangers supporters on here who i am sure you will meet(I'm a Celtic man myself;) ) and we all get on the best.

    Any questions don't be afraid to ask and enjoy!!!!:)

    mon de gers lol k.o n cheers m8 B)

  2. Re: new

    Hi Jordan welcome to the forum :) ' date='

    If you haven't already I would suggest reading the FAQ (frequently asked questions) part of the forum as it might help answer any questions that you might have.

    If it doesn't then feel free to ask, everyone is happy to help :)

    Happy posting :)[/quote']

    cheers m8 a will do that

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