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    Need Managers

    I have just started up a Dutch Championship, Game World ID: 339789. We still need 6 more managers for it to open with only 7 days remaining. . . . . . . so come on over. . . . . . . . . There is a club waiting for you, come and join us.
  2. Re: What is going on !? Im sorry but talk about contradict yourself. In your own words you say you control 3 clubs and do not pay. Explain to me the definition of FREE because i obviously don't get it. If you are on here just to get a rise from people then well done and now go and get a life, or more to the point get a gold membership.
  3. Re: Iker Munian deal Do it mate, like others have said none are dead wood but i would look at Hamsik or Khedira if i had to get rid of one. Muniain i think the sky is the limit and try to sign him for all my teams
  4. Re: What is going on !? Well mate if you have just one team then i believe this would come under the bracket of FREE. Also i think that one should be the maximum anyway as it is mostly the cheap skates that abuse SM. Its hardly expensive for a years gold membership is it now!!! and these people put in a lot of hard work for you. So maybe you think that they should, in their spare time, do all this for you, just so we can have some fun. No i don't think so and me personally don't think they charge enough and if i had my way, would make it completely paid. IMO
  5. Re: Gold World...next one?! Also can you pay to reserve a team like you can on normal leagues, as i am never able to get any of the 100 on my sort list.....lol This should be an option and if it is then im missing it somewhere
  6. Re: Which of these wingers? I will clear it up even more..... Where ever he goes or do not go, he will never ever get 93 IMO lol
  7. Re: Why on earth is the new squad of Man City popular You keep referring to City but as i stated they did not have the most money nor close to it in the game i joined. I know what you are trying to say but it is not much fun when Utd continually start the game with more value and more money, same same, one thinks. It is still very heavily geared towards Man Utd having more money and value. So it has to be realistic or not and thus it is not realistic with Utd starting with more money, so in that case give more money to the smaller teams then such as Swansea. Just my opinion though Oh j
  8. Re: Why on earth is the new squad of Man City popular You would think that they have the highest amount of starting money, but i recently reserved them and they had (can't remember exact figures) more than 5 Mill less than Man Utd and i think had the 4th highest amount. Strange that when SM keeps saying that they want realism, even Newcastle had more money, don't figure I do not want one team to have more money and think you would have more involvement with smaller teams if every team in there respective leagues started with the same amount of money.
  9. Re: Manchester City Team [2nd]
  10. Re: Should I loan out Neymar?
  11. Re: maxym koval or kenneth vermeer I would rather have Koval. He may be stunted to a degree at Dynamo but for me is a better prospect IMO. Also Ajax are not the big club they once were so players may well need a move away from there also to fulfill there potential.
  12. Re: nocerino or charlie adam No contest Nocerino all day......I'd rather play myself that Adams lol He is over rated as with a lot of Liverpool's players today, hence where they are in the League. Nocerino will go up 1 maybe 2.
  13. Re: Marchisio or Eriksen At the mo i would go with Marchisio although Eriksen has more potential, but will he realize it.....He needs to leave Ajax IMO
  14. Re: Which of these wingers? Off that list i would take Lamela and Lucas but also check these out............. Nicolás GAITAN SCHURRLE, André SHAQIRI, Xherdan REUS, Marco May as well go down the youth track as the others on list not all that IMO apart from Ayew that is. GAITAN is 24 but now coming into his own and will only go up and will be surprised if he is still at Benfica next year.
  15. Re: Who to get rid of Only one i would keep is Otamendi and get rid of the others mate better out there at same kind of price levels. IMO.
  16. Re: Help with these players please Well the only person on that list which is a deffo keep is. INSIGNE, Lorenzo......Great talent and big things are expected from this lad. On Napoli books but out on loan at Pescara i believe.
  17. Re: looking for right back Also take a look at Danilo rated 87 @ Porto can play many positions also, one for the future....well i like him
  18. Re: how can i tell which clubs are active? Also another quick way to tell, is when you are on the League table unmanaged clubs are in italics Hope this helps
  19. Re: How the hell can we get in touch with soccer manager
  20. Re: How the hell can we get in touch with soccer manager In the original question post, was not complaining just wanted to know if anybody knew of an easy way to contact SM, as was desperate. But when i desperately needed to contact SM and not even a Mod can answer a simplistic question as that, then i believe any body would start to complain. If you can even call what i said swearing, as technically it's not but am sorry for that. As said earlier am a Mod myself and yes you are there to answer simple questions also mate. Anyway starting to ramble now
  21. Re: How the hell can we get in touch with soccer manager
  22. Re: How the hell can we get in touch with soccer manager Just thought i would press the contact us button at the bottom of the forums to send an email from here.....and guess what, this is what came up.....Sorry. The email function has been disabled by the administrator. So you can not even contact anybody here and what a joke, disabled by administrator.....what there is one, don't look like there is anyone moderating these forums that i can see. If i am in correct then please point the guy or gal this way. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Cheers
  23. Re: How the hell can we get in touch with soccer manager Tried the e-mail mate but keeps coming back with ...... This is only a business email address.... that's it nout else, good coms soccer manager has. It was never good but lately is terrible. cheers
  24. Re: How the hell can we get in touch with soccer manager Do SM actually moderate these forums or what. I put my original post (above) on here so that a mod would be able to reply. Guess that they don't give a s**t about this or anything that seems to be going on, with all the cheating as such and they do absolutely nothing about it. Well if all us GOLD members were to quit and make a boycott site, maybe they would sit up then. If anybody out there know of any other good sites, paid or not let us know and im off. Cheers all.
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