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  1. I get what your saying. The real question is this. If you sell him, you get about 8 million. That's almost nothing in this game. If you keep him, it can go one of two ways. 1) he moves and pays up to his potential, becoming a 90+ rated player. 2) he stays at Celtic forever and you sell him in 2-3 Years for 5 Million since he'll be older. So the only benefit from selling him would be an extra 3 Million dollars now. Is 3 million dollars enough to sell a potential 90+ rated player?
  2. Courtois or Gimenez+Keylor Navas? I already have Keylor Navas, Kepa and LaFont as my as my GK's and I'm also stacked at my CB position.
  3. De Gea has been the exception, but he also has been considered by many as one of the two or three best GK's in the world in the past 5 years so it's not 100% unjustified. I think that tho he has had a tough couple of months, people are forgetting how great he's actually been, ya know.
  4. James Rodriguez + Romagnoli VS Eric Dier + Goretzka VS Pogba Rank the three groups in terms of who you'd rather have.
  5. If you do agree, include either Christiansen or Goretzka. Maybe Lemar. The rest are wayyyyyyy too good. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Courtois stays where he is in rating. He's already a 93 rated GK, the 5th highest rated GK in the world. He will have to play a key role in winning the Champions League in order to get 94.
  6. I'd keep mbappe. I don't mane or firmino will improve anymore while Mbappe has a strong chance to be 95+.
  7. I'd rather take that 70 mil and use it on about 10 great young prospects that aren't owned.
  8. I know its annoying but I want to make a list of top young players at each position, bare with me lmao. Rank the following groups. GK: Donnarumma, Lafont, Kepa RB: Kimmich, Pavard, TAA, Unai, Bellerin CB: Sule, Gimenez, Skriniar, Tah, Romagnoli, Leglet LB: Lucas Hernandez, Tierney, Kehrer MC: Niguez, SMS, Keita, Rabiot, Goretzka Thanks, interested in your thoughts. EDIT: I originally put them all randomly lol this is my ranking. Also feel free to put in players you feel should be in the list!
  9. Pick two from the following, and why: Ethan Ampadu, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Goes Rodrygo, Frenkie De Jong Thanks!!! EDIT: Also, is Luis Felipe from Lazio worth keeping for another rise or does he look like a career back up?
  10. Any guesses on Cutrone's potential?? How about Lautaro Martinez(Inter)
  11. Lucas Vasquez + Nacho Fernandez for Sterling or Saul or L Hernandez or J Gimenez or Stones + Laporte?
  12. Pavard easily Kane, Suarez could be on way down. Costa Laporte
  13. Glad I asked this question, I thought Woj had the better chance.
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