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  1. That would explain it - Bayern's highest rated player is only 88 Thanks for your reply !
  2. Am I right in assuming that he won't go to Bayern because they are in Division 4 of this set up? In which case, will any other non-managed teams bid for him as Bayern are the only ones to bid so far and this is the second time that he's refused to move !
  3. Lucas Moura v Memphis Depay . . . Are either of them likely to get a rise please? Thx
  4. Hi, just a quick one please - Thiago Alcantara or Jorge Koke? Position isn't important.| TIA
  5. Sadio Mane and Thiago Alcantara have both had birthdays in the last few days but their values haven't changed. Does anyone know if they are likely to change and, if so, how soon? I'm looking at doing deals for both of them but don't want to do them yet if their values are going to go down in a day or two ! TIA
  6. Marquinhos or Kimmich? I'm looking for a 92 D (c) that will get to 93 on the next set of rating changes. Can't see anything between them in stats / age etc so (a) are they both likely to rise and (b) will they both stay as D (c)? TIA
  7. From England. Still with my first team from Nov 2010 !
  8. Judging by Mourinho's interview after the game Robertson should be worth a +2 ?
  9. I've got Partey but I could swap him for Kessie. Any thoughts / preferences? TIA
  10. Been seeing reports of several big clubs showing interest in Jean-Clair Todibo of Toulouse but he doesn't appear to be on the SM database, or am I missing him?
  11. Salah or Varane + Pavard? Money / value and positions not an issue - just a matter of which option would be better short term / long term? TIA
  12. Quick heads up on a possible manager (s) heading to your league . . .
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