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  1. Hi, I've got Ronaldo and been offered Hummels and Mata in exchange. Mata would take Ronaldo's place in my line-up and Hummels would be back-up for Puyol who is getting older now. Ronaldo has never been a great goalscorer for me so I'm very tempted ... what do you think?
  2. Any suggestions for a formation and tactics for my squad please - CASILLAS, Iker GK RAMOS, Sergio D(RC) PUYOL, Carles D(RLC) LAHM, Philipp D,DM(RL) MASCHERANO, Javier D,DM© ALONSO, Xabi DM,M© KAKÁ, Ricardo AM(LC) DI MARÍA, Ángel AM(RLC) ROBBEN, Arjen AM,F(RL) HAZARD, Eden AM(RLC),F(RL) MÜLLER, Thomas AM,F(RLC) TÉVEZ, Carlos AM,F© RONALDO, Cristiano AM(RL),F(RLC) IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan AM,F© HIGUAÍN, Gonzalo F(RLC) I'm really struggling against managed and non-managed teams, particularly with Ronaldo who has only scored 3 goals in 15 games
  3. Re: Zanetti, Carvalho, Puyol to retire? Thanks for the quick reply Adam
  4. Hi, just wondering if anyone has heard if Zanetti, Carvalho or Puyol are expected to retire anytime soon? Thanks.
  5. Re: Cavani or Falcao? That's unanimous then ... No Deal ! Many thanks to you all for taking the time to reply - all repped
  6. Very quickly ... I have Falcao and have been offered a straight swap for Cavani. I like the fact that Cavani isn't just a CF so he can play L/R/C as well, making him a lot more flexible in my set-up. The only thing holding me back is the difference between Falcao at 94 and Cavani at 93. What do you think people ... Deal or No Deal ?
  7. Re: Riferimento: General Risers. Now League review has changed. Thanks for that ... I'm getting confused with this new ratings system now ! lol
  8. Re: General Risers. Now League review has changed. Great job with VAN RHIJN ! Any idea if they've finished reviewing Ajax already or could Lukoki still get a rise next week?
  9. Re: Rebuild squad or have patience? Thanks very much for your reply JMH and apologies for taking so long to get back to you ! You have made some very good points ... I DO need to be more ruthless with the squad! I try to keep buying in risers and move them on when they get the rise but usually not quickly enough, so I lose some of the profit to their wages. Squad size is another issue with me ... I like to have enough players to put out 2 decent teams so that I can rotate regularly between league and cup games etc, and still have plenty of back-up for injuries / suspensions. I would have a heart attack if my squad was the same size as yours! But I accept that I can clear the decks and get some money in. Also, the loaning out of players is another thing that I haven't done up till now, so I will put that in place, thanks. As you say, the youth route looks like being a long wait. I'm just a bit reluctant to start selling the likes of A.ISCO, A.THIAGO, I.MUNIAIN, and C.ERIKSEN then find them becoming the next big stars ( 92+) in the next couple of seasons, especially as most of the better players available at the moment are all older ( Carrick, Giggs, Lampard etc ). Anyway, many thanks again for taking the time to reply. It's good to know it's coming from someone who has experienced the "small fish in a big pond" situation ! Repped with thanks
  10. Re: CB Advice please Thanks very much for the replies everyone ... all repped !
  11. Hi, the following 91 rated CBs are all available in my GW but I'm unsure which to go for. In order of price ( most expensive to cheapest ) ... SUBOTIĆ, Neven GODÍN, Diego BONUCCI, Leonardo BADSTUBER, Holger RAMI, Adil VERMAELEN, Thomas MERTESACKER, Per The money is not too much of an issue, it's just a matter of which ones have the best future. So if anyone would like to look into their crystal balls and tell me which 3 they see I'd be very grateful
  12. Hi, I have just got my Stockport team promoted to Div 1 having started with them in Div 5. Along the way I have built a good young squad that I can get a team rating of 90 with, but obviously that won't make it a very competitive team in Div 1. Here's my current best team ( 3-5-2 ) and some of the rest of the squad ... TER STEGEN K.WALKER K.PAPADOPOULOS J.ALBA J.GARCÍA A.ISCO A.THIAGO I.MUNIAIN C.ERIKSEN D.WELBECK M.REUS B.GOMIS L.ADRIÁN G.CAHILL S.EL SHAARAWY D.BA J.CALLEJÓN F.FAZIO M.MONTOYA E.OSCAR C.TELLO I.CUENCA A.MAHER J.BUTLAND P.POGBA I currently have a squad of 53 players. My question is this ... do I rebuild the squad now and get in better rated players in exchange for my up-and-coming stars-of-the-future or do I stick with the current squad and wait for them all to rise to give me a higher rated squad / team? The main consideration is wages ... Stockport have very low crowds so I am constantly selling players in order to pay wages. This would get much worse if I start trading 89/90 players for the 91/92 players that are available. I am strongly considering selling Ter Stegen for approx £20 mill and buying Cech for less than £12 mill, and getting Marchisio for my DM and selling Garcia. Carrick would also be a good deal for me but would mean 1 of my current midfield not playing regularly. Dzeko is available soon and would cost less than I could sell Welback for. So I can make some good deals but have to sell some of my future stars and pay bigger wages If anyone has any thoughts / suggestions / advice I would love to hear them please !
