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  1. Re: Login Help Thanks for the comments fellas. I havent emailed nobody from that account has it was solely for use on SM, lolz. But as mentioned, ill try sending a ticket about it and hopefully i can get it going again, i had some really good teams! Regards, Julian
  2. Hi everybody! Now, i really hope i do not get in toruble for this, but i'm sure there are heaps of people who do this. Now, firstly id like to mentio that i am in no way cheating. Secondly, here is my problem! I have made multiple accounts. IT IS NOT for the purpose of cheating, rather to have more than one account and have more teams, etc. My question is what do i do if i forgot the exact email address of that other account and can no longer login? Is there anyway of finding out the amil address again. I have tried searching the other account through the friends thing but it does not give the email. Any suggestions? Once again, i will stress this was not done to cheat in any form, merely to access more teams, and i have NO teams in the same league so if you would like to check that is fine. Regards Julian
  3. JulianSilva05

    top 5 rap songs

    Re: top 5 rap songs Tupac - California Love (classic!!!) Kanye West - Gold Digger (made his career i reckon) Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (classic) Kanye West - Champion (best song on new album!) Warren G and Nate Dogg - Regulate (anudda classic) Massive Kanye fan!!!
  4. Re: Arsenal Gossip Nah, even though Spurs may look the better team on paper, the only thing they really have in their favour is Berbatov, and in terms of managers, Arsene Wenger kicks the **** outta Jol anyday. As for Babel, big mistake going to LFC and he shoulda dun what he sadi he wanted to do originally, that was stay at Ajax for at least the next year then look to move. Even if he cam to Arsenal this season insteada LFC i woulda been a bit skeptical as i still thinks he needs more time to develop before joining one of these big clubs. I will actually go out on a limb and say this although everybody will laugh, but Arsenal will finish top three, IMO ahead of Liverpool. (Now start beating the **** outta me...lol!!!) I know AFC seem to be slipping, but I'm adamant they wont do worse than last season, which pretty much was without Henry and RVP out for 2nd half of season and Gallas out for 1st half of season and Ljungberg not doing much. ALSO, WORD OUT IS THAT MAN CITY WILL SIGN LJUNGBERG IN A 6M DEAL SOON. Good business for Arsenal if you ask me, but need more and better signings than Bakary Sagna if we are to do well!!!
  5. Re: Fee Disclosure Top idea and hope it's introduced. So only managers involved in that particular bid can see it as well as SMFA and Custome league owners...
  6. Re: Babel to Liverpool???? Absolutely wrong move for Babel. He is good on the wing but really is more suited up front. For him to better himself in his development, he was better off at Ajax coz at his age, it's extremely important to be playing constantly and improving. Even at LFC, he will not be playing as much as he should even with their shortage of skilled players on the left. IMO, he shoulda stayed put for at least another season and as far as i can tell, i would assume Arsenal would be fuming he went back on that statement of wanting to stay at Ajax for one more season n then possibly moving to Arsenal!!!
  7. Re: Real Madrid attrack Pepe Great signing for Real who have been quite poor in recent seasons defensively. Now they need to add some midfielders and i would say they're sweet to go, but Barcelona should regain the title!
  8. Re: Babel to Liverpool???? No way could the transfer kitty be that low. For one, after Henry leaving and us signing Eduardo, i assume we have some sort of profit in the region of 8M or thereabouts. Add to that the fact that Henry was told he had a kitty of 30M about a year or so ago and didnt really sign anyone at that time coz he didnt want to pay the prices people were asking, i would say Arsenal would have an absoulte minimum of 35M in Wenger's hands if he wishes to use it, and i would say 10M-15M is a bit excessive, but sure as **** worth it.
  9. Re: Chivu transfer saga... Now i have heard that the ultimatum is now Inter or no where. Inter have met his wage demands but yet to agree a fee with Roma. Real Madrid are the opposite i believe as they wont meet wage demands but supposedly a fee has been agreed. Now, i think he may see the end of his contract out unless Real or another club like that come in for him and seal a deal as i doubt Roma will sell to Inter, although it is a big possibility.
  10. Re: Juventus, transfer rumours! Very good news IMO for Juve whose defence seems a little lacklustre althought hey had an oustounding season in 06/07. Andrade will be a great signing for them.
  11. Re: Manage team Really? Were rules updated at some stage or something coz i missed that part:o I know i am off-topic, but if that's the case, i dont see why people would buy a Gold Membership if they can just make multiple accounts to have numerous teams. The only real advantage of GM then is to do with custom setups then isnt it....
  12. Re: Manage team I dont know what rules of SM you read, but you are NOT ALLOWED MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT. As for 5 teams, maybe once ur reps at sumwhere like 200 or sumthing, but otherwise no as Gold Members would be disadvantaged seeing as they pay to have extra benefits.
  13. Re: Eto'o or Henry ? Yep, well worth using one of them for Kaka seeing as Kaka is probably well due for an increase after a tremendous 06/07, particularly in the CL. Kaka FOR Eto'o or Henry and maybe cash....
  14. Re: Would the signings of Tevez Carlos Anderson & Nani prove sucess or Failure Tevez will prosper probably, but the other two wont. Nani possibly could but not until 2009 or therabout when scholes and giggs leave, then Anderson and Nani may get a game!
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