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  1. I have Badstuber in my squad, but I got an offer of 2mil + David Luiz.. I know both are amazing CBs and have a great future ahead of them, but I need to know if I should give up Badstuber or trade him for David Luiz... Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. What happened with this player? I read rumors that Man U are after him... I wanna know if he's gonna get a increase or is he staying at 90 for now?
  3. Re: Which one to keep? As long as Ramires stays in Benfica, I dont think he's getting a good raise.. Milner is playing amazingly and also going to play for England... So I would go for Milner
  4. Re: Rene Adler or Akinfeev? Thanks man, but I've been offered 30mil for Melo.. So I took the deal to use the money for buying Akinfeev and maybe another CM. Any good CM to replace him? I was thinking Ever Banega or Hernanes.. I already have Marchisio..
  5. Adler might be the GK for Germany in the WC but Akinfeev has great talent and is also on his way to the premier league. Who is the better buy? Also just wanted to a add another small question... Felipe Melo to keep or to sell?
  6. Re: 2 deals help Are you serious? I think you should ONLY do the Hulk deal if you're in desperate need of a Forward. For Kaka, if you have someone to back you up as a CM for toulalan, then you should go for the deal.
  7. Re: Need help with striker! Thanks guys I got Higuain for 13mil + Henry..
  8. Amro

    Need a CB!

    Re: Need a CB! Hangeland is taken.. I was hoping for a younger CB though... Thanks for the help anyway!
  9. I need a CB that will rise soon to 90+.. Thanks for any help..
  10. Re: Should i accept this deal? Sagna is doing a great job and I think defends better than Glen Johnson, but Johnson is injured right now but he is doing great with Livepool and England.. Its a tough choice but I would keep Sagna..
  11. Hey guys.. I have offered 13mil and Henry for Higuain.. But I could also trade Henry in for Pandev.. What do u guys think?!
  12. I got an offer of 3mil and Lass Diarra for Stankovic.. What do u guys think? Should I agree or is Stankovic to keep?
  13. Any news on Nasri? I really wanna buy him but I'm not sure if he's going to get a rise. Gourcuff has been playing amazingly with Bordeux, but I definitely think Nasri is a better player. What do you guys think?
  14. Amro


    Re: Montolivo Thanks alot that really helped!
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