  13. Re: General Risers. Now League review has changed. Nice one, thanks
  14. Re: General Risers. Now League review has changed. Great idea for a thread ( shame more people haven't joined in ! ) and some very accurate predictions already. Always nice to see someone UNDERpredict the rises ... nice surprise when the rise is bigger than expected. I'm desperate for some more like this as my Stockport County have just won promotion to Div 1 with the Big Boys lol Have you found anymore that you'd like to share maybe? Keep up the good work !
  15. Re: Javi Garcia or Jack Wilshere ? Thanks everyone for your replies and advice ... the bid is in !
  16. Re: Javi Garcia or Jack Wilshere ? Nice one, thanks
  17. Re: Javi Garcia or Jack Wilshere ? Thanks for the quick reply !
  18. Quick question ... I have Javi Garcia but Jack Wilshere is available for transfer. Both would just be squad players so it just comes down to rising potential. I'm tempted to make a swap bid using Garcia and a few million £'s to get Wilshere. Is this the right move?
  19. I've been offered Vidic for my Ramos. I play a 3-5-2 so I don't need RB's or LB's so position wise it's not a problem. Good deal or not?
  20. Re: SMFA CUPS - Fitness levels?
  21. Hi, I've just signed up to the Gold membership and about to play my first game later today. I've had a look around the forum for the answer to my question, but couldn't find it, so I'm hoping someone will have the time to give me a reply. I've found out that the SMFA competitions don't affect players fitness levels after the games but do they take into account the players fitness level BEFORE the game? I wanted to play a strong side but I had a league game yesterday, so all the fitness levels are right down. If I put out the same side tonight will it mean that they play at reduced levels of fitness, in which case I'd be better off putting out a weaker team? I'm already 2-0 down from the first leg and need to put out the best team I can ! Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully reply !
  22. My Stockport team have just won promotion to Div 2 which currently has no man-managed teams, so SHOULD get straight promotion to Div 1. I won't need a fantastic team to get promotion, and as Stockport aren't a big club I have to be careful of the wages. So I'm considering selling Koscielny as I don't need his 90 rating and the wages that go with it, but wondering who I should get in place of him. I have just sold Lescott and bought Gary Cahill and was hoping to do something similar with Koscielny ... buy a decent CB, 87 - 89, who is almost certain to rise. The players that have caught my eye are Victor Ruiz, Pereira Maicon, Joel Matip, Nicolás Otamendi, and Yaroslav Rakytskiy, most of whom I imagine will rise this season. My chairman values them all better than their transfer value which is obviously a good thing ! Any thoughts on these or any other suggestions for an 87 - 89 CB?
  23. Re: Jordi Alba - New Contract Thanks for that ! One last question - When I offer him a new contract does the length of contract have any effect on the weekly wage? If I offer a 1 year contract will I pay more than if I offer a 5 year contract or maybe the other way round?
  24. I hope this is the right place to be asking this ... I have Stockport County that I have taken from Div 5 to Div 3 and I bought Jordi Alba when he was 87 rated. He is currently unhappy with his contract but I am unsure what to do. He is certain to rise again very soon so if I give him a new contract now will he be after another new one as soon as he rises again? Or if I tie him to a long term contract does he have to be happy with that even if he keeps rising? If I do offer him a new contract what length of time should it be for? As the club is Stockport I am never going to have lots of money so I have to keep the wage bill as low as possible while building the overall squad rating. Thanks for reading and for any replies.
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