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  1. Hi, just trying to sell some players and raise some money but don't want to sell the wrong ones ! ( I had Milan Skriniar and sold him after he rose to 83 - he's now a 91 !) The 3 defenders to choose between to sell are - Romagnoli Caldara Vogt and the central midfielders I have to choose are - Rodri Hernandez Fornals Cristante TIA
  2. Alcantara Thiago or Verratti ?Dybala or Gabriel Jesus ?TIA
  3. Alcantara Thiago or Verratti ? Dybala or Gabriel Jesus ? TIA
  4. Dybala or Gabriel Jesus? Verratti or Thiago Alcantara? Many thanks.
  5. Hi, just looking for some advice if anyone has the time - I've got Maximilian Philipp (89 / approx £13m ) and Lukasz Teodorczyk (88 / £7.1 m offered) as my main 2 strikers and was just wondering if there were better alternatives of similar ratings but likely to go up soon? I'm trying to keep a young squad but older players would be considered if they are definite risers Many thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for your reply I'm really torn lol Cavani is older and Costa will probably start scoring again if he gets the right move. If anyone else has any ideas I'd love to hear them !
  7. I have Cavani and Diego Costa and I need to sell one of them. Any suggestions which is the best one to keep and which one to sell would be gratefully accepted
  8. Re: Mata or Kroos ? Thanks for the advice guys. I managed to get him to pay me £5 million as well so looks like I did ok
  9. Hi, I've been offered Kroos in a straight swap for my Mata. Positionally it won't upset my team and financially Kroos is worth more to me than Mata is, but I'm just concerned that Kroos might not get enough game time to get to 94 or higher. Does anyone have any thoughts / opinions please? TIA
  10. Hi, after some advice please ... need some money and looking to possibly sell Bale to finance some other deals but don't want to sell yet if he's likely to get a raise to 95 if Real win the Champions League tonight. Do you think it's a possibility or could he even get the rise if they lose?
  11. Re: Luka Modric ... Thanks for your advice guys and taking the time to reply
  12. ... worth buying or should I avoid him?
  13. Hi all, I have Lewandowski but Cavani has become available. Do I swap Lewandoski for Cavani ???
  14. Re: Cavani or Benzema? Thanks everyone for your replies. You'll all be pleased to know I'm sticking with Cavani
  15. I've got Cavani but he just doesn't score for me! He hasn't scored a goal yet in 9 games Benzema has come on the market and I should be able to get him for around £25 million, the same sort of value as Cavani, so price wise there shouldn't be much difference. So it all comes down to which one will rise or fall soonest. Does anyone have any ideas to share please? TIA
  16. Re: Lewandoski or Muller? The deal has been done ! I now have Lewandoski AND Muller Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply ... I've sent you all Rep!
  17. Re: Lewandoski or Muller? Thanks for the replies guys. I've had a change of plan and will sell Marchisio and Dzeko to get the funds to buy Muller so I can keep Lewandowski.
  18. Re: Moura Lucas or Welbeck? Wow, VERY quick replies guys, and all the same opinion ! Transfer gone in now! Thanks to all for responding, rep given to all
  19. Another quickie ... I've got Lewandoski but can swap him for Thomas Muller. I like Lewandoski but he's restricted to CF whereas Muller can play AM / FWD LCR which would be a great advantage to me. Any thoughts?
  20. Just a quickie ... I've got Welbeck but I could swap him for Moura Lucas. Anyone got any thoughts?
  21. Re: Hummels and Mata = Ronaldo?
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