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  1. Re: Lescott Now that City have won the Prem and Lescott played all the Euro games for England is there any chance he will get the raise to 91 at the next review?
  2. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread Many thanks - repped !
  3. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread Sorry if this has already been asked / posted somewhere previously but does anyone know of a decent website that shows the actual 2012 Euro squads for all the qualifying teams? I HAVE looked online but can't find one that I can trust ! Thanks !
  4. Re: Isco or Van Wolfswinkel Many thanks to all for your replies ... Isco will be staying put !
  5. Trying to cut my wage bill and wondering which of the following are worth keeping - TUMULTY, Matt BAYLY, Robert CLAYTON, Max LECOINTE, Matt KOCH, Robert GUDJONSSON, Guðmundur Böðvar LYUTKO, Pavel SALIFU, Razak NASTEVSKI, Ivan NEGRO, Maikol Thanks for looking.
  6. I have Isco and could do a straight swap for Van Wolfswinkel. I know they are slightly different positions but either will suit my squad, so it's a straight choice between which is the better prospect. Van Wolfswinkel is tipped for a +1 rise very soon, which will make him a 89 compared to Isco at 87. Any thoughts?
  7. Does Scott Parker have a chance of rising if Spurs get into the Champs League or if he has a good Euros? If not, I could swap him for Granero who looks like he is on the way up? Any ideas / suggestions please?
  8. Re: Ter Stegen, Leno or Courtois? Thanks to you all for taking the time to pass on your advice ... nice one !
  9. Hi, I've got Ter Stegen and Leno but I can get Courtois from an unmanaged side. From what I've read in similar threads I assume Ter Stegen is generally thought to be the better keeper between him and Leno, but what about Ter Stegen and Courtois? Should I consider selling both Ter Stegen and Leno to get Courtois or try and keep Ter Stegen and still get Courtois? Any opinions gratefully received!
  10. Re: Quick way to find External clubs? Apologies for not replying and thanking you sooner but I'd given up on getting an answer ! Many thanks for your suggestion, I'm going to give it a try right now ! Thanks again !
  11. Re: Quick way to find External clubs? Anybody? ... Nobody ???
  12. Hi all, I've had a quick look around the forums but not been able to find an answer to my question : Is there a quick way to find out the external clubs in your game world? Obviously, the external clubs are the best place to look for a good deal when swapping players but it can take ages searching through teams to find out if they are in your game world or external. If anyone can give any advice I'd be very grateful !
  13. Re: Rising CB 88+ His TB isn't due for a while, but thanks.
  14. Hi all. I need a CB of 88+ that will rise to 90+ as soon as poss. The following are all available ... TASCI, Serdar 90 CHYGRYNSKIY, Dmytro 90 ALDERWEIRELD, Toby 89 CAPOUE, Étienne 89 OTAMENDI, Nicolás 89 BONUCCI, Leonardo 89 RANOCCHIA, Andrea 89 PAREJA, Nicolás 89 LOMBAERTS, Nicolas 89 SCHWAAB, Daniel 88 HOWEDES, Benedikt 88 SUCHY, Marek 88 VORSAH, Isaac 88 Any thoughts on who might be the best to go for, long term and short term? Many thanks for reading
  15. Re: Transfer Problem - Help please !
  16. Re: Transfer Problem - Help please ! Yes! I didn't think of the offer I had from Man Utd for Rafael as being a transfer in progress ! I've declined the offer and now it has let me bid for Park ! Many thanks for your very quick reply !!!
  17. Hi all, I am having a problem trying to buy Ji-Sung Park from Man Utd for my Millwall set up. I only had one other transfer going through ( Gervinho from Lille ) but when I made a bid for Park I got the message - " You can only have one active transfer deal with the same club at one time. You already have an active transfer deal with this club." I have tried logging out and logging back in and making the bid again but still get the same message. Money is really tight and I've set my budgets allowing for Park being in my squad. Also, I have sold a player to allow me to buy Park so if I can't replace him really soon I will be missing a player in my next match. Has anyone got any ideas please ???
  18. Re: Cheap 89 / 90 rated GK's Thanks for taking the time to share your advice guys. I've put in a bid for Weidenfeller !
  19. I can only afford the bottom end of the range of 89 / 90 rated Goalkeepers and would appreciate some advice on who you would recommend to go for. I would prefer an 89 that would be a definite riser soon, so that I can keep the wage bill down, but if there isn't one in this list I would go for a safe 90. Here's a list of the keepers available that I can afford - WIESE, Tim £8.2m 90 GOMES, Heurelho £7.9m 90 HELTON, Arruda £7.3m 90 HOWARD, Tim £7.3m 90 PYATOV, Andrey £8.2m 89 HANDANOVIC, Samir £8.2m 89 BENAGLIO, Diego £7.9m 89 GABULOV, Vladimir £7.9m 89 KAMENI, Carlos £7.9m 89 VICTOR, Leandro £7.7m 89 EDUARDO, Carvalho £7.7m 89 VOLKAN, Demirel £7.4m 89 CARRASSO, Cédric £7.4m 89 RYZHIKOV, Sergey £7.1m 89 WEIDENFELLER, Roman £7.1m 89 LANDREAU, Mickaël £6.8m 89 SERGIO, Júlio £6.6m 89 MALAFEEV, Vyacheslav £6.6m 89 My own instinct was to go for Weidenfeller as I've read that he should go up to 90 in the next ratings, assuming B. Dortmund win the league but would really appreciate any advice anyone has. Many thanks
  20. Re: Chairman's valuation Many thanks for your answers !
  21. Is there any significance to the chairman's valuation of a player when buying players? I often see a big difference between the actual transfer value of a player and my chairman's valuation of him. Should I pay any attention to this when looking to buy a player, eg if my chairman values a player higher than the transfer cost does that mean that I am getting a good buy, and conversely, if my chairman rates the players valuation too high, should I avoid buying the player? Many thanks.
